The power of love (Ishqbaaz,matsh,edkv and shakthi) epi-1

Thnx for u r comments guys.. Hello everyone! We are back again with the first episode of Power of Love!!! Thank you for all your comments and we hope you like this episode!!

The episode starts in a bedroom at the Parekh house. A beautiful woman is shown going towards the window and pulling blinds, causing sun rays to spread through the room. The woman is shown to be Madhu!! She has a beautiful smile on her face.
Madhu: Ishu!! Wake up dear!! Don’t you want to spend time with me and Shravu?
We are shown a big bed with a colorful duvet.. And out from the duvet pops out a pretty angel with a big smile on her face. Yes! It is Ishani!
Ishani: Of course I do dhi! Good morning!
Madhu comes to the bed and hugs her.
Madhu: Good morning! Now please hurry and wake up! I still have to go and check on Shravu!
Ishani: It’s okay dhi! I will go to bhai! You go and get ready!
Madhu: Thanks dear!
Madhu runs off to get ready while Ishani quickly brushes her teeth and gets fresh. She comes out of her bathroom and sneaks over to Shravan’s room. She quietly opens the door to see Shravan sleeping peacefully. Ishani comes close and softly nudges him to make him wake up.
Ishani (whispers): Bhai.. Bhai.. Please wake up..
But Shravan still doesn’t wake up. Then Ishani gets a naughty idea and runs over to his side table, which had a pitcher of water.
Ishani: I tried to wake you up nicely.. Now it is time for some fun!
Ishani slowly tip-toes over to Shravan, who was still in his peaceful sleep.. Then, she takes the pitcher and dumps all of the water over Shravan, causing him to jump out of bed. He was still sleepy and had his eyes closed, so he didn’t comprehend what happened.
Shravan: Help! I am drowning! Mom! Save me!
Ishani falls to the floor laughing, while Shravan opens his eyes and finally comprehends what happened.
Shravan: Ishu!!! Why did you do this!?
Ishani: Bhai! I tried to wake you up nicely.. But you didn’t wake up, so I had to use my head and think of somethings that would get you up.
Shravan: Oh I am up alright.. But I am not going to leave you!
Shravan starts chasing Ishani.
They finally run out of breath and fall on his couch. They both look at each other and start laughing. Shravan pulls Ishani into a hug and they both wish each other a good morning. Madhu walks in and asks “what happened in here!?” Ishani and Shravan reply that it is a long story.
Madhu: Okay.. Well..
Ishani and Shravan: Well what?
Madhu: Oh my gosh! You guys aren’t going to add me in the hug!? This is not done!
She turns away, acting annoyed. Ishani and Shravan see this, run over to her, and put her in a big hug.
Ishani and Shravan: LOVE YOU MADHU DHI!!
Madhu: Love you guys too..
The scene ends with them hugging

Next is… Veghela family…

One man takes his tietie out from wardrobe and takes his stetescope and gets ready seeing mirror.. He praises himself.. It is none other than Harman.. He combs his hair.. Ranveer comes there and asks him why r I gonna meet any girl?????Harman tells u r girl friend
??they both laughs.. Suman comes there and asks them to share that joke with her? Harman comes there and tells ranveer.. See suman has grown old??

????Ranveer asks how did u find?? Harman? Harman fixes white hair and tells see.. Bro..???suman tells it is not mine! Ranveer. Asks then how kept? Ranveer and Harman hifi each other.. Suman. Shouts maaa.. See this brothers are teasing me!! Amba and kailash comes there and asks what happened?

Suman complains.. Ranveer and Harman stands quiet.. Harman tells maa.. I won’t do like this u knew Na? Amba tells yes.. Ranveer tells it is already late.. I am leaving.. Suman stops him.. And tells maa.. This Bros.. Always cheat u.. U should punish them today.. Amba tells sure…she laughs..??amba tells let it be.. Enjoy this days.. Suman smiles and asks do u also knew this?? Amba smiles.. All share an hug.. Kailash comes there and tells u all missed me? Ranveer tells always ur late papa? Kailash also joins.. They share an big hug!!

