Preeran FF : Battle of Justice Part 3


Preeta boards the flight of Chicago that is connecting to New York directly. She have never been out of small town of Ladakh when her destiny is forcing to see the world outside. As the flight takes off her heartbeats rises every minute. She makes herself busy in reading magazines but is not able to understand much.

“Excuse me ma’am do you need anything” Air hostess asks her

Preeta : some water please

“Sure ma’am here you go” gives her glass of water

Preeta : thank you

She looks around people who are almost asleep since its night time. A young guy sits next to her holding some books making her little uncomfortable. Both smiles at each other awkwardly.

“Only fear can make fear run away” guy tries to talk with her

Preeta ignores initially

“Looks like you are traveling first time” he tells her

Preeta : excuse me? how do you know

Guy : I judge people from their ambition and face reaction, by the way I am Sameer

“Preeta” she says nervously

Sameer : it happens first time with everybody and then they get used to it, have this you will feel better (gives her gum to chew)

Preeta : no thanks

Sameer : have it, best medicine for fear

Preeta takes it hesitantly leaning her head and tries to sleep for a while. She does not realize when her flight reaches Chicago. The time she opens her eyes the person next to her have left with other passengers. Her eyes fall on small note left on the seat

“Best of luck, nice to meet you sweet stranger”

Preeta gets down to change the flight for New york. She freshens up on airport

Rishab comes to drop Karan who is almost late for flight as usual.

Rishab : here is your ticket and boarding pass now hurry up

“Bhai you worry so much, I will miss you” Karan hugs him

Rishab ; now stop this battering, go or else you will miss your flight

Karan sees the time (only 5 minutes for take off ) and starts running. On the way he collides with Preeta who falls down on floor hardly hurting her leg with bag.

Preeta : idiot, can’t you see? my leg

Karan : are you blind? you only found this time to collide with me (helps her pick bag)

Preeta : what? (gets angry) you were running like thief

Karan : I don’t have time to argue with you, because I am late for my flight

Preeta : because of you I am also late already for my flight

Both starts rushing quickly. Karan reaches first and goes inside after checking. Preeta makes it up for flight at the nearing end. She goes to her seat which is window side again. “Thank god” she drinks water

As flight takes off Preeta panics more holding hand of the fellow passenger. She scratches the hand of person next to her unaware it was Karan. He looks at his hand scratched with blooded nails.

“God help me, please save me” Preeta keeps murmuring holding his hands

Karan calls air hostess

“Yes sir may I help you” Hostess comes

Karan : yes please save me from this wild cat, look what she did to my hands

Preeta opens her eyes hearing his voice.

“You? again” she ask him

Karan : yes its me, I had doubt before but now its confirmed you are totally blind

Preeta : what are you talking about?

Karan shows his hand

Preeta : actually, I am sorry

“You should be, did I tell you sit on flight if you are scared, you think this plane will crash we all will die right” Karan pounces on her scaring to the core

Preeta widens her eyes and again ends up scratching his same hands hearing his terrifying words.

“Oh god not again, which animals nail you contain ” Karan shouts in pain

Air hostess : I am sorry ma’am but you both are disturbing other passenger

Karan : sorry , and you, taking revenge from me for pushing you

“If I wanted to revenge then I would do it more dangerously, want to know how” Preeta scares him clutching neck

The air hostess give them last warning about getting off the flight.

Karan : if I knew I am facing off wild animal today I would have put gloves in bag

Preeta : did you say something?

“No no, can I dare to mess with wild lioness” he laughs sarcastically

As their fight continues in whole journey. the duo reaches New York finally. Preeta had dozed off on his shoulder. Karan pushes her slowly to wake up

Karan : many girls crave to sleep on my shoulder but only such girls are lucky

Preeta rubs her head

Karan : come on now, we have landed (grabs his back and leaves)

Preeta fill outs immigration form and checks out from airport. She is picked up by some people of FBI and takes to hotel in Manhattan. Karan goes to nearby hotel where Preeta is taken.

David : Sir said today you can rest and he will meet you tomorrow in headquarters

Preeta : okay sure, thank you

David leaves giving her keys for room. Preeta looks outside the window filled with crowd and noise in downtown. Her phone rings

“Hello” she picks up

Noor : you reached there safely?

Preeta : yes I did finally, everything okay there na?

Noor : everything is fine now you don’t worry about here, just focus on the work

Preeta : I am feeling very strange here, living with unknown people and place

Noor : I know its hard but I trust you, take care of yourself

Preeta : you too bye (hangs up)

In small cottage 

Shrishti packs her bag to leave for big consignment from work place. She leaves with her adopted sister Lina and old woman in her 40’s Tara.

Tara : at least tell me where you are going?

“Aunty my work place is sending me to Iraq outdoor assignment, it will take few weeks and I told Lina if needs anything she will call you” Shrishti looks at her phone

Tara : okay but look after yourself, come back soon (gives her blessing)

Shrishti : I am getting late aunty, take care (leaves taking her bag)

  1. Jasminerahul

    i thought its karan.surprisingly it was was a cute scene.liked sameer preeta bonding I am hoping for their friendship scenes.preeran meeting n their fight was so funny.the flight scene was the best.preeta scratching karan’s hand in fear .ha he.karan’s dialogues to her were so funny.I was laughing a lot.waiting for shrishmeer scenes too

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