Preeran FF ; Realization Part 62



In morning everybody goes out to find about the book.

Preeta ; we know this book was originally published here but we can’t even contact the writer

Piyali : Roo can you check about that professor online like his detail where he used to teach

Roo : yea sure (looks up on google)

Arjun : did you find it?

Roo : wait a minute i am not a keypad machine okay, found it (shouts)

Arjun : and we are not deaf here say softly my poor ears

Rishab ; stop it guys, Roo show me (takes her phone) National institute of communication

Karan : wait a second bhai, lets do one thing we all don’t have to go at one place together you, Sameer, Arjun go to college and rest of us will go to that professor’s house

Shrishti : you are right sir we don’t have enough time Acharya ji said there is only a week is left before Durghastmi

Rishab ; lets go

The group splits up into half to find decode the mystery. Karan Preeta, Suraj and Kabir reaches the professor’s house.

Bell ring. Nobody opens the door

Kabir ; guys what will we do now? does anybody live here

Karan : we should climb from back

Preeta : no way this is wrong

Karan : Preeta you want to lecture us on right wrong or want to be alive

Preeta nods hesitantly

All of them climbs upstairs from window and goes inside the house. Everything is covered with white cloths including furniture. They find some pictures of Roshni with her parents. It turns out she is indeed daughter of Professor Anand and old student of National institute.

Kabir : I hope Rishab bhai is able to find something from college

Karan ; lets go back before anybody comes


Arjun : bhai if we all go together they will doubt us one person should go, Roo  I know you are terrible actor but right now you have to do some work

Roo : excuse me who are you to question my acting in college everybody craves for me to do the acting

Arjun : they might be crazy like you

Sameer : shut up both of you, Roo better not overact okay go and ask inside about Roshni

Roo : bhai you also

Shrishti : Roo deal with them later, now go

Ruchika goes to meet the dean of college

Dean : yes what do you need?

Roo : actually I came to know about Roshni Verma, she was my friend you know but its been years I could not contact with her, do you have any details about her

Dean ; I am sorry but we don’t give personal details of any college student and which year

Roo : around 1996

Dean ; you might be joking, we don’t keep records of so old students

Roo comes out empty handed. Arjun makes fun of her bad acting

Roo : I wont’ spare you, if you say more word

Piyali : guys please, Rishab they might not have it in office where they usually store old records in colleges here

Rishab : they usually burn very old records but we can check in store room of this college Shrishti : but where is that?

A peon hears their conversation and tells the place of old store room.

Piyali : you know about this girl? (shows Roshni’s picture)

The peon recognizes her as he is working in college since last 25 years.

Peon ; how can I forget this girl? very popular

Rishab : who is she?

Peon : not right now in evening meet me near the lake view (leaves)

Roo : oh god again we have to wait

The siblings meet together and wait for the peon to arrive at lake view.

Karan : you all might be hungry and this would be mother your junior will be starving

Suraj looks at her with blank smile

Roo : lets eat something there is lot of time

All goes to eat in hotel. Nobody is able to have food in between all fear and stress

Karan : I am not able to eat anything

Rishab : don’t punish your body, how will you fight without empty stomach

Preeta feeds him smilingly. Elina is about to feed Suraj but he stops her midway holding her hands. Rishab and Preeta sees their uncomfortness amidst good news.

Later they goes to meet peon who shares about Roshni as a person

Peon ; that girl was very short tempered, being daughter of Professor Anand

Karan ; what about this book? who wrote it

Peon ; professor Anand, it was clearly known father daughter relation were not great

Kritika :why not?

Peon ; she was in love with some guy from other college now you know first hurdle children think are their parents

Rishab ; who was that guy?

Peon ; I don’t know about him much, but he is not alive either, but I heard boy was not interested in her still both died in accident

All are shocked in fear with terrified story. Karan becomes little skeptical hearing and feels something familiar.

Rishab : are you okay?

Karan : yea bhai, I am just worried how will we solve this mystery, where did that accident happen by the way

Peon : I don’t know, I told you what I knew (leaves)

Everybody gives up hope

Piyali : guys please we are almost close to truth you all cannot give up

Rishab : Karan, we promised mom dad we will come back after solving this problem

Karan : you all go I will come after a while

Rishab ; okay but come soon

Preeta is not willing to leave him alone but he insists her to go with others. He looks around the city but unknowingly finds it very familiar.

Karan : why do I feel I have been here before?

Later at night all of them goes to sleep when Karan comes back. He sees Preeta sleeping and kisses her forehead

“I promise Preeta no matter what, I will not let anything happen to you Karan goes to room

The girls and boys sleep in different place due to size of house.

In midnight wind blows shaking trees, leaves move around the house. The swing start to move slowly and increases speed. Preeta wakes up hearing soft noise of wind. She sees other girls sleeping peacefully and does not wake up. She wears the cardigan walking with lamp.

Preeta walks outside with lamp in forest alone. She feels presence of spirit behind her but could not see properly. Her heart starts to pound hardly and turns back to look something. She looks in front and screams out loud. Karan wakes up from sleep and looks for Preeta but gets panic when he does not find her

Rishab ; Karan whats wrong

Karan ; bhai Preeta is not in room where did she go suddenly

Rishab : what? don’t panic she might be around

Others wake up too and gets scared to not find Preeta in house.

Shrishti ; where is di? (starts crying)

Sameer : we should go and check outside lets go you girls stay here

All boys goes in search of Preeta but she is nowhere found. Suraj feels something under his feet in ground. Rishab flashes the torch and sees a hand much to his shock

“Preeta, Preeta Karan starts digging out with all energy and shouting her name

Rishab : oh my god, how did she get here

They all bring Preeta who was buried alive. She is unable to breath properly

“Preeta get up please Karan gives her CPR but in vain

His heart beat stops for a minute seeing her condition not breathing.

Sameer ; bhai lets take her to hospital

They rush Preeta to hospital but are shattered when doctor reveals her going into hypoxia shock due to buried for little longer. Karan and Shrishti breaks down in heavy tears and not believing doctor.

Precap ; Karan walks to a shadow of Preeta in lake bridge

Ajanabi Hawaayein Bekaraar Baahein, Aa…

Aa… Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa…

Ajanabi Hawaayein Bekaraar Aahein

De Rahi Sadaayein Aaja Aaja

Manjilon Ki Raahein, Chahaton Ki Baahein

Phir Tujhe Bulaaye Aaja Aaja

Tu Aaja, Tu Aaja Ragon Mein Sama Ja

Pukare Tanaha Dil Tu Aaja

She gives him something in hand as clue


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