Malhotra family!

Anika gets ready fast and comes downstairs.. She asks for tiffin? Arjun brings it.. Anika asks where s mom? He tells she has headache.. Anika opens Whatsapp and sees her online status! She shows it to him! He tells she!! He shouts radhika.. She comes out and tells I have headache.. Don’t disturb me!

Arjun shows online status.. She blushes and tells t is used by… Soumya comes there.. She tells it is not me.. I am coming from washroom now only!! Radhika tells it is not me. Arjun asks telling lies?? That too with CID anika???????He laughs and tells I knew.. She told that wants to use Whatsapp for 20min.. Anika.. She smiles.. Soumya gets into room and comes down ready.. Anika asks did u take bath????

Soumya tells maaa… Radhika tells them to stop fighting like kids.. They all have tiffin! Anika tells it is selfie time.. Arjun,radhika and soumya gets ready.. All pose for smiley selfie.. She oists on fb.. All smiles.. Anika and. Soumya bids bye to them and leaves in car..


Oberoi family..

Rudra speaks to someone on mobile.. He tells I don’t know how u will be? He tells I am sure.. U will be beautiful!! Shivaay comes there and picks the mobile and asks who is she?? He shouts.. Hello.. He then checks there is no call.. Shivaay asks why r u speaking alone? Rudra tells I am training myself when I get into love! Then I should be preplanned!??Shivaay smiles and hugs him..

Omkara gets ready in room and comes near kitchen and sees food is not ready and shouts.. Shivaay comes there and sits near him with food.. Om asks what is this? We all can eat together.. Shivaay feeds him food.. Allah warriyan plays.. Om gets teary eyes.. Shivaay tells him not to cry anymore..

Rudra comes there and puts gliserene on his eyes.. He also acts as if crying.. But his plan flops??they find that he used it.. All smiles.. Shivaay tells one side naughty bro and other side.. Emotional bro.. What to do? They three hug each other….

Hope u all liked it.. From next epi we will seperate show wise..

Precap:Harman comes to hospital.. He sits on chair.. And waits for patient.. Soumya comes there late. Harman scolds him! Om comes to art shop and starts his work.. Madhu and Ishaani passes by.. Wind blows..he does not see madhu face.. But mesmerized by madhu dressings.. Shivaay comes to his office.anika waits in his office for asking order.Rudra starts his daily pub activity! He dances with many girls… One girl comes there crying.. ??Rudra sees his and gets into dream;! Ranveer comes to office and calls designer! Suman comes to restaurant. Shravan also comes there with friends..

Bye guys next epi we will publish soon.. Whenever we both find time we will post surely!! Bye guys..

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  1. Marie

    Wow wow!! 😀 Beautiful ep……!! Loved it to d core..!! Erglyyyy waiting fr d nxt 1

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx Marie.again beautiful DP!!?????suman and shravan are superb!! From narendran!

  2. Prettypreeti

    Nice both of u keep writing

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx preetypreeti for the comment.. From narendran..

  3. Rhimjhim

    amazing 🙂

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx rhimjhim for the comment.. Hope u liked it???????????????keep commenting from narendran!!

  4. Marvelous ff dudes.. ..but too much character so a lil confusing… But fantastic

    1. Reena_Narendran

      For me too.. U read one ff.. But I write many ff so for me soooo confusing!!?????from narendran!

  5. wow cool epis!! eagerly waiting 4 next epi…precap is amazing!! waiting….

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx batool the comment..

  6. Nandana

    nice episode

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx nandana for the comment.. Hope u liked it..??????????sister..thnx.. Again..

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow bhavu and naru bhaia nice i liked the first epi a lot love the bond between ishani, madhu and shravan and i m so glad u added arjun-radhika also

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thay only Reena wrote.. Other part I only write???no comment on my part?? Thnx Akka.. From narendran..

