Pratigya 2 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Pratigya plans something for Krishna

Pratigya 2 20th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pratigya opens the door to see Meera and Krishna hugging. Meera whispers to Krishna to wait. She goes to Pratigya and says if the door was open then you would peep inside? Get lost. She closes the door on her. Pratigya cries thinking Krishna was with her.

In the morning, Krishna and Meera come from Meera’s room. Sajjan wishes him birthday to Krishna and says I am happy to see you and Meera together. Pratigya sadly looks at him. Sumitra, Kesar and Komal wish him. Pratigya wishes him a birthday and says I pray that you get your memories back soon, she goes from there. Krishna goes behind her.

Kesar comes to Pratigya and asks why are you crying? Did your plan not work? Pratigya says he didn’t come to celebrate with me, I requested him and he said he would come but he didn’t. Krishna comes there so Kesar leaves. Krishna says I am sorry, I was coming to you but Meera stopped me and gave me a surprise. Then I was coming to you but I fell asleep. Pratigya thinks so Meera played a game with me? Krishna says I am sorry. Pratigya says it’s okay, it’s your birthday so I want you to get all the happiness. Happy birthday. Krishna says you are not miffed right? She says no. Krishna smiles and leaves. Pratigya says I won’t let Meera play this game with me anymore.

Pratigya tells Kesar and Adarsh that I am tired of being called another woman when he is my husband. Krishna has to get his memory back so I want to give him a gift today. I need your help. Kesar says if anyone knows then the plan will fail. Adarsh says people will suspect if we are missing, how can we both help you? Pratigya says I know but you need to help me come out of this trouble. Please help me. Kesar says you are right, it’s enough, I am ready to help you with anything. Adarsh says tell me what’s the plan?

Krishna gets a letter from Pratigya which says that she was sad when he didn’t come to meet her yesterday but he has to meet her around 6 PM today in the restaurant. Krishna smiles looking at the letter. He says I am going to meet her at any cost. He leaves the letter there.

Meera shows Pratigya’s letter to Sumitra. Meera says this is like a love letter. Sumitra says this Pratigya won’t stop, she wants to meet him all the time. Meera says till when will I keep stopping Krishna? We have to do something big, we have to stop this welfare session. Just do something before you lose your son. Sumitra says you are right, I have to take big action. Krishna won’t go today, I will stop him at any cost.

Sajjan looks around the decorations and says Krishna will be happy. Sajjan says Krishna will praise today. Krishna comes into this lounge to see the decorations. Sumitra says this is all for you Krishna, guests will be here soon. Krishna says I have some work, I will be back in some hours. Sumitra says we prepared all this for you, guests are coming too, please stay. Meera says don’t go, your parents are stopping you. Krishna says I have some work so I have to go. Sumitra says if you leave then it will make me sad. Krishna says I have a meeting so I have to go. Sumitra says you have my promise to not go. Adarsh says let him go, he has work. Sumitra says then why don’t you go in his place? Krishna says fine, I won’t go anywhere. He thinks Pratigya is waiting for me and now Sumitra has made me promise. He goes back to his room. Sumitra says he listens to his mother the most. Adarsh says I will go and bring the cake.

Adarsh comes to Pratigya and says Krishna won’t be able to come. Sumitra made him promise to not go out of the house. Kesar comes there and says I don’t think he can come here. Pratigya says I feel like he will come anyway.

Sumitra asks Meera to keep an eye on Krishna. He might be talking to Pratigya. Meera goes and sees Krishna sleeping in his room. Sumitra asks Kriti and Garv to not open their mouths in front of anyone, go and get ready. Meera comes to her and says he is sleeping, I will wake him up once everything is ready. Sumitra says I am so happy that he listened to me.

PRECAP – In Krishna’s birthday party, Pratigya says I will do a performance. She re-enacts how Sumitra had poisoned her and then how Krishna found out, they were about to leave their family but had an accident. Krishna sees the performance and gets flashbacks. He rushes to Pratigya and hugs her tightly. He says I remember everything.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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