Precious (Shivaay and Anika) Episode 16

Hi guys 🙂 I know most of you might not have missed me much, but I missed you guys so much! Honestly, I was so disappointed with number of comments, especially as I had asked for what you would like to read further. I’m not particularly happy saying that I won’t be writing any ff on Om and I’ll try to wrap up this one as soon as possible. I was really sad as I had expected the same support and love that I had received when I began the ff, but I think it’s technically my fault that I might not have been giving it my best after all. So, I made this episode as good as I could, within the limited time I had on my hands. I’ll not end it abruptly. I’d rather give a rather vague ending than one that isn’t liked by me. So, please bear it. Or not…

Anyways, let’s begin with the episode directly. The last episode, for those who haven’t read it yet and want to, can be found at the link given below.
Episode 15
Episode 16: Precious


“I’m gonna kill you, Rudra!” I thought to myself. Where do his weird ideas come from? I still can’t believe that he actually stole my Chandni! It was technically my fault. Why did I have to tell him about the ritual of stealing the shoes? As if that wasn’t enough, he locked the door from outside and shouted that he spilled something outside the door, so that I can’t come outside. I scanned Saumya’s room, and luckily I found a pair of sports shoes that fit me. Then I climbed out of the window and started searching for him with a frown on my face.
“I won’t leave him! Now he’ll know the dangerous side of me!” I grumbled. Suddenly, Billuji was standing right in front of me.
“What did I do?” he asked innocently, holding up both his hands in surrender.
“Do you know where’s Rudra?” I asked impatiently. A small part of my mind noted that he wasn’t scolding me for almost hitting him again.
He looked down at my shoes which didn’t match with my black kurti.

“It’s a long story”, I explained. Then he did something I could swear he would never do. I stood in shock as he bent down on one knee and tied my shoelace. As he got back up, I couldn’t move a muscle in my body. I gaped at him as his liquid eyes stared back at me. It seemed as if it was the most natural thing for him, contrary to the SSO I knew. I was completely oblivious to OmRu, Saumya, Dadi and Priyanka watching us from three different parts of the hall. Then just as suddenly and quietly he left. It took me a moment to get a grip on myself and remember why I was here. I had no idea why and where I went.


That look on her face was worth watching! Her talkative eyes were shocked into silence. Honestly, I too didn’t know why I did it. But I had more pressing things on my mind. I went back to my room and got to work on my laptop. Much later than I had expected, OmRu came to my room. I asked them if they had eaten anything and they shook their heads quietly. I guess Anika wasn’t the only one shocked by what I had done. “Let’s go. What would you like to have?” I asked, hoping that they would forget it. But of course they wouldn’t. As soon as we were in the kitchen, Rudra asked me, “Bhaiya, are you okay? Did you take painkillers again? You couldn’t have had my punch, since I didn’t make it!” He pointed to his head and said “Logic!” as if that was the only plausible explanation.
I tried avoiding it at first, but they won’t give it up. So I decided to distract them with what I had found out about Tia. “How are you so calm about it?” Om asked after listening to the whole content. Being extra cautious about my words, I answered after thinking for a while. “Well, it’s still a work in progress kind of thing. I don’t know what to believe now. These few days have changed my take on people and their motives for doing stuff.” Om seemed satisfied with my answer, but Rudra was still curious about something. “What is it?” I asked in my fake strict voice. “Bhaiya, how is it going with Anika Didi?”

What will become of him? I gave him a “like seriously?” look and went back to my veggies. They were good; they didn’t ask me troublesome questions! “How did Anika come in this conversation?” I hope my nonchalant look worked, but they were my brothers. And it wasn’t easy to fool them. Om continued with the interrogation. “What’s going on with the two of you? Sometimes you are holding hands, and then you sneak away when everyone is enjoying together, and then today you actually bent down in front of her! What is happening?” Rudy intervened, “O, look at his ears!” I covered both my pink ears with my hands instinctively, asking “What happened to my ears? They are perfectly okay.”

“Not anymore!” Om chortled. Looking at my mobile’s dark reflective screen, I realized I had smeared flour over part of my face and a little on my hair as well. Damn! “I’ll get this cleaned. Don’t ruin my dish.” I warned Rudra and then moved towards my room. And that was the moment Anika chose to come! She was looking down at her mobile and mumbling something. I turned away quickly and went back to the kitchen, to see a surprised OmRu. I knew I was acting a little stupid, but I also knew that if she saw me like this, she’ll laugh at me for days. She’ll tell everyone and there won’t be a single moment when she doesn’t remind me of it. I quickly dusted off some of the flour on the sides and poured myself a glass of water. As soon as I drank a mouthful, I heard her call me. “Billuji! I was searching for you all over the place!” I coughed, spitting out a bit of the water. She rushed over immediately, patting my back with Om. I turned to see the concern in her eyes quickly transform into mirth. Oh no! I’m in for trouble!


The sight that met me was beyond words! Was that Billuji? I burst out laughing. The white on his face and beard and hair made him look like a cross between a ghost and a clown. “What… clown… or ghost… Billuji!” I was talking and laughing at the same time. This was a once in a lifetime view! “Stop laughing already. It’s not that funny!” I heard him say. OmRu were also trying to control their laughter, but they gave up and erupted laughing as well. Billuji tried to get us to be quiet but his attempts made him look funnier. Without a second thought, he took some of the flour and smeared it on my face. I was shocked for a second, but I retaliated by throwing some of the flour in front of me towards him. He turned and it accidently fell on OmRu, who were standing right behind him. They held Billuji from each side and signaled me. Billuji was shocked to see that his brothers had turned on him.

I filled my fists with the white powder and doused him with it completely! He shook his head and all the flour from his hair fell on us. It was Billuji’s turn now, and he motioned at me to get the two of them. Billuji tackled Om and I got Rudra. All of us were covered in white now, and then we started laughing out loud like the bunch of crazy people that we were! It seemed as if we had played Holi in November, with white as the only colour, of course! The O Bros’ laugh was something I hadn’t heard yet, at least not all three of them together. They acted like kids and I felt like being a kid too. Shaking our heads and elbowing each other and laughing our hearts out! Stuff like this wasn’t something I ever did with anyone else besides Sahil. They were like family to me now.

I left to get myself cleaned up, having forgotten what I had to show to him.

I’m not really expecting more than 10 comments on this. So, I’ll sign off with “Bye Bye”…

  1. Nainaa

    WOW!! Dear It’s amazing… Anika’s Point of view and Shivaay’s Point of view is explained in a keen way.
    Dear Don’t be upset of less number of comments many might be busy with their schedule So, they just end up reading.

    1. Samm

      thanks nainaa… 🙂 i know that most of them are busy, but it’s still disappointing 😐

    2. Nainaa

      Don’t feel so…. It happens even I am getting less comments these days…. Exams and Shaadi ki season hai…. So, just take it light and keep going

    3. Samm

      thanks 🙂 i feel much better now 🙂

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    Wow super Dr that flour moment was so funny shiviya So sweet tieing anikas lace

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      thanks ishqkum 🙂 the shoelace one is my personal favourite too 😉

  4. Hey. Plz continue

    1. Samm

      hi hridey… don’t worry i’ll give this ff a proper closure, i just can’t promise a new one
      but i am so glad that you wan’t me to continue 🙂

  5. I never commented on any FF as I don’t find it upto the mark. But your FF is just stunning, and like your style. It seems, you entered into charector and just write what it is actually. Don’t know, whether I came across again or not, but
    that only I can do!

    1. Samm

      thanks shekhar 🙂

  6. very nice samm ,i like it

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  7. Shivika22kapoor

    Wooooooooow ? Samm this was super awesome and super duper hit dude you nailed it too well and the floor scene was too good. Superb dude.
    Just a confirmation is it world’s laughter day today which ever ff I am reading is making me laugh soooo much.

    1. Samm

      thanks for the heart warming comment shivika 🙂 don’t worry, i’ll give a proper closure to this ff, it’s just that i don’t think i’ll be able to write a new one. i’m still not sure about it 😐

  8. Jayashree

    Wow I lov the Wat u narrate… waiting for next part

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  9. Akshaya

    Great samm. Even I love to smear things on my friends

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  10. Hrishi03

    Hi…I used read ur ff regulary…Pls continue it is really nice…

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      thanks hrishi 🙂 i’ll try to 🙂

  11. lovely epi dont stop writing but still add some romance

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      thanks safaq 🙂 i’m glad you like it. but i guess you’ll have to wait a little for the romance to kick in 😀 😛

  12. ??ahh todays episode was too good ?

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    hmmm…. so finally i found time… and the ff is awesome…. plz post the nxt part soon…

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    It was too good ?.

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  16. Nansshivika

    Wow yaar I always been fan ur portrayal of emotions and this one too shibomaniru scene was too good n the POV are so sweet and shivay bending front anika is awesome

    1. Samm

      thanks nans 🙂 it means a lot to me 🙂

  17. Tulasi

    Awesummmm yaar…i m sry for commenting late….i was thoda busy….suprrb yaar…d way y express their feelng r toooo lovely…….dnt be low becoz of d comments…….keep writng for ur dear readers…..i really luvd it samm….

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