  8. Very cool epi… Update soon… Keep smiling….

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Ya.. I remember u.. First u commented on my season1ff right?? Thnx for coming back again and commenting.

  9. Hey guys loved your epi I want to know that who commented me in the intro so plz tell me and tell me the person who is commenting loved guys amazing and guys r just rocking love u all keep it up and keep rocking

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Both.. Duva.. Becoz both share intro.. Comment..equal!

      1. Ohh but I get confused at times

  10. Superb episode both of u . but little confusing . but also it is awesome .

    1. Reena_Narendran

      ?????Hifi.. For me also.. More confuse.. But somehow managed to write this epi!!

  11. It was toooooo good u both r doing a great job I love it the was so awesome waiting for the next?

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx neelam for the comment.. Hope u liked it…??????

  12. Khushi

    Awesome u guys are rocking I loved it very much….the light sweet moments of families…. U just wrote them perfectly…. Uff precap seems so interesting post soon guys m waiting….
    This msg is from sumo di also…I mean me and sumo di both

    1. Reena_Narendran

      What?? Can u share an link?? What u told?? Pls.. Thnx for commenting.. First part.. Reena made is wonderful!! Thnx for commenting… From narendran

      1. Khushi

        What link r u talking about yr??? I couldn’t get u
        Oh wait a sec r u thinking that m talking about Nikita the real sumo???

        Oh no no dear….by sumo di I mean she our friend and writer of ff new beginnings… She is not that sumo ….actually she told to comment on her behalf maybe u don’t know her coz she is a lil inactive these days coz of her exams. …
        M so sorry to confuse u yr☺☺

      2. Reena_Narendran

        Ohh sorry.. Little mistaken.. I saw a message from sumo di.m and confused… Sorry

  13. Waiting especially for shraman meet. Amyways loved the way the story started and the characters were introduced and yes there r a lot.of characters which makes ir quite confusing.keep writing.

    1. Reena_Narendran

      All tell same thing!! Surely we will take it as advice and try to reduce characters..sure.. Thnx for commenting! Nandu!! Hope u liked it…?????????from narendran..

  14. Nishu

    Ohhh u guys have already post……. Amazing, ol sibling & pairs….. Its gng to rock…. Keep writing I’m waiting for next

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx nishu for the comment… Hope u liked it.. Same in my house will have almost same fight.. ?????Thnx again for commenting from narendran!!!

      1. Nishu

        R u same narendran?

      2. Reena_Narendran

        Yes.. How many narendran are there writing ff here?????????????????Keep reading my ff.. Always..

  15. Awsm episode…but yeah so many characters makes it lil confusing…but i njyed reading it

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx shiny.. For the comment.. Hope u liked it.. ?????Hmmmm all tell the same confuse..??tk next epi we will try our best to make u clear!!!

  16. Alisha

    Superb! That was totally amazing. Loved the episode and I bet, the upcoming episodes will be as awesome as this one. I loved the way how you described the sister brother relationship between all the characters. Their nok jhok is like the cutest thing ever. I could even imagine them together.. Well, I am super excited for the next episode. Harmanya is gonna meet and Shraman too. Damn excited! ??
    Keep entertaining us with your awesome writing skills.?
    Take care! ❤️

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Alisha.. I also have brother at house.. This is my house daily fight..????that too soumya and anika.. Only.. My bro will ask me did u take bath?????so only included..

  17. The epi was awesome ?. Keep writing Reena. Waiting for next one

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thns sakshi for the comment.. Hope u liked it.. From narendran!!!

  18. Directionert91

    Love rudraaaaaa

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Ohh it is ff???anyways thnx for commenting.. From narendran..

  19. RiyaDcruz

    Sooopeeerrrrbbbb yaar………..

    1. Reena_Narendran

      thnx riyadcruz for the comment..i amg lad that u liked it..from narendran

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