Preeran SS ; Realization Part 39

Cape town

Piyali and Anu boards the flight to Mumbai.

Anu ; I swear di this time I won’t spare anybody

Piyali ; listen I am only taking you with me because you have holidays, but you will stay at the place we rent house

Anu ; but di

Piyali ; no more questions okay

Anu : alright fine

Few hours later both lands in Mumbai and rents a house in chawl where nobody can find them.

Luthra house

Sanjana ; I am ashamed to call you my daughter today

Mahesh : we didn’t expect this from you, I thought you were at least sensible enough

Preeta : uncle, aunty, at least think from her point of view, she is not happy either

Elina : I agree with Preeta, no girl would be happy to face such situation

Sanjana : then she should be careful, she is a girl after all

Elina : aunty is being a girl crime? or a girl doing a mistake is sin

Everybody looks at her

Preeta : we don’t support Sherlyn for her mistake but for the phase she is going through right now she need us

Sherlyn sees both girls with tears who are supporting her inspite of everything

Kareena : this girls are somewhat right if we do same like society there won’t be any difference between us

Rakhi ; Sherlyn have not done right but we cannot abandon her

Elina : lot of girls come to my office everyday who are shunned by their own family, I know how it feels thats why today many girls in this country either die or suppress under society, because their own parents don’t support them

Preeta : aunty you are her mom, she needs you most right now

Sanjana : I will agree to what you say but what about that child in her, when he will come in this world what will we tell him that his father was monster

Preeta : just like we don’t stop living in fear of dying you cannot take somebody’s life in fear of what others think

Sherlyn : mom I have nobody important you, I will do what you say

Sanjana : then you have to remain strong for yourself and this child, and I will stand with you (kisses her forehead)

Sherlyn breakdown in front of her

“My child you are my strongest daughter Sanjana caresses her

Rakhi : dear we are with you

Karan, Preeta, Sameer Shrishti, Kritika and Roo sits in same room.

Sameer : things got too serious, I don’t understand who is right or wrong

Elina : what are you thinking

Suraj ; for first time I have to disagree with your belief

Elina ; what do you mean?

Suraj : Sherlyn did a mistake, don’t you think she is also at fault for crossing limits before marriage

Elina : I have not supported her for that, all I am saying it everybody makes mistake

Suraj ; I agreed with Sanjana aunty, people will stop gossip in few time for Sherlyn but her child what will they tell him, who is father won’t he ask

Elina : there are several children in world who have no parents but does that mean they hide in corner

Suraj : you tell me we both also loved each other, Karan Preeta, Sameer Shrishti all of them also are getting married, but we never crossed that limit

Elina ; why do you men think if something wrong happens women are fault for not being careful, and the one who does deed get away with it

Suraj : you are taking my words in wrong directions

Elina : I am saying right, this is truth, we women are the one who have to face all humiliation

Suraj : I am not in mood to argue with you do whatever you want

Preeta ; guys stop it, you cannot fight like this relax

Karan ; you both are just married, don’t think too much

Suraj : everytime Elina’s high thinking comes in between us

Elina : you are right because I understand everybody’s feeling

Shrishti ; we have to be together to help Sherlyn not break like this

Elina ; guys I have little headache I am going home see you later bye

Suraj : Elina

She leaves without listening to him

Karan and Preeta goes out alone

Preeta : things can get haywire so easily while ago there was too much happiness now suddenly all this

Karan ; I feel bad for Sherlyn at the same time, she was also victim of bad

Preeta : seeing her state my heart is feeling scared if somebody we get carried in emotion

Karan ; what are you talking about?

Preeta : Karan I want to promise myself we won’t do anything like that till marriage

Karan puts hand on her head as promise to not cross their limits

Preeta : don’t you think we should help Elina and Suraj, like imagine couple like them fight

Karan ; come on yaar its very normal, but you know something I am proud of you

Preeta : why so?

