Preeran FF ; Realization Part 63

Luthra house

Rakhi tells Mahesh and everybody about Preeta’s condition

Sarla : what happened to my daughter?

Rakhi : she is in state of hypoxia due to lack of oxygen doctor said if she don’t regain consciousness in few hours then

Sarla : my daughter needs me let me go

Mahesh : don’t take haste decision

Acharya : nothing will happen to Preeta, right now she might be under that spirit’s control but god help good hearted people and Preeta has clean heart


Shrishti : nothing have happened to my sister, let me go to her

Sameer : shrishti calm down you cannot go to her doctor told not to disturb her

“She needs me don’t you understand Shrishti tries hard to leave his grip

Sameer : calm down your screaming won’t bring her back

“Sammy bring my sister back I can’t leave without her Shrishti breakdown in his arms

“Bhai you tell Preeta, she will listen to you, I can’t live without her you know that Karan asks his brother

Rishab tries hard to console him

Karan ; bhai I can’t see her like this please do something she might be having hard time to breathe (gets in tears)

“Karan listen to me, you cannot become weak, your Preeta needs you right now, we still have to fight long battle and save her Rishab holds his face tightly

Piyali : Preeta needs your support and your love is not that weak, don’t let your love lose in front of evil power

Karan enters Preeta’s room and sits next to her holding hands

Kehta Hai, Hai Zindagi Tu

Kyun Mujh Mein Phir Milta Nahi

Deta Hai Aisa Safar Kyun

Hai Manzile Jinki Nahi

Kehde Khuda.. Hai Kaisa Khuda Tu

Jo Bas Mein Tere Kuch Nahi

Han Koi To Vajah Hogi Jo Yun

Hai Majboor Tu Bhi Kahin

I promise Preeta I won’t let your love and faith lose, that evil spirit will have to face defeat this time in front of us Karan kisses her hands and leaves the room

Kritika, Roo, Kabir and Elina stays in hospital with Preeta. Rest of them goes back to house and discuss next step.

Karan : if we find out about that boy we are close to the key of this mystery

They hear a noise of female voice coming from outside. Karan does not find anybody in dark but sees a shadow standing at bridge near the lake. It is Preeta’s soul who is calling him forwarding hands.

Ajanabi Hawaayein Bekaraar Baahein, Aa…

Aa… Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa…

Ajanabi Hawaayein Bekaraar Aahein

De Rahi Sadaayein Aaja Aaja

Manjilon Ki Raahein, Chahaton Ki Baahein

Phir Tujhe Bulaaye Aaja Aaja

Tu Aaja, Tu Aaja Ragon Mein Sama Ja

Pukare Tanaha Dil Tu Aaja

Karan gets in tears seeing his baby doll (her soul) standing in front of him.

Karan : you scared me why you do this to me

Preeta : I am always with you like shadow no matter where I go (slides her hand on his face closing his eyes)

Kaate Se Bhi Kate Na Duriyon Ke Pal

Teri Zoostju Hai Meri Bebasi Ka Hal

Hoga Hoga Hamaare Khaabon Ka Milan

Keh Rahi Hai Tere Mere Zakhemon Ki Jalan

Ishq Pe Hai Yakeen, Darr Mujhe Kuchh Nahi

Tu Aaja, Tu Aaja Ragon Mein Sama Ja

Pukaare Tanaha Dil Tu Aaja

Ajanabi Hawaayein Bekaraar Baahein

De Rahi Sadaayein Aaja Aaja

Their palms touch in between moon

Series of flashback when Preeta was attacked she found a pendal on floor. Her soul hands that clue to Karan as clue.

Rishab : Karan? what happened

“Bhai this he shows them a pendal

Suraj ; who gave you this?

Karan ; my Preeta showed me way, bhai we will find clue about her boyfriend in that same house we went this morning

Piyali : then lets go come on

All of them again goes to Professor’s house and find the old newspaper they missed. It has detail of accident Roshni and her boyfriend but they could not see face of him.

