PRANBIR FF (TIME TO GET THINGS RIGHT) – Summary till now & Note

Hi guys… After a break of one month, I am back.. the break was not intentional. I am not sure if I can upload the story like I used to do earlier, that is, three parts in a week.

Now that my exams are close and for the next six months, I will be extremely busy, maybe I will be only able to upload one part per month ..

Pardon me😔

Plus, when I had started the FF, I had seen that it was trending.. but now, I am not getting the feedback that I am expecting.

For those who might have forgotten the story till now, here is a summary:

Tanu case is solved. Abhi’s family lives together now. Enters the Tripathi’s who are Abhi’s friends and happens to know Prachi and Pragya long before. Ranbir gets to know why Prachi was behaving oddly. Prachi and Pranav’s marriage gets fixed. Aaryan confesses love for Shahana. Aaliya plans her accident. Disha saves her and takes her to Mumbai along with Sarithaji. Aaryan gets to know about Bulbul, Disha and Sunny. The Mehras leave for Hyderabad to meet the Shuklas. Mithra, a runaway girl is introduced. Purab gets to know Pranav’s truth. Disha and Pranav discloses the same to Shahana and Prachi respectively. When Pranav was telling the truth to Prachi, Ranbir too hears it.

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    Ok when are you going to upload next part please

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