“Because my baby doll sees deep meaning in everything, the way you explained to Sanjana aunty only a girl can understand other girl’s pain Karan cups her face

Preeta : and I find myself lucky to have you, know why because my Karan understands a girl’s emotion and does not criticize them (hugs him)

Karan : you forget how I am, the Karan Luthra, its my style after all, you don’t worry we all will help Shelryn, she realized her mistake

Roo and Kabir goes into thinking of each other about intimate moment they shared

Kabir : god I am so stupid she must have felt so bad but why did I even do it when I never let any girl come close to me

Roo : this guy is so weird, I always run away from boys then how did I let Kabir come close to me like that

Kabir : bhabhi always say passion and attraction is another stage of love, when we let somebody come close even our heart does not agree thats true love did I fell in love, I never got same feeling even for Naintaara when she was close to me

Roo : if Kabir does not have same feelings for me why am I feeling bad

Kabir : but truth is anybody can fall such girl, she has big fat attitude but her heart is so clean, very few people can say whats in their heart, other keep it inside

Roo : you don’t look like thief but you stole my heart Kabir Bharadwaj, I love you (holds her pillow closer)

Kabir (looks at Roo’s picture from wedding) : you are very different from everybody Roo, maybe thats why I lost my heart to you, I never felt so much emotional to any girl, but you are very special one

Koi bole dariya hai
(kaisa, kaisa hai isq)
Koi maane sehra hai
(kaisa, kaisa hai isq) (x2)

Koi sone sa tole re
Koi maati sa bole re
Koi bole ke chandi ka hai chhura
Hota aise ye mauke pe
Roka jaaye na roke se
Achha hota hai
Hota hai ye bura
Kaisa ye isq hai…
Ajab sa risk hai
Kaisa ye isq hai…
Ajab sa risk hai..
Ajab sa risk hai…

Kaisa isq hai
Kaisa isq hai
Kaisa isq hai

Both recalls their moments from time in Elina’s wedding till recent day.

Musqilon mein ye daale
Jo bhi chaahe kara le
Badle ye dilo’n ke faisle
Mann ka mauji isq to ji
Albeli si raho’n pe le chale (2 times)

Koi peechhe na aage hai
Phir bhi jaane kyun bhaage hai
Maare isqe ka isqe ka dil mera
Iske uske ye hisse mein
Tere mere ye qisse mein
Maula seekhe bin seekhe bin de sikha
Kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai
Kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk ha

Everybody thinks way to patch up Suraj and Elina after their fight

Suraj ; actually this morning I got little high with here you know

Shrishti : you all boys are same

Preeta : hello what are you talking? at least show some respect to poor Sameer

Sameer : let it be Preeta bhabhi, your sister is a gone case

Shrishti ; excuse me, you don’t have brains

Karan ; stop it guys

Rishab takes Sherlyn alone for walk on beach

“Why didn’t you tell this before asks her

Sherlyn ; I didn’t have courage, you know how much mom was broken

Rishab : being a good friend you could have shared it with me

Sherlyn : I am sorry (holds her ears)

Rishab : only on one condition, you will take care of yourself

Sherlyn : promise (says like child) till you are with me I am fine

Rishab laughs seeing her child like behavior

Sherlyn : I want to eat ice cream

Rishab : just look at weather, you will get sick

Bharwadwaj house

Elina comes back home when she sees the house with full of candles and flowers everywhere.

Elina : Kabir, Suraj where are you both?

She hears tunes of music echoing in house. Suraj comes holding guitar walking around her

Aankhon Ke Panno Pe

Maine Likha Tha Sau Dafaa

Lafzon Mein Jo Ishq Tha

Huya Naa Hothon Se Bayaan

Khud Se Naraaz Hoon

Kyun Be-Aawaaz Hoon

Meri Khamoshiyan Hain Sazaa

Dil Hai Yeh Sochta

Phir Bhi Nahi Pataa

Kis Haq Se Kahun Bataa

Ke Main Hoon Hero Tera 

Ke Main Hoon Hero Tera

Ke Main Hoon Hero Tera

Ke Main Hoon Hero Tera

Main Hoon Hero Hero Tera

Raahon Mein Bhi, Har Kadam

Main Tere Saath Chala

Haathon Mein They Ye Haath Magar

Phir Bhi Rahaa Faasla

Seene Mein Hain Chhupe

Ehsaas Pyaar Ke

Bin Kahey Tu Sun Le Zaraa

Dil Hai Yeh Sochta

Phir Bhi Nahi Pataa

Kis Haq Se Kahun Bataa

Ke Main Hoon Hero Tera 

Ke Main Hoon Hero Tera

Ke Main Hoon Hero Tera

Ke Main Hoon Hero Tera

Suraj (bends on his knees) : hey sweetheart, you know when I saw you first time, I couldn’t feel anything else, this face came to my mind whole time, now you have become so important I cannot imagine one moment without you

Elina gets overwhelmed with his gesture bending down too.

“And your name is on my every breath hugs him

Suraj : this morning you scared the hell of me

Elina : I heard somewhere fights always make love more stronger

Suraj : I wanted to ask our both dad one thing, did Kabir got changed in childhood, now I see why he is so much philosophical in love

Elina : shut up don’t be so mean, anyway this is not enough i want some more surprise

Suraj : why not? madam wants seven star service come (lifts her in arm)

Elina ; you are in romantic mood today not bad

“I am always romantic but my beloved have no time to try my love Suraj takes her in dining table

Elina : oh my god, candle light dinner, you made so much food by yourself

Suraj : what do you think?

Elina : this is fabulous wow love you (feeds him)

Preeta gets recovered in few days and returns back to field. As Kritika’s marriage come closer she starts getting restless about her feelings for Kabir but is not able to share with anybody.

Mehta house

Sakshi : just once this marriage is over, all our problems will be solved

Akshay : exactly mom

Sakshi : but please be careful with that girl Piyali she shouldn’t create any problem

Akshay : mom there is too much power in love and that girl won’t dare to say anything, she knows Luthra family will shun her again

Sakshi : just get rid of her after this marriage, we will handle Kritika easily

Akshay : poor Piyali don’t know she is trapped so badly in our game.


Piyali and Akshay worked at same place in Dehradun before she moved to Cape town. He formed instant attraction and later got obsessed with Piyali to the extent. This made her very much upset and tried several ways to get rid of him. During that time Akshay’s family got in debt and they fixed his alliance with Kritika in order for Luthra family to help them get out of crisis.  Sakshi played smart move to get rid of Piyali and asked her to convince Akshay to marry Kritika (her intention was not to hurt Kritika but only solve her own problem). To get rid of Akshay she suggested him to destroy Luthras (s and later marry her after all problems are solved. Sakshi got hint of Piyali’s motive of ditching Akshay and took video how she convinced him to marry Kritika. With the help of Vikram (positive) Piyali took Anu far from the whole evil environment. Sakshi brainwashed Akshay on how Piyali ran away and cheated him.

Flashback ends

Unaware of them Piyali has send a guy inside their house posing as technician and fixed camera in the living room.

Guy : madam here is the footage

Piyali : thanks you can leave, Akshay Mehta just watch the fun if I do mistakes then I also know how to rectify them

The positive characters are Arjun, Akshay’s father and Arjun’s mother while his father is mystery.


Karan lays on Preeta’s lap who is caressing his hair lovingly.

Karan : baby doll I am so happy, ever since you came my life is full of twist

Preeta : and you are happy?

Karan : I got selected for internationals. now we are getting married soon, in few days Kritika will also leave

Preeta : why do I feel she is not happy?

“What? how can you be sure Karan gets up

Preeta ; see I am not certain but her face says something else

Karan : you mean she loves somebody else? if she does why didn’t she tell us

Preeta : she might be afraid na, for Kareena aunty’s happiness she is doing this marriage

Karan : I can clearly see somebody’s influence (looks at her)

Preeta : excuse me what are you trying to say?

Karan ; I mean just like you she is also that sacrifice type you know (changes topic)

Preeta : I know what were you trying to say but never mind

Karan ; see she won’t share much with me, you try to talk with her and tell me

Preeta : okay, I will ask her but if she is not happy what will we do

Karan : you leave that to me, she is my sister I will make sure she gets her happiness

Kritika’s sangeet goes smooth (Sorry I have to skip this part for time being). Her marriage preparation starts in full swing. Roo and Kabir share romantic gestures but have not confessed their love.

Precap : Piyali, Kabir and Roo gets Akshay kidnapped from marriage venue. Post which Akshay turns table and by revealing Piyali’s past with him much to everybody’s shock

PS : Preeta’s kidnapping will come soon too.

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