Preeran SS ; Realization Part 16

Luthra office 

Shrishti comes to meet Sameer who is busy explaining Omisha about work. She crushes flowers in jealousy

“Shrishti you here?” Rishab asks her

“Actually” she stammers

Rishab : why are you getting nervous, say clearly

Sameer comes out seeing her

Shrishti : I came to meet you Rishabji, i was passing by so I thought

Rishab : really? (gets surprised)

Sameer too is confused with her behavior

Rishab : nothing happened to me

“Well things went wrong with you I thought you must be tensed, flowers for you” Shrishti gives him she brought for Sameer

Rishab ; thank you, I have to go for meeting see you later, Sameer you take care of clients here

Sameer : okay bhai you go

Shrishti gives him sarcastic smile but gets angry again

Sameer : hello what was that?

“What?” asks casually

Sameer : don’t pretend, being my girlfriend you are flirting with bhai in front of me

Shrishti : oh look who is saying this? see shorty I know your brain is empty but at least don’t show that to others

Sameer : godji, why you left her brain empty

“You know what I am leaving anyway you are busy with that girl “ Shrishti starts leaving

Sameer : wait

Omisha sees both of them her cabin

Sameer : for such small thing you are behaving grumpy

Shrishti : small?  you were clinging with that girl like she is your would be wife

Sameer : if you are so desperate I will make her one today what say (holds her closer)

Shrishti : don’t even think about it or else watch out Mr Luthra

Sameer : possessive, I love it for your information Rishab bhai hired her as new intern in office

Shrishti : okay but keep distance till profession such girls are dangerous

“When I have got real atom bomb why look for fake bomb” Sameer caresses her hair

Both are about to share kiss but is interrupted by phone call

Shrishti : yes di, okay I am coming

Sameer : what is it?

“I have to go, di wants to meet me” says with pout

Sameer : yaar talk at home, do you both live in different home

Shrishti : you want my attention? I love surprises bye shorty (puts small peck on his cheeks)

Sameer : this girl is crazy (turns back colliding with Omisha)

Omisha : sorry

Sameer : never mind do you need anything

“No I just came to say I am leaving” tells him

Sameer : okay I hope you had good day

Omisha ; of course, after all I got hired in such multinational company

Sameer : see you later bye

Omisha is impressed with his nature

Practice field 

Coach : guys I want to introduce you all to our temporary physio

Karan’s back is facing on other side. He feels Preeta coming there with every step she is walking inside

Coach ; so guys, this is our new physio Preeta Arora

Rohan ; buddy look who is here (taps his shoulder)

Karan does not look : don’t disturb me (hits him back)

Preeta looks around for Karan but is not able to find him. He turns around surprisingly making her smile. Everybody greets her

Karan : baby doll (says loudly)

He stops seeing her glare

Coach : what?

Karan : sorry sir I mean hello Preeta

“Hello captain “ she says sarcastically

Coach : boys get to field come on we have to get into international this time

Karan leaves too followed by coach and Preeta to ground. She is not surprised seeing his dedication and enthusiasm of playing

Preeta : can I ask you something coach

Coach  : of course why not

Preeta : are there any chances of getting into international this season

Coach : honestly I can’t say anything right now, boys are working hard but there is small problem

Preeta : what?

Coach : I have seen other teams who play for indian team, all of them are very fit and healthy, this sports is not easy as people think, they need player who are strong physically too

Preeta : I have an idea, when does semi finals start for international

Coach : next month

“Perfect till then whole team’s responsibility is mine for being physically fit to play specially Karan he is captain “ Preeta offers

Coach : well not all but mainly for Karan, he is still physically weak, last time his shoulder got sprain

Preeta ; trust me Sir next season your team will not only play but win for sure

Coach : okay now that you are phsyio I give this responsibility to you

Preeta : thank you for trusting me

After practice Karan fakes to be angry at Preeta for not informing him

Karan ; who am I that you inform this?

Preeta : I said sorry na, I wanted to surprise my friend and I told coach sir

Karan : what? you complained about me, what else you have work to do, always do that first with Rishab and coach (keeps blabbering)

“Stop” Preeta put hand on his mouth and fingers on his neck

Both get lost in each other’s eyes

Rom rom tera naam pukaare
Ek huye din rain hamaare
Hum se hum hi chhin gaye
Jab se dekhe nain tihaare


Karan removes her hand putting on his cheeks slowly. It starts raining heavily. Both gets drench in middle of road

Teri kaali akhiyon se jind meri jaage
Dhadkan se tej daudoon, sapno se aage
Ab jaan lut jaaye, yeh jahan chhoot jaaye
Sang pyaar rahe, main rahoon na rahoon..
Sajda tera sajda
Din rain karoon, naahi chain karoon
Sajda tera sajda
Main to vaari karoon, meri jaan likh doon

Ab jaan lut jaaye, yeh jahan chhoot jaaye
Sang pyaar rahe, main rahoon na rahoon..
Sajda tera sajda [Karoon main tera sajda]
Din rain karoon, naahi chain karoon
Sajda tera sajda [Karoon main tera sajda]
Main to vaari karoon, meri jaan likh doon

The duo takes shelter in small hut nearby saving themselves from rain. Preeta starts feeling cold due to weather. Karan lights fire gathering woods. He covers her with his jacket quickly.

Karan ; there is no signal here let me go

“Please don’t leave me alone I am scared” holds him back

Karan sees fear in her eyes about something

“I am right here, nothing will happen” cups her face lovingly leaning to kiss but stops himself

Preeta closes her eyes giving him silent consent. Both share very passionate kiss holding each other

Kuch kuch hota hai background

Thunderstorm lights outside heavily. Preeta breaks kiss hearing noise and moves back realizing they did

Karan : I am really sorry, don’t know how that happened

Preeta covers herself with jacket

Karan : we have to stay here for a while till rain stops

Preeta nods and sits nears bonfire getting warm from cold. Karan sits opposite side of her to avoid embarrassment

Preeta : its so cold here, why are you sitting over there, don’t you feel cold

Karan : have some shame, you are calling young guy near

Preeta : shut up please, I am not in mood for joke we are stuck here

Karan ; don’t you like my company?

Preeta : why are you asking that question suddenly now

Karan : I am just asking (goes near her) you still didn’t tell me what you were complaining to coach about me

Preeta : first of all that was not complain and second it was for your benefit

Karan ; what do you mean

Preeta : coach was saying you are still physically weak, so he gave me responsibility that in a month before season starts I will help you gain strength physically

Karan gets overwhelmed with her dedication for his success

Preeta : what are you looking

“How much you care for me, I feel very lucky to have friend like you” puts hand on her purposely

Preeta ; I should thank you, when you are with me my heart does not want to go away from you

Karan : can I ask you something?

“Yesterday Piyali asked me a question that I could not answer, is our relation more than friendship” Preeta reveals

Karan : what did you say

“After breaking with Prithvi and Deepak I have no hopes of getting any love, but our friendship is more than everything” Preeta gets up

Karan (walks to her) : but for me it is more than friendship (caresses her hair from back side)

Preeta turns to him shockingly

“I wanted to tell you this from long time but a fear inside was killing me if my love will come in between this relation I don’t want to lose you at any cost” Karan bring their head together

Preeta remains speechless hearing his every word and emotion behind

Arora house

Shrishti waits for Sameer to do something special for him. He calls her in emergency to their guest house

“Sameer what happened, are you okay” she says panicking

She rushes to guest house

Rishab recalls Piyali and her moments recently how she shared her painful past.

“I don’t know what is happening to me, that girl went away but still I could not forget her” Rishab sees her picture in phone

He starts walking down to call Karan bumping into Sherlyn. Both falls on floor with Rishab on top

Dhaage Tod Laao Chandani Se Noor Ke Ghoonghat Hi Banalo Roshini Se Noor Ke Sharma Gai To Aagosh Mein Lo Ho Saaaso Se Uljhi Rahi Meri Saasein [Bol Na Halke Halke 2 Hooth Se Halke Halke Bol Na Halke ]2

Rishab : are you okay?

Sherlyn ; yea I am fine, sorry

Rishab ; you didn’t go home yet?

Sherlyn : its raining out and my car broke down so Kareena aunty told me to stay back

Rishab : yea weather is very bad, its good you stayed back

Sherlyn : I wanted to go home, mom was not feeling well

Rishab : if you don’t mind I can drop you home (offers her)

Sherlyn : sure that will be very helpful, you know nobody else is at home to take care

Rishab : I understand too, come I am waiting near car

Sherlyn ; let me inform Kareena aunty

Rishab : okay

Both start heading to Sherlyn’s home. She looks at him with new emotion

“How can I not see his goodness before and always loved that cheater, maybe due to my jealousy to Preeta” Sherlyn gets in dilemma

Both puts hand on music system at same time sharing eye lock

Other side in dark room a girl fills her revolver with bullets practicing target.

“Game is fun only when all opponent plays their move, and time has come now” Girl fires bullet on manikin

PS : Lot of twist and turns coming up guys with mystery identities.

Precap : Shrishti Sameer romance continues with Omisha eyeing them. Sherlyn too starts feeling for Rishab

What will Preeta say? Guess

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