Preeran FF ; Realization Part 64


Roshni : my love will always be mortal and you were always mine

“Thats your illusion, you could not get in last time neither you will today, you can take me but my soul, and heart will always remain with Preeta she is the one who can rule my heart Karan tells her calmly

Piyali runs to other side and call Sunita revealing everything to her

Sunita : Piyali by any means you have to immerse her ashes only then she will get salvation

Piyali : but how will we find her

Sunita uses her power to find about ashes. She tells Piyali about the location in palace where ashes are kept and through which Roshni’s spirit has been still on earth.

Karan ; first you leave my Preeta only then I will come wherever you want

Roshni gets enraged seeing his love and devotion for Preeta. She does not listen to him

Roshni : if I leave her you will never come with me (says angrily)


Preeta’s pulse becomes slow with passing time and breathing gets abnormal

Nurse ; she is losing it, doctor her pulse are not normal


Rishab and Piyali finds the ashes but Roshni attacks them brutally

“Wait no Karan goes to saves Rishab but he gets injured in head badly

“Rishab are you okay Piyali goes to him

Roshni tries to harm Piyali with knife so she removes the thread from her wrist.

Piyali : oouch (shouts)

Karan : you promised me you won’t harm anybody please leave them

“They are trying to take you away from me again how should I let that happen Roshni says emotionally

Karan : you won’t get anything by doing all this, if something happens to my brother and Preeta this time you will lose me

Piyali starts running holding ashes but all doors are closed.

“What do you think, you will take my Karan away from me this time Roshni stands on ceiling

Piyali : god is with me no matter what, you won’t win this time

Roshni throws heavy things on her. Lengthy struggle happens between both girls when the urn of ashes falls on floor.

“Piyali get up Karan goes to her as she is little unconscious

Piyali : Karan, please save Rishab, he needs you more than me

Karan : he is fine, I need my friend’s help

“You can say goodbye to your family one last time then you are with me forever Roshni says standing far from them

Both hears the water noise and ashes on floor. Piyali and Karan pulls the heavy rope breaking the wall and let all water come inside. Before Roshni could approach them ashes immerse in the water and giving her salvation. The whole palace is flooded with water inside. Karan and Piyali tries hard to save themselves. Rishab who was unconscious outside wakes up and rushes to save them. He pulls Karan first but is not able to find Piyali

“Karan wake up Rishab gives chest compression

Suddenly a bracelet falls near him.


Preeta’s breathing becomes normal

Shrishti : doctor how is my sister

Doctor : its a miracle or i should say your all prayers are heard, she is absolutely fine now you all can meet her

“Di Shrishti runs inside hugging her sister

Karan comes there with bandage on head.

Sameer : bhai you are back your baby doll is fine she is out of coma

Karan goes inside not able to wait to see his baby doll after winning battle.

“We won baby doll, your love defeated everything Karan holds her hand

Preeta hugs him emotionally and feels proud of him.

“Karan you were not scared of ghosts Preeta asks him teasingly

Karan (nods no) : when it comes to my baby doll I can fight with anything, and I was only scared to give you company

Preeta : very funny, Karan I want to go back at home (says with pout)

Karan : we will leave today, I will tell doctor to give discharge to my wife

Preeta : where is Piyali?

Karan : she is fine just little unconscious, I will go fill the formalities

Preeta sees the sun rays coming to the room after the long dark night.

Rishab sits next to Piyali who is smiling

“Don’t give me that smile, I am very angry at you Rishab turns around

He feels her head on his shoulder

“I said sorry na she holds her ears

Rishab ; if something had happened to you both what would I have tell everybody

Piyali : but your love is there to save us, I am not going anywhere leaving you understand

Rishab ; lets go your sister has called me 20 times in last two hours

Suraj : guys thats really scary, I mean Karan nobody would have imagined that

Rishab : lets not discuss and nobody will tell mom dad about this

Everybody gets ready to leave leaving long dark tunnel. Elina slowly comes out of trauma. In few hours all reach back home safely.

“Karan, Rishab Rakhi gets emotional seeing them

Anu : di (hugs her tearfully) this wound

Piyali : nothing I hope you didn’t trouble anybody

Anu ; god promise I did not but now you are here I will finish my task

“Ma Preeta sobs hugging her mother

Sarla : my child you are okay na

Mahesh ; thank god you all are safe, you know how much worried we were

Karan : dad we are fine, don’t worry we are your tigers after all

Mahesh ; then give your dad hug also

Dadi ; Preeta you all take rest for a while

In room

Preeta keeps recalling about the incidence

“Don’t think much she cannot come back Karan holds her face

Preeta ; you were ready to go with her? you didn’t think how would I live without you

Karan ; I reside in this small heart of yours how would I go far from you

Preeta (hugs on his chest) : I could never imagine our past could be related like this

Karan : maybe I was destined to get your true love in this birth


The family shares happy moments and tries to reconcile difference between Elina and Suraj

Aye dil laaya hai bahaar

Apnon ka pyar, kya kehna

Milein hum chhalak utha

Khushi ka khumaar, kya kehna

Khile khile chehron se aaj

Ghar hai mera

Gule gulzaar, kya kehna

Preeta and Karan consummate their marriage.

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