Power Of Love (Episode 2)

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Episode 2
The episode start with Hayat… she was sleeping just then azaan stated and she woke up… she put her dupatta on her head and sat on bed hearing azaan carefully… she repeated the words and after the azaan was completed she went in washroom… she did wadu and came out… she took the janamaz (praying mat) and start praying… after praying she took Quran and start reading…. after an hour she put the Quran on shelf and fold her janamaz… Hayat came out and moved toward kitchen… she stand on enterence and said
Ami stood still and then turn slowly… she looked at Hayat and said
Ami:ooh u came was just
Hayat came in and said
Hayat:Ami i told u na not to work is this ur age to work
Ami:beta I’m fine
Hayat:no go sit out I’m making bf
Ami nod and bless her… she left and Hayat start making bf…. after the bf everyone sat and had tea while talking… soon Haidar and Abu left for work… Hayat also get ready and left for college asking Ami to rest…

In Afternoon
Hayat was going home from college… she was walking silently unaware of the fact that a car was coming toward her in full speed… just then when the car was about to hit her a pair of hands pull her toward the other side… she close her eyes tightly in fear… after sometime she open her eyes and saw a angel… well human but he was not less than angel for her as he saved her life… both were lost in each other but soon came in sense because of Hayat’s phone… it was ringing continuously… Hayat immediately got up and attend her phone… Hayat said
Hayat: ASSALAM O ALAIKUM Ami yes I’m coming home only OK Ami ALLAH HAFIZ
Hayat cut the call and turn toward the man… he was staring her… Hayat felt lil uncomfortable with his intense gaze but ignore it and said
Hayat: thank you so much for saving me
man:I protect what’s mine
man: nothing
Hayat: thank you again ALLAH HAFIZ
Hayat literally run from there and didn’t look back even for once… just then the man whisper
man:my Hayat is so innocent saying this the man left from there smilingly… Hayat came home and said
Hayat:Ami what shall I make for lunch
Ami:beta lunch is ready
Hayat:Ami u again
Ami:no it’s not me Noor made it
Hayat:Noor where is she
Noor:I’m here in kitchen
Hayat smile and came in kitchen… Hayat hug Noor and said
Hayat:what r u doing in kitchen
Noor:I was getting bored so I came to meet u
Hayat: OK I’ll just come after getting fresh
Noor: OK
Hayat came in her room and took her abaya off… she get fresh and get change… she came out and help Noor in kitchen… both set the dinning table and they had lunch… after lunch they prayed zuhar…

In Evening
Noor was with Ami and Hayat was doing college work… just then door bell ring and Hayat said
Hayat:it must be Abu and Bhai Jaan I’ll see
Hayat open the door and salam both
Abu and Haidar came in replying Hayat… Noor also stood up and did salam… for Abu and Haidar Noor was just like Hayat.. they reply her and left to get fresh… Hayat put her college things in room after finishing it and came in kitchen… she made evening snacks and tea… Noor came and helped her… they sat in hall having tea and talking… they spend a lil family time..

Next Morning
Hayat as causal woke up and prayed… she read Quran and then came down to make bf… as it was holiday Hayat was in home… she came in room and start reading… just then her phone start ringing… she looked at it and saw unknown number… she ignored and start reading again… Ami came and said
Ami:beta r u free
Hayat:yes Ami say
Ami:I’m going for grocery will u come
Hayat:off course Ami I’m getting ready
Ami: OK I’m waiting out
Hayat got ready and came out… both left to do grocery… they were in the middle of the shopping when suddenly Ami’s phone start ringing… Ami attend it and said
Ami:ASSALAM O ALAIKUM Nawaz (Hayat’s father name)
Abu:shahbana (Hayat’s mother name) where r u
Ami:we came for grocery r u home
Abu: yes me and Haidar too
Ami: OK hi we r coming in a while
Abu told Haidar and he said
Haidar:I’ll go and get them Abu
Abu:go carefully
Haidar nod and get up… he open the door but a man was already standing there… Haidar said
Haidar: who r u
Man: ASSALAM O ALAIKUM I’m Momin Bashar Momin
Haidar get shocked and saw Ahad behind him…
Haidar: Ahad what r u doing here with this man
Ahad:I work with him
Bashar:won’t u let us come in
Abu came and said
Abu:what happened Ahad
Abu saw Bashar and stood still in his place… Abu said
Abu:Bashar Momin
Abu: what r u doing here
Bashar:no answer of salam well leave it I’m here to talk saying this Bashar came in home pushing Haidar a lil… he sat on sofa and said
Bashar:I suppose u two r alone
Abu:what u want
Bashar: direct to point I like it well I’m here to ask ur daughters hand in marriage
Abu and Haidar get shocked… Haidar got angry and Abu said
Bashar:u heard me I want to marry ur daughter
Haidar: don’t u dare take my sister’s name from ur mouth
Haidar was about to hold Bashar’s collar but Abu hold him back and said
Abu:we r refusing ur proposal
Ahad get shocked but before he could say anything Bashar said
Bashar:did u just said no
Abu:yes it’s a no
Bashar get up and came toward him.. Bashar took out his gun and point it on Haidar’s head… he said
Bashar:I think u really want to suffer
Abu get shock and said
Abu:Bashar Momin leave my son and u can’t force us
Bashar:uff Mr Ali u have guts nice but u know what Hayat is my only my
Haidar got angry and said
Haidar:dare u Mr Bashar Momin take my sister’s name
Bashar smirk and Abu said
Abu: she’ll never be yours she’s getting married
Bashar get shock and angry… he point the gun on Haidar’s head again and shouted
Bashar:Hayat Is Mine Only Mine Did U Get It If U Even Think Of Getting Her Married Anywhere Else I’ll Destroy Ur Family And Remember Hayat Is My Only
Bashar turn the gun shoot it in their family photo… it fall down and shattered on floor.. Bashar said
Bashar:after her college I’ll come and take her with me she’s mine Hayat mine
Bashar left from there and Abu sat on floor with a thus….

Flashback End)

Bashar get out of shower and got ready in black salwar kameez… he looked at himself in mirror and said
Bashar:I’m coming Hayat your Bashar is coming to take u

Next Episode: Bashar & Hayat Face To Face
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