Preeran FF ; Realization Part 57

Bharadwaj house

Everybody pampers Elina and gives her instruction

Rakhi ; dear you are going to go in very beautiful journey

Kareena ; more than others you have to make sure you are ready physically and mentally

Their words really strike Elina who have mixed feelings about becoming mother.

Preeta : sorry sorry I am late, but would be mother you are very fast in everything

Elina : thanks

Rakhi ; Preeta you come soon okay don’t trouble her and Elina if you need anything just call us without any hesitant

Elina : sure aunty

Preeta : so how are you feeling my bestie

Elina : you are my friend I can share this with you, I really don’t know if I should be happy or rethink about this

Preeta (surprised) : what are you taking about?

Elina : Preeta I think I am not  really ready to take such big responsibility

Preeta : you know what you are saying? I know that is such big change but

Elina : my heart inside is feeling restless like something bad is going to happen

Preeta : look at me don’t rush into decision, take your own time to think and everything will be fine okay (hugs her)

Elina nods

Preeta : I will leave now you take care of yourself just give me a call good night

Elina ; bye

Kritika ; bhabhi look what I got for you, juice time come on

Elina : I am not in mood to drink

Kritika ; no way mom strictly told me to take care of you

“Come sit here with me Elina tells her

Kritika : what happened?

“You can try as much as you want from everybody but not from me, I can read your eyes, they are hiding lot of pain Elina tells her

Kritika : bhabhi you know why I stayed back for you and this baby, maybe god didn’t wanted me to leave today

Elina : I know Kabir hurt you a lot but trust me he is not at bad at heart

Kritika ; I have lost all trust on love bhabhi, you know what breaks my heart most, my sister is killing herself inside somewhere I am also responsible for that

Elina ; look Kabir Roo might have learned to love but I feel they didn’t understand true meaning of love or else they could not take such big step

Kritika :what are you trying to say?

Elina : I am not saying their love was not role but I know Kabir very well he is not aware of deepness in love and you are that light in his life to guide him

Kritika ; you think whatever happened was right

Elina : thats what not I mean, but this is god’s signal he wanted to show Kabir what true love is through you and who knows there is somebody for Roo who will become her true soulmate

Kritika thinks about her words

“Loving somebody does not mean you spend life them, your real soulmate can make your love strong enough Elina explains her

Kritika : bhabhi I will just be back okay now you finish this juice

Luthra house

Roo cries in her room recalling her sisters bitter words and shattered heart. Kritika comes in her room suddenly

“Didi she turns around and wipes her tears

Kritika ; what you think you are? you have grown up, that means no value for sister I told you I won’t see and you agreed (pushes her back while walking)

Roo pouts

Kritika : that won’t work with me, you think I will be happy seeing you like this, how selfish you have become nowadays (turns around)

“You are right I am selfish but only for my sister Roo hugs her from back

Kritika : Roo one thing I would say you have really grown up (holds her hands) but how will you live without your love

“when my didi is her why should I fear Roo tells her smilingly

Both sisters share very warm hug tearfully after big storm passing from them.

“Luthra sister super hit jodi what are you doing, can I also come in small hug Arjun comes

Roo : nobody is allowed mind it

Arjun : haayye this attitude will kill me

Kritika : you are flirting with her in front of me

Arjun ; what are you saying? can I dare to mess with a tigress

“You better learn to be scared from me Roo tells him

Arjun : actually I was calling tigress to Kritika, why should I be scared from cat

“Arjun i won’t spare you Roo runs after him

Kritika recalls Elina’s words about Roo

Preeta is organizing the room when wind blows faster from outside. She keeps recalling about the girl in morning

“hey my baby doll you are lost in my thoughts Karan asks her

Preeta : as if I don’t have any other work to do, everybody is so happy with Elina’s news

Karan : yes mom told me good for them na

Preeta : a child can make marriage relation much more stronger

“You mean we also should have one Karan goes close to her

Preeta : thats not what I meant okay

Karan : then explain me what you meant baby doll (pulls her closer)

Preeta : I was saying child brings two people close by every means

Karan ; you say what you want? small Karan or small Preeta

“I don’t know whoever come it should be like my Karan okay Preeta wraps around

Anu sits on swing outside in garden.

Rishab : hey champ why are you sitting here

“I never thought I will be here relaxing like this, you know I am really happy from heart today Anu shares her feelings

Rishab ; that your sister got married?

Anu : of course she got what she deserved, I was very angry that day when didi had to leave

Rishab ; your sister is very nice

Anu ; but I understood something, you all did what I would have done if it my Piyali didi

Rishab : this big philosophy does not suit your age

Piyali : whats going on ? what are you both talking

Anu ; this is between us you are not allowed sorry

“Fool Piyali taps her head

Rishab ; you didn’t meet Elina yet

Piyali ; I just came from there (sees a shadow near the security room)

Anu ; why did you became quiet

Piyali : somebody is there

“Where Rishab asks her

Piyali runs to catch the person who is running away but Rishab is not able to see him.

Anu ; didi are you okay?

Piyali ; I swear I saw something there

Rishab : then how did he run away in one minute you might be have illusion

Piyali ; maybe

Rishab ; relax lets go inside you are tired, Anu come on

At midnight noise of lighting. Wind blows faster in Luthra and Bharawwaj house. Preeta feel restless at night and not able to sleep. She goes down to drink water when a woman shadow comes at window. She sees the hands waving her at glass. Preeta starts shouting out loud waking up everybody

Karan : Preeta (turns on light) why are you screaming

“Somebody is there at window Preeta holds him  tightly not letting him go

Rakhi : where?

Preeta : mom I saw a shadow on window, she was waving me

Piyali ; Anu tell truth is that your prank

“No Didi I was in room whole time, and why would I scare her again Anu says

Sameer : bhai lets go check if something is there

Karan : yea come

The boys goes out to check but finds nobody and hears ladies shouting.

Rishab ; what?

Few glass pieces break on floor by itself. Lights flashing in whole house

Anu ; di is there really somebody

Piyali : don’t be scared there is nothing like that, and maybe because of weather lights are not working

Preeta : no no, something is wrong here

Karan ; baby doll relax okay lets go to room

Rakhi : Maheshji what is happening?

“Calm down, lets go nothing is like that okay come Mahesh takes her back


Elina’s room window make noise due to wind.

Suraj ; honey can you close the window?

Elina comes to close window when somebody passes behind her rapidly. She hears somebody calling her name softly while she walks in hallway. Her hair are blowed by somebody from back but she could not see anybody.

She gets scared when Suraj comes behind her

“What are you doing here he asks in sleep

Elina : Suraj there is somebody here, I heard my name and noise of laughing

Suraj : your horror movie fever didn’t come down , please don’t scare me com

Elina : I swear I am not illusional

Suraj : yaar please stop it, at least think about that child he will also be scared come

The girls are not able to sleep at night. Graveyard gate opens by itself silently in darkness and nobody around.

Precap : Shrishti walks into graveyard being possessed. Elina and Preeta goes to help Roshni deal with her problem

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  1. Post the next part soon dear plzzzzzzzss just loved your loads

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    Plzzz update the next preeran FF as soon as possible…. waiting 4 it desperately

  3. Bellamkonda Pranathi

    Plzzz update the next preeran FF as soon as possible…. waiting 4 it desperately….

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