Preeran SS ; Realization Part 28

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Sarla goes to Luthra house with Preeta and Shrishti’s horoscope for marriage

Rakhi : panditji this are our children horoscope, find the best auspicious date

Panditji does some counting and looks at all horoscopes.

Mahesh : what happened? is everything okay

“I have never seen such couple (talks about Karan and Preeta) their jodi is made in heaven, both will face everything together, they have Rajyog (bright future and success) Panditji gives positive vibes for couple

The elders are overwhelmed with the prediction

Sarla : this is Shrishti’s kundali

“This two are very innocent and pure just like clear water Panditji says

Finally Rakhi gives him Rishab’s kundali which comes little shocking to everybody

Rakhi : why are you looking like that?

Panditji : your son Rishab lines are very complicated for love

Rakhi : what do you mean?

Panditji : I can’t see clearly but his crucial phase is coming soon, he will have to fight between mind and heart

Rakhi and Mahesh gets disturbed by his words even though happy for their other children.

Kareena : is there any way to avoid this?

Panditji : we cannot change future, Rishab will have to go through this

Rakhi : please help my children (prays to god)

Pandit : next auspicious time for both marriages are after two weeks and for Kritika close one is next week

Kareena : thats way too early

Panditji : but other one is after six months

Kareena : we have to let Akshay’s family know and then decide


Wedding time arrives for Suraj and Elina. The girls help Elina dress up and goes out to check on other things except Preeta

Preeta (makes her wear bangle) : what happened? where are you lost

Elina : nothing I was just thinking, this time between engagement and marriage are very special for us we understand each other better

Preeta : you know when I met Karan I never realized I will rule on his heart

Elina : we always get things we never expected, I know for sure he will keep you very happy more than anything

Preeta ; sometimes I feel scared with the thought if going away from Karan, he will die without me

Elina : more than you I am worried for Rishab

Preeta : why? what happen to him

Elina : did you guys ever saw closely his eyes and words always have different language

Preeta : he never shares his feelings maybe thats why you are saying this

Elina : no there is something much more to it, I feel bad for him, he needs a friend than companion in life

Preeta : you think Sherlyn is not worth for it, she has changed for good

Elina : I am not criticizing her love but she is very different than Rishab

Shrishti : you both are busy chatting here, aunty is calling downstair hurry up

Preeta : yea lets go we will talk later, Shrishti your hair is messed up come here

Elina finally sees Piyali’s tape between her clothes and holds it

Elina : tape? whose this might be

Preeta : okay done, come leave that tape lets go

Elina : yea (throws in her bag in rush)

Preeta, Shrishti, Roo and Kritika holds big duppata that is covering Elina. Sherlyn makes petal of roses for bride to walk till mandap.

Sherlyn : welcome bride

Garland ritual

Kabir and Sameer lifts Suraj high to not let Elina make him wear

Sameer : bride today your struggle starts come on you have made our friend suffer a lot

Elina : wow then tell your friend this is just beginning he have to suffer a lot, life imprisonment

Rishab lifts her up high happily

Elina : love you bhai

The couple sits for wedding in mandap when everybody showers flowers. Priest makes them understand  meaning of seven vows.

Priest : now you both stand up for rounds

Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnuh, Mangalam Garunadhwajah 

Mangalam Pundari Kakshah, Mangalaya Tano Harih

Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnuh, Mangalam Garunadhwajah 

Mangalam Pundari Kakshah, Mangalaya Tano Harih

Karan ; baby doll does this seven vows means so much to marriage

Preeta : of course, its life time commitment, you don’t worry I will make you take not less than ten vows (throws flower on him)

Karan : madam our love does not need any verification

Priest : who will do kanyadaan?

Everybody looks on but Rishab steps up. Rama and Suraj gets emotional. He does ritual for Elina’s kanyadaan.

Wedding ceremony gets over

Suraj : you all made our wedding very special that we didn’t miss our family

Rishab : don’t be emotional, you only said we are one family

Elina ; god is very happy with me thats why he gave me bhai in exchange of father, today I also want to give you a promise this sister will return your happiness one day

Karan : I didn’t knew you were also like Rishab not bad he found his company

Preeta : not everybody is like you

Siblings take couple to newly decorated room for their wedding night. Girls take Elina before

Shrishti ; your room is ready but before that you have to give us something

Kabir : hey girls you are robbing my brother

Roo : thats called smartness and its ritual without giving anything he cannot go inside

Sameer makes some noise from other side to distract all girls

Shrishti : this was shorty’s voice

Roo ; wait it might be to distract us don’t go

Kritika : you are crazy it might be emergency lets hurry up

Roo follows everybody. Karan signals Suraj to go inside before they come back.

Sameer laughs at everybody’s reaction

Kabir : you guys are amazing thank you for saving my brother’s money

Roo : you saved your brother but not his wallet (stole wallet when girls were running to Sameer) told you don’t mess with me

Kabir : hey give me that back (runs after her)

Roo : you cannot match to my smartness no matter how much big philosopher you are

Kabir : shut up and give wallet back

Roo : come on take that from me if you have guts and smartness

Kabir : if you don’t give me that wallet I will tell everybody about this secret diary of yours

Roo (gets shocked) ; where did you? thats personal you cannot do that

Kabir : that wallet is also my brother’s personal

Roo loses in front of him and gives back money

Kabir : now say if our minds match or not

Roo : okay fine I lost but only this time

Karan and Preeta sit in balcony recalling their moments together

Preeta : how beautiful this marriage thing is, union of not only heart but two families

Karan : will that happen with us also

Preeta : you don’t think so that will happen with our relation

Karan : thats not what I meant but you know me for first time I got into commitment and I don’t want to lose you

Preeta : when we are together we will face everything (holds his hands) I don’t feel like going back this place is so nice peaceful

Karan : lets do one thing we will settle down here after marriage

Preeta : and your cricket ? don’t forget this success is part of Rishabji not only yours, he has always supported you with hope that you will fulfill dream he could in his life

Karan : more than you i am concerned for my brother, do you think he would be willing to get back with Sherlyn

Preeta (recall Elina’s words) : I don’t know you ask he is your brother right

Karan : don’t be big kareli now let talk about us (makes her sit on his lap)

Preeta : leave me somebody will see us

Karan : you are talking as if we are strangers everybody knows

Preeta : my future husband save some romance for later after marriage

Karan : there is no limit to romance sweetheart (is about to kiss her)

Preeta : stop, not this time

Karan ; but why

Preeta : because you are going to do something for me

Karan : what? (Asks confusingly)

Preeta ; when we go back home you will focus on your practice

Karan : why are you so boring? working is whole life

Preeta : somebody said there is no limit or time for romance, my condition is until you don’t get selected for international no surprises for you

Karan : thats not fair baby doll

“Everything is fair in love and war Preeta pushes him on bed and runs away

Karan (giggles) : she is so cute

Roo and Kritika puts the mattress on room when Kabir jumps on

Roo ; we don’t want any cheaters here

Kabir : this mattress does not follow your order my dear

Roo : whatever just go from here

Sameer : stop torturing us Roo don’t be like your sisters and bhabhi’s

Shrishti : Kritu next time think ten times before tying rakhi on his hand

Sameer : oye lambu don’t you dare instigate my sister okay

Shrishti : or else what will you do?

Rishab ; whats happening here? don’t you get tired with same fights

Shrishti : nothing Rishabji, this boys have lost little bit today

Sameer ; bhai you tell her to talk decently

Rishab : I am going out of here, where is Sherlyn ?

Kabir : I think she was in her room

Rishab ; thanks (leaves)

Sameer : lambu whatever you say I think bhai have started enjoying Sherlyn’s company

Kritika : you all keep your opinion with you, love does not happen like that (leaves with anger)

Kabir follows her while other continues with their bantering.

Kritika ; what?

“Nothing, just seeing how much love matter to you what is love according to you Kabir asks

Kritika : union of two soul, understanding of each other pain

Kabir : before teaching love to others use that logic to you, learn to stand for yourself first (goes away)

Roo walk to store late at night when some thugs teases her.

Goon ; look what girl is coming? after long time we got new target

Roo : don’t come close to me (starts walking backward)

One of them ends up tearing her sleeves from shoulder and trying to force upon her. A strong hand stops the goon turing to be Kabir. He beats all of them badly and makes Roo stand up properly who is very scared.

“You are okay Kabir covers her with his jacket

Roo hugs him tearfully holding him tightly not willing to leave him.

Kabir (pats her back) : its okay come lets go

Both goes back to house

Kabir drops Roo back to her room safely and covers properly with duvet.

Kabir ; don’t be scared okay

Roo : I can’t sleep please stay here for a while

Kabir : fine what you want to do, wait I will show you something (brings his childhood album) here we go

Roo : wow you know I just love to see my friend’s childhood album

Kabir : this was me and bhai in our school trip to Ooty, I still remember that trip

Roo ; thats one of my favorite tourist place, but I never went there

Kabir : when mom dad were alive we went to every place, you can do one thing tell your boyfriend to take at every place

Roo ; so sweet but I have no boyfriend

Kabir ; you are talking as if you won’t have one whole life, you want to watch a movie

Roo ; yes

Kabir : my favorite okay shammi kapoor

Roo : junglee

Both shares laugh together and watches movie for a while.

Roo : I just love his dance

Kabir ; you want to try come

Roo ; no (tries to resist)

“Come on come one Kabir forces her to dance like movie

Duo dances funnily but ends up falling on each other on bed. They come to senses and stands up

Kabir : go to sleep its quite late good night

Roo : good night, hey Mr philosopher thanks (winks at him)

Kabir leaves

Next day Rama informs youngster about mahashivratri event in neighborhood.

Karan : so exciting, its been many years I have went to mahashivratri

Preeta : just because you are able to drink that what you call bhaang

Karan : hey dumbo, thats most precious drink one could have

Preeta : wanna challenge? I can handle myself with any drink

Karan : fine

Rishab ; wait wait, no bhaang

Sherlyn : let them enjoy, it will be fun

Rishab : what if something goes wrong?

Sherlyn ; nothing will happen, can we go eat I am very hungry

Suraj ; there is dhaba nearby if you both want to have great food

Sherlyn : great idea come lets hurry up

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