Precious (Shivaay and Anika) Episode 20

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RECAP: Shivaay proposes to Anika, but she says ‘no’. They maintain their camaraderie though and Shivaay goes to drop her home. Continuing…

Episode 20: Precious

I still couldn’t believe it! Billuji had proposed to me! My heart jumped about in joy. If not for my ribcage, my heart would have wreaked havoc all over the place, just by dancing in happiness. It was a completely different matter that I couldn’t accept it. For a few seconds, I was afraid that some harm could come to them; that the dark curse I carried with me would cast a dark shadow on them as well. Especially Shivaay. He would go crazy if he knew about it. Just like when we were in the car.

We were in a fairly good mood, considering the conversation we had earlier. Being with Billuji had done a lot of good to me. For example, I had become used to riding in a car now, but that wasn’t the only fear that gripped me. And now it seemed as if all my fears were coming back to haunt me. As we drove, neither of us noticed the lorry speeding up towards us, until the last minute. I closed my eyes and shouted my lungs out, thinking that we were gonna die today. Luckily, Billuji turned the steering sharply just in time, and the lorry missed us by centimeters. I was still gasping for breath when the car skidded to a stop. I struggled with the door that wouldn’t open and finally Billuji helped me out. I leaned against the car on the almost deserted road while Billuji made me drink water, calmed me down and checked for bruises or any other injury to me.
He seemed to guess that I had a bad memory associated with car crashes, but he didn’t ask me anything about it. He helped me get back to normal instead, with his witty comments and pulling my leg at times. When we reached my place, he worriedly asked me whether I was okay. I replied in the affirmative, but that didn’t ease his worry. I saw him look into the security arrangements around the house (which were still in place even after I asked to let them go home) before leaving with a final glance at me.

I decided to put it all behind me. Next to me, Sahil was excitedly asking about the details. I entertained him with the account of all that had happened. He tried persuading me to say ‘yes’, but when I told him my reasons, he quieted down. He was so mature and understanding for a five year old. We went to bed together, hugging as we slept. That was the first time I had a sweet dream of Shivaay minus my usual nightmare.


OmRu weren’t gonna stop with their playful banter and pulling my leg anytime soon, I realized with a sigh. Rudy dramatically remarked, “O, did you hear that? That was an Ishqbaaz’s sigh coming from the bottom of his heart for his love! Right, Bhaiya?” Oh no! “Don’t start again!” I said, trying to be strict. But that only resulted in Rudy getting another excuse to go on about how I had put him to shame by my ‘world’s most unromantic proposal’, betrayed him for his ‘Anika didi’ and how he would team up with her when she comes the next day.
That got me worried. Now that I had broken up with Tia, will she quit job again? It worried me more that the girl who didn’t even scream on getting so badly hurt had shouted out seeing a speeding up lorry! The fear in her eyes sent a chill through my body. I hoped she was alright. I decided to go and ask her to be the permanent event manager for Oberoi Mansion the next day. Then she won’t be able to leave.

Om noticed my distraction and placed a hand on my shoulder to claim my attention. Happiness radiated from his face as he congratulated me and said, “I’m happy for you Bro. I told you this before, right?
Sach me dhal jaate hai kisse,
Dil se dohrane ke baad…
Ishq par hoga yakeen…
Ishq ho jaane ke baad.”

I nodded at him as a smile came up to my face. I hadn’t said it though. I hadn’t told her ‘I love you’. Om’s confident reply was that I’ll say it soon enough.
We had gone into the kitchen for a late night snack when I told them about Anika. Unlike my other family members who were still stuck on the Tia matter, my brothers were still celebrating with me.
It was unbelievable how quickly the day had turned. When I woke up this morning, I had no idea I would end up confessing to Anika by night! Well, it was almost morning now.

Finally, Rudra was done with his antics and we went to bed. I lay down thinking about the girl who had annoyed the hell out of me as well as won me over from day 1. Om had asked me earlier, “When did you realize it?” I had avoided the question then, but now that I thought about it, it was the day Swetlana kidnapped her. I was worried sick about her health. I feared I might be too late. But she had held on, and I was beyond myself with joy when she opened her eyes.
‘Why was it that her reasons for saying ‘no’ sounded like made up excuses?’ I thought to myself. Despite thinking that I was gonna spend a sleepless night, I had a peaceful sleep in a long time. I hoped she slept well too.


I opened my eyes to my brightly lit room. I stretched my hand to find my mobile and the time made me jump. How long had I slept? It was almost noon, and I hurriedly got ready.
The scene downstairs was pretty normal, as compared to my imagination. Or maybe I had slept through the worst of it! Rudy was most probably in college with Prinku. Om must be in his studio. Everyone else must be busy with their respective works. But the only person I couldn’t see was Anika. I figured she hadn’t come. In a dismal mood, I went about my work, restraining myself from asking Khanna about her whereabouts. At least the world wasn’t tearing down because I had slept longer than usual!
I managed to get through the day and when I returned home in the evening, I heard that laugh I had missed all day! I all but ran upstairs and saw her laughing with OmRu. Her eyes twinkled as she looked at me, a little flustered. “When did you come?” I asked casually.

“Just a little while ago”, she replied coolly.
“I thought that today would be a little different from usual”, I said walking towards them with hands in my pocket. “Is it so normal because you are so ordinary?” I asked with a smirk.
“How would I know? What happens the day after an exceptionally crazy person proposes a beautiful, smart, intelligent girl? Can you believe it? There’s something I don’t know!” the spitfire replied.
“You’re so full of yourself! How deluded can you get?” I returned, not wanting to be defeated at this one.
“Not more than you, I guess”, she mocked me.

OmRu, who were watching this exchange with open mouths, interrupted us.
“Guys, are you sure you didn’t lie to us or play a prank about the whole proposal thing?” Om asked first.
“O, could it all have been a dream? Did both of us have the same dream? I told everyone about it! No girl would fall for me if word spreads that I tell everyone my dreams!” Rudra complained.
“You did what?” Anika and I asked at the same time. We looked at each other with identical shocked expressions on our faces and turned towards Rudra again. He caught up with the blunder he had done and said, “Uh-oh.” I threw up my hands in exasperation while Anika chased Rudy all over the house saying, “I’ll surely kill you this time! Rudra wait!”
I looked at Om helplessly and he patted my back saying, “Hang in there Bro.”
The smile tugging at his lips betrayed his thoughts and I felt like this would be a perfect time for the world to end. I did not even want to imagine the embarrassing scenarios I will have to face! I pursed my lips in anticipation of the worst.

PRECAP: Anika tells Shivaay about her past. Shivaay’s reaction. A girl interrupts them calling out, “Anika, let’s go. It’s time.”

I guess you guys must have figured out that this ff will end after a few more episodes. There will be a surprise for you guys in the next episode, which I naturally hope you guys will like. Till then keep guessing about all the mysteries.
Keep smiling 🙂 Bye Bye…

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