Preeran SS ; Realization Part 36

Bharadwaj mansion

The girls help Elina clean the table and kitchen after dinner.

Shrishti : I must say dinner was just fabulous and you really made our day memorable right di (sees her tensed)

Elina : what are you thinking? about Sherlyn

“Should I tell them or not, maybe I should wait till Sherlyn herself is comfortable Preeta makes her mind

Kritika ; Preeta are you okay

Preeta : of course I am fine, I was just thinking about Karan’s practice

Kritika : oh god chill, everything will happen good okay

Rishab goes to drop Sherlyn who is not feeling well.

Rishab : are you okay?

Sherlyn ; yea I am fine, just not feeling good

Rishab : remember you can always share any problem with me

Sherlyn : I know but I will tell you when time comes good night (leaves)

Rakhi ; Maheshji I think we should leave, its quite late now

Sameer : wait wait, turn on the TV

Kabir : whats wrong

Rishab comes back after dropping Sherlyn

“Today’s headline, due to heavy rain city is flooded with water all the roads are blocked, we will keep you updated stay safe Reporter gives news

Kareena ; oh my god now what?

Sarla : but they are right we should not go out in such condition

Elina ; even god wants you all to stay with us, tonight you all stay back

Rakhi : what are you saying dear?

Suraj : why not aunty? this is your son’s house you all cannot refuse

Elina : of course

Karan ; then done tonight nobody will sleep

Preeta : only owl stay up at night

Karan : I didn’t ask for your opinion dumbo be quiet you can enjoy rain outside

Elina : okay listen up, uncle aunty, dadi I will show you the rooms, we all will sleep in hall

Karan : thats not fair be polite to guest

Elina : whatever, uncle aunty come

All the elders rest in other room of house.

Karan ; lets do something fun, is there anything else

Preeta : are you serious look at time?

Karan : there is no time limit for fun baby doll

Suraj : movie?

“Yes please I am craving, its long time I saw one Shrishti jumps in excitement

Sameer : only owls like you stays up at night

Elina : guys stop fighting, whoever wants to sleep feel free

Suraj : what about our movie night? (pouts)

Elina ; fine I will watch with you happy, let me get popcorn and soda start movie

Suraj ; movie is your choice guys

“DDLJ, deewana, Saajan all of them shouts together

Suraj : actually I am not CD player who can play so many movies together decide one

“Darna zaroori hai Shrishti scares him

Suraj ; guys no horror movie please

Elina ; today we will watch that only, please

Suraj ; but you hold my hand okay

Everybody laughs at his reaction. All of them goes down in basement to each movie. Kabir turns on the movie

The movie starts with first scene of guy going into theater through graveyard. Karan and Preeta hold each other’s hand terrified with the scene.

Suraj ; honey I am scared now

Elina : you are so coward what if I am not with you someday

Suraj : why are you killing me with your words now is this movie not enough

Karan : yaar guys didn’t you find other movie

“Now the witch will come Roo says when guy in movie enters graveyard

Kritika scratches Kabir’s hand with her long nails scarily.

Preeta ; I will be right back

Karan ; no don’t go from here

Preeta : I am going to washroom do you want to join me (leaves)

Roo : Only crazy director can make such movie yaar

The witch enters the scene slowly but all get scared when Preeta suddenly comes back.

“Ahh Karan gets scared seeing her

Preeta ; what its ms? stop this movie right now (turns off the player)

Elina : oh my god guys, please go to sleep now no more movie night go back to room

Girls and Boys have their different room

Elina ; you both can stay here (Kritika Roo) and Preeta Shrishti that one is yours

Karan : and us

Elina ; I am sorry Prince Charles but there is no space for you boys so you will sleep in hall okay

Preeta Shrishti hides their laughs

Karan ; Ms Kareli I won’t spare you

Elina tells him to move with other guys in hall.

Suraj : what about your husband darling ?

“Thank god you reminded me I forgot about, you won’t get rid of me so easily Elina takes him guest room

Suraj ; you are so cute my love

Elina : don’t batter me,, I will be right back

Rishab sits at balcony watching the stars when Elina comes to sit with him

Rishab : you didn’t sleep yet?

Elina : when my brother is feeling restless how would I ? whats wrong

Rishab ; nothing at all

Elina ; don’t lie to me i am very good at those things, are you missing Piyali

Rishab : how you do this? you hear what I never say

Elina : your face say it all, whats the problem

Rishab ; she didn’t even meet me before leaving and today again didn’t talk with us

Elina ; she must have a reason to do that, I feel bad for her sometimes why don’t you go meet her at once

Rishab ; I don’t have that courage to face her

Elina : burying feelings in heart can only be make you feel restless, just tell her

Rishab : if she doesn’t love me

Elina ; then consider she is not the one for you but at least relieve your burden

Rishab ; tell me something when did you find out you are in love

Elina : you know something I didn’t love him because he had those good qualities but when you always think about your partner every time we close our eyes we find their face giving strength

Rishab ; you shouldn’t be NGO worker, join love guru it will be big hit (teases her)

Elina : stop its nothing like that, my job is to help people no matter what problem

“Honey did you went to grab water or make one come fast Suraj shouts from upstairs

Elina : coming, this guy na, he cannot stay without me for a minute

Rishab : go ahead he might need you

Elina : don’t think much, good night

Rishab : good night

After everybody sleeps Karan decides to sneak in Preeta’s room. He is stuck between Sameer and Kabir who are snoring.

“Bhai how much place you will take Sameer says in sleep

Karan : go to hell both of you (gets up)

He runs upstairs and opens door slowly but is not able to see who is Preeta properly.

Karan : how should I wake her up? she is sleeping like from years she is tired (throws paper ball on bed)

No response

Karan : yaar this girl (throws again)

This time it lands on Preeta’s face who is about to shout but Karan puts hand on mouth

Karan : sshhh don’t shout, its me the Karan Luthra your karela

Preeta signals him to remove hands

Karan : why do you always shout for no reason

Preeta : because you will never improve this is not our house

Karan : stop with your lecture, I am already scared please come with me

Preeta : I am not going anywhere okay let me sleep (covers duvet)

Karan : if you don’t wake up I will kidnap you from here

Preeta does not listen to me but next moment Karan carries her in arm and takes outside

“What are you doing Preeta shouts at him

Karan : here I am having sleepless night and you are snoring

Preeta : who told you to watch that movie?

Karan ; it feels like haunted house

Both hears a breaking of glass noise

Karan (holds her closer) : see I told you somebody is there

Preeta : I know what you are doing, leave my hand now

Both sees a shadow running around in the living room.

Preeta ; Karan (holds him)

“No go and say nobody is there Karan taunts her funnily

Preeta ; shut up go and check who is it (pushes him)

Karan (Comes back) : I am not going anywhere

Preeta ; why? you are the Karan Luthra go and make her out

Karan ; I am cricketer not tantrik baba, lets do one thing go together

The duo starts walking holding each other and goes close to the shadow. Roo shouts as well as both of them in dark The siblings come down hearing them

Elina (turns on the light) : whats going on

Karan and Preeta hide behind sofa

Rishab ; you both? here also started again

Karan ; bhai there is a shadow here, yaar Elina is this your house or haunted mansion

“What she gets confused

Rishab : just you all saw movie, and now making it a reality

Shrishti : shadow (holds Sameer)

Sameer : lambtu there is nothing like that

Roo : he is right, I also saw somebody near the windows

Karan ; you were running around kitchen

Roo ; yes and I saw two shadows

“You all are crazy, Roo it was Preeta Karan you saw in dark Elina clears confusion

Preeta : thank god

Elina rubs her head and wakes Suraj who is in half sleep standing

Kabir ; your all face are so funny to watch (gives hi wifi to Rishab)

Karan : you both stop making fun of us

Shrishti ; but di what were you doing here?

Preeta : I came to get water from kitchen

Rishab ; you all better go to sleep please, we have to wake up early tomorrow

All of them goes to sleep finally.

Next day everybody goes back to their home after long night.

Rakhi : you all didn’t sleep last night?

Rishab and Sameer looks at Karan who is still recovering from yesterday

Mahesh : why this mom’s brat is shaking?

Rishab ; nothing dad, he is recovering from horror movie fever

Rakhi : what?

Sameer tells them everything

Preeta comes out of pharmacy while talking on phone with Karan.

Preeta (is laughing) : seriously yesterday I still couldn’t forget your face

Karan ; you were also scared, don’t make fun of me where are you coming on ground

Preeta ; don’t worry I am on my way (does not realize truck coming from behind)

Karan ; and listen (hears noise of crash and Preeta’s loud voice) hello baby doll are you there hello

Somebody informs Karan about injury

“What Karan drops phone in fear

The person informs him to come at City hospital for Preeta. Karan runs as quickly as he can informing Rohan.

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