Karan ; old palace I have to go

Rishab : wait we are coming

Karan : no bhai this is my battle I will go alone, you all go with Preeta

Karan drives to old palace desperately to unfold the final mystery of what spirit wants.

He sees outside strangely and accident happened on mountain behind palace. He walks inside seeing very old pictures of kings and queens. Finally he comes across big picture of Roshni on wall and letter below

“My name is Roshni a girl from middle class family but I had some dreams to achieve. I wanted to do something for my dad so people stop calling him as ordinary professor. The biggest mistake I did was loving a boy Rajiv from a Thakhur family. He did not love me back and his family also didn’t accept my love she keeps narrating

Karan starts to recall something and looks carefully on every wall of palace. He was indeed Rajiv in his previous birth.


Rajiv saved Roshni from some bad boys in college and threatened them. Both became very good friends but she started falling for him badly without being aware of his feeling.

Rajiv : whats this?

“Our love symbol she shows him pendal (same as Preeta showed)

Rajiv : see I don’t know what you are saying but I have no feelings for you

Roshni ; you don’t love me?

“You are my best friend but for me nothing more than that Rajiv gives her pendal back and leaves the place

Roshni tried several ways to convince him including to convince his family but they shunned her. Thakurs humiliated her parents for bad upbringing which enraged Roshni.

Roshni took help from Preeta’s father who was unmarried that time and working as editor. Thakur who considered Roshni biggest problem left no chance to ruin her family and teach her big lesson.

Thakurs threatened Raghuveer for his family which Roshni remained unaware. He refused to help her and her family at any cost. Rajiv took a stand for her inspite of not loving but due to the friendship. This did not go well with his family but he was given an offer. In order to protect Roshni’s family and return their lost dignity

Rajiv will leave her and not keep any contact. He agreed the offer and left Roshni’s hand to restore the dignity of her family. Staying far away from her made him realize her worth. Both confesses their love to each other but their happiness remained shot lived when again tragedy strikes. Things turned more ugly when they destroyed the dream of Professor Anand of publishing the book “Unspoken feelings and blamed him for copying the idea of book. Anand told the couple to run far away from that place and settle down. On way Thakur follows them but the couple get into accident due to construction on hillside. Rajiv dies on spot but Roshni survives. Thakurs kill her and throws her body down in valley.

The last love story of book remained incomplete as Anand narrated this as Roshni’s tragic love. His book was taken by Raghuvir to several places in town and it was finally sent to Mumbai.  Unaware Roshni’s spirit who could not get liberal start haunting Thakur’s and one by one kill everybody who was behind her misery.

After 22 years Rajiv was born Karan Luthra as youngest son of Luthra family. Roshni’s spirit was waiting for him since long time and came back to reclaim her love. She did not wanted any of the girls read last chapter of story which narrated her life and vanishes those pages. With every move she brought Karan to her and putting Preeta in danger.

Flashback ends

Karan comes out of the whole backstory and sees Roshni standing in front of him not as ghost but real person. Piyali and Rishab comes there when he narrates everything to them which leaves them dumbstruck.

Roshni : I have waited long time for you, and now I found you

Karan ; leave my Preeta alone, I will do anything you want

Rishab ; Karan have you lost it? she will take you with her

Karan ; then let her bhai, at least my Preeta will get her life back (sheds his tears)

Piyali : Karan no, you cannot do this, the love which was buried years ago there is no point of digging it out

Furious Roshni attacks on Rishab injuring him

“Rishab are you okay Piyali goes to him

Roshni ; you see how it feels, I have waited 22 years for my love yours is only few months

Karan : please don’t harm them, leave my brother and wife alone (folds hands)

Roshni ; I will leave them but please don’t fold your hands in front of me, my love is also true


“My soul, my heart everything belongs to Preeta only, our love was finished that day when Rajiv died Karan talks with Roshni who is not willing to leave him again

Preeta’s condition worsens

Piyali and Karan breaks the wall that is stopping lake water to come inside and immersing ashes of Roshni and flooding the whole palace.

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