POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Duggal saying we have nothing else than Imaan’s laptop history. Vikram says no, I went to check photo studio, it was shut, I did not get anything at Imaan’s house. Duggal says its zero percent success rate, you have to show result soon, I want evidence. Vikram shows details of photo studio guy. Duggal burns it and says its all waste, this is unofficial mission, if govt. Officers know you are spying on Imaan and Sartaj, we spoke this before. Vikram says yes. Duggal says I want to know what are Imaan and Sartaj hiding, get some evidence, we have less time. Vikram says I understand. Duggal’s wife asks what is he making in morning. Duggal says tea. He goes.

Bau ji tells Indira about Sartaj’s childhood. She laughs. Veera says now interview is happening without camera. Harleen greets them and asks who made the tea. Indira says I made the tea, I have no friendship with sleep, will you have tea, I will get it. She says I got the camera today, I have some other plans.

Imaan is on computer. He makes something in oven. Nazneen asks what are you searching, honeymoon suites. Imaan says yes, all websites are asking requirements, I have a requirement. He hugs her. They laugh. Shaira says don’t book my tickets. Imaan asks why, is Vineet not coming. Shaira says I have my own plans with Vineet. Imaan says we will do bookings later, maybe Shaira’s decision will change.

Ayaan goes to talk to Shaira. He asks why are you behaving like this. She asks the same. He says this is your problem, being polite looks bad to you. She says I know, Imaan got medals on stage, you got goosebumps, why that drama. Ayaan says I felt it by heart, he is our father, not our enemy, we should not do this. Shaira asks if anyone is doing wrong, its me, why are you including yourself, did you do anything wrong, he is not our father, he is our stranger. He asks about Nazneen and Salim.

She says they are emotional fools, how can anyone sacrifice happiness for a third person. He says we have two years of difference, you understand more than me, mom is elder to us and more understanding, give this advantage to mom, mom and Imaan, their life is difficult, we have no right to make their life more difficult, don’t do anything that hurts Imaan, I m younger, I can’t give instructions, accept my request. He leaves. She says what happened to him, so serious…..

Harleen sits working. Veera asks about Sartaj. Harleen says he is with Indira in fields, he is giving interview while driving tractor. Veera asks why did you not go with them, you sent him with a stranger lady. Harleen says I trust him, you don’t worry. Indira asks Sartaj to stop tractor. She fixes the camera and asks will you not help. He says I will. She asks why did you think much. He says nothing. She asks him to say. He says no one asks me to help at home, I feel I not suitable to help. She says they say right, and jokes on him. She tells plan to do interview sitting on tractor. She gives her hand to him. He holds her hand and asks her to sit. He drives.

Indira asks Sartaj about his dreams. She talks about the prisons. He gets angry and stops the tractor. He recalls the tortures. He scolds her. He asks did you go to play there and shows his wounds. He tells the tortures done on him. He sits sad at the river. Indira tells him that all things should be done freely, fearless and carefree. She asks him to face the past openly. She goes. He thinks. He goes back to her and asks shall we start. She smiles. She starts recording.

Vikram calls Ayaan. Ayaan says I will try. He goes to Imaan and talks to him about Pakistan. The man tells Vikram that Ayaan got to work. Imaan asks Ayaan why did you get interest suddenly. Ayaan says you told you had a friend there, so I was thinking if its true or is it a joke. Imaan says its true. Vikram hears him.

Imaan tells about the haveli, where he got a human, everyone else were animals, we met Lala Baluchi, he helped us a lot, we had a good relation with him. Shaira argues with Nazneen. Ayaan asks Imaan are you still in touch with him. Imaan eats food. Shaira leaves from home angrily. Imaan looks at her. He says rest of the story later, have food, and Aaan this is our secret. Ayaan gets tensed. Vikram says Duggal wanted evidence, here it is, make a copy of it,

Indira shows the documentary made. Shaira argues with Imaan. Nazneen gets the hidden mic fixed by Ayaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. God day by day the story is becoming interesting

  2. Nice episode
    I think this indira is a secret agent sent by vikram to spy on him and to know what is the secret that sartaj is hiding.

    1. I think the same……. but still i hate that character …………..she how she is trying to seduce him….poor Harleen.

    2. I think the same……. but still i hate that character …………..she how she is trying to seduce him….poor Harleen.

  3. Suranjana

    I am really excited to know what Imaan and Sartaj are upto.

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