Pratigya 2 25th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishna can’t stay away from Pratigya

Pratigya 2 25th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pratigya is packing her bags but Krishna pins her to the wall and says you are not going anywhere. Pratigya says why do you care? Can’t you live without me? He says yes, I can’t live without you. Pratigya says you are a liar. He grabs her hand and says you don’t believe me? He sees her hand bleeding and drags her from there.

Sumitra tells Sajjan and Komal that our plans keep failing, it feels like all powers are with her. We just fail all the time. Komal says Pratigya would have died in some time but she got saved. Sajjan says it’s impossible to separate Krishna and Pratigya but If we get Krishna legally married to Meera then Krishna won’t go anywhere else. He can never cheat and run away from his duties. Sumitra says you are right, once Meera and Krishna are legally married then Pratigya won’t have any right over him.

Krishna brings Pratigya to the washroom and washes her hand. She tries to push him away but the shower gets turned on. They both get drenched. Pratigya recalls their memories. Krishna pulls her closer, aaj se kar raha dil plays. Krishna is about to kiss her but someone knocks on the door so Pratigya runs away.

Komal brings whiskey to her room. Adarsh says why is this needed? Komal says I know you were missing me, let’s celebrate together. Adarsh says I don’t like all this. Komal says just drink it. She forcefully makes him drink glass after glass. She says I am coming back in a minute. She comes back after changing into a night suit but Adarsh has already passed on the bed.

Pratigya opens her room door and sees Sumitra there. She asks if Krishna is here? Pratigya says no, he is not here. She goes from there. Krishna comes out of the washroom and stares at her. He silently goes from there.

Scene 2
In the morning, all family members sit to have breakfast. Krishna is waiting for Pratigya. She comes there so he makes her sit down and says I am really sorry. I will keep apologizing till you forgive me. He tells Sumitra that you should apologize to her as well. Sajjan asks where is Meera? Krishna says she will come. Krishna asks Pratigya to eat something, it’s good. Sumitra asks him to go and bring his wife. Krishna says she will come on her own. Sajjan asks him to go and bring her. Krishna reluctantly goes.

Meera is getting ready in her room. She applies sindoor and smiles. Krishna comes there and asks if she is coming for the breakfast? Amma is calling you. Meera says you were not worried? I get fine when I look at you. She asks him to come closer. She hugs him and asks him to tie her blouse dori. Krishna looks away and says what is all this? She says I don’t bite, she kisses his forehead. Krishna reluctantly ties her dori. He moves away. Meera holds his hand and they go from there.

Pratigya sees Krishna coming there with Meera holding his hand. Meera says sorry Pratigya but you are sitting on my chair, can you please move? Pratigya moves away from Krishna’s seat. Krishna eyes her. Meera serves food to Krishna and says I make you eat with my hands. Krishna says I am fine. Meera says I make you eat with my hands daily. Pratigya is hurt seeing all that. Sumitra asks Krishna if he is shy in front of Pratigya? Eat from her hand. Meera offers him and he eats from her hands. Pratigya looks away.

PRECAP – Sajjan brings Krishna to the mandir and says you have to get married to Meera again on your anniversary. Krishna sits in the mandap with Meera. A random man calls Pratigya and says your husband is getting married to Meera. Pratigya rushes to the mandir to stop it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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