POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 25th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Siddhant seeing indian news, being in Lala’s haveli. He fixes the rich people profiles. He says economy is made by them, once king goes, none can do anything, crown price will get zero, find out Thadani’s weakness, send spies if needed. The man nods. Yusuf kills some men. Siddhant stops him. Yusuf asks will you stop me. Siddhant keeps his gun at his head and says don’t waste time, you won’t get change again, shoot me instead shooting innocent. Yusuf says I was just checking the guns.

The man shows Siddhant the pics in injured man’s neck, and says Imaan, Sartaj and Vikram….. Siddhant looks on. Vikram meets Rohan. Rohan says much changed in a month, cool. Shobha smiles. Vikram greets her and asks what’s this. Shobha says Rohan was finding something in your old suitcase. Vikram asks what. Rohan says uniform cap. Vikram opens the suitcase and shows the old things. He sees Siddhant’s pic and gives to Shobha. She gets sad. Vikram gets his uniform and touches it. He recalls Siddhant.

Shobha says past is past, this is present, lets make it better. Vikram makes Rohan wear his uniform cap. Rohan takes his selfie and says I will post this on FB with status, army man’s son. Vikram smiles.

Sartaj is in dangal. Harleen and family cheer for him. Sartaj falls down. He gets up and wrestles. The wrestles hurts Sartaj. Sartaj sees Harleen worrying for him. He gains strength and beats down the man. Sartaj wins the wrestling match. Satpal says Sartaj has won and lifts him. Harleen and everyone smile and clap. Sartaj hugs the organizers and gets trophy. He dances with everyone. He goes to Harleen and says I did not win anything for you till now, maybe this will win your heart. She says you became Mr. Kishangunj, but you have to become Mr. Harleen, try again.

Imaan goes to airlines office and meets Mr. Walia. He gets tensed. Imaan gives interview. Mr. Walia says we will not refuse as Mr. Sinha recommended, but medical exam is required. Imaan holds his leg and goes. Imaan recalls Salim’s death and the old tortures. Shobha comes there and asks what happened. He says I m not able to reach anywhere, sorry, I m finding a job, I guess there are not many options for retired officers. She asks why. He says I m not able to do management.

She says I have a job for you, will you do, I run a NGO for war widows, we want to help them by talking and share experiences, support is enough in loneliness, you will get salary. He asks why are you doing this for me. She reminds she asked him to promise, to do good with life, as Siddhant has given this life, I m helping you fulfill that promise, I m not doing favor, say yes, I m waiting. He says I started this with sorry and ending this with thanks.

Yusuf says Imaan, Sartaj and Vikram…. He says Vikram is Shobha’s husband, but they did not marry, who is Vikram to you, you would be feeling bad right, its strange thing, Indians are your enemy, but you have all relations there. Siddhant says I m fighting for motive, not friendship and enmity. Yusuf asks will you kill Vikram for motive. Afreen comes there.

Yusuf gives pic to Lala and says Vikram has failed your big plan, Imaan, Sartaj and Vikram are our enemies. Lala asks what do you mean to say. Yusuf says what’s our motive, why did my mission not change, they have failed your plan, you are saying we should leave them, can’t we take revenge as someone here regards them family. He stares at Siddhant.

Afreen cooks food angrily. She complains her mum about Yusuf. The lady says once child comes, everything will get fine, the baby will be solution to everything. Yusuf says Imaan and Sartaj