Pratigya 2 11th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Meera leaves the house

Pratigya 2 11th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Samar comes to Sumitra and says Krishna was not that at fault but it’s Pratigya who is at fault. Sumitra says she wouldn’t have many guts to change Krishna but he didn’t care if his brother was dying in front of him. Samar says but he is your son too. Sumitra says he became our enemy, he finished us all, he will have to pay for all this. Samar asks what is going on in your mind? Kriti and Garv bring food for Sumitra. She glares at Kriti. Samar asks them to leave. Sumitra says they have brought food with love so I will eat. Kriti makes her eat with her hands. Sumitra forcefully eats with Kriti’s hands.

Adarsh comes into his room. Komal is about to hug him but he asks her to sit down. She does. Adarsh shows her some papers. Komal says I know you haven’t forgiven me but I thought everything became fine between us? Adarsh says I just pacified you but I didn’t forget what you have done with me. You are not a good person. Komal says I will do anything you want, just tell me. Adarsh shows her the papers and asks her to sign them. Komal says that’s it? You will forgive me if I sign it? Adarsh says these are divorce papers. Komal says what? Adarsh says yes, it’s good that we separate. Komal says what about your revenge? Adarsh says yes, I wanted to destroy you, I wanted to separate you from your family and then leave you. I tried my best but I feel suffocated in this house with you. You all live with hatred in your hearts, I have to be an animal to stay here. So just free me and let me go. Komal cries and says please don’t do this, I know I did a mistake and you took your revenge so just forgive me now. Please give me a chance. How can I tell you that I love you so much, I miss you all the time. How will I live without you? Adarsh says I can’t stay here. Komal says I won’t divorce you. I will take pheras with you again. I have changed, I am not that Komal. We can start a new life together. Adarsh says you are still selfish, you are still thinking about yourself and no one else. If you really love me then you would let me go. I can’t stay in this cage, just let me go, please. Komal throws divorce papers and leaves.

Pratigya comes to the terrace and sees Komal standing there. She asks what happened Komal didi? Komal says this house is going towards destruction and I am the next one. Pratigya says why are you saying this? Komal says Adarsh wants to divorce me and I can’t live without him, I know I did wrong with him. I am repenting my mistake but he is not listening to me. I did all that to get him because I love him. I love Adarsh as Krishna loves you. You listened to Krishna but why is he not listening to me? Pratigya says Adarsh had to bear a lot because of what you did with him. You need to understand him. Komal says I know I did a mistake but why is he not listening to me? He only listens to you, please talk to him once, please help me save this relationship. She cries. Pratigya says fine, I will talk to him.

Scene 2
In the morning, Pratigya is serving breakfast and asks where is Meera? Meera comes there with her luggage and says I am leaving this house. All are stunned. Pratigya asks what is she saying? Meera says I have got a job, I have to find myself, I did everything on my own but I lost myself in this house. With Krishna and Pratigya’s support, I will start a new life. She says I want to apologize to you all, I know I have done a lot of mistakes so I apologize for all that, I want to thank you all for letting me stay here. She asks Krishna if she can touch his feet before going? Pratigya nods at him. Meera touches his feet and leaves the house.

Pratigya tells Adarsh that you can’t live your life with revenge in your heart. Komal is repenting her mistake so you should give her a chance, she is not a bad person. Adarsh says you can melt with her words but not me. Pratigya says Krishna was like that too but he changed, Komal really loves you so try to give her a chance. Adarsh says she sent me to jail, I will never stay with her, even if God asks me to.

Krishna comes to Sumitra and says whatever happened with Shakti was because of his mistakes, he crossed a limit so had to pay for it. Sumitra says then my mistake was giving birth to him. You can forget him but I can’t. Krishna says why don’t you understand? Sumitra asks him to stop pretending, just focus on his wife and kids. Sumitra sees Garv and Kriti playing and asks them to go somewhere else. Garv starts walking down the stairs but falls down. Krishna runs to him and says nothing will happen to him. You are my lion. Pratigya rushes to him and says I will apply an ointment. Krishna is calling a doctor. Sumitra sees all that and says you are hurting because he fell down? At least he is alive, look at me being calm even after my son died. Krishna says he got hurt and you are saying all this? Sumitra says at least he is alive.

PRECAP – Pratigya and Krishna bring Kesar home. Sumitra screams that I will never let my son’s killer to stay in this hous.e She lights a match-stick. All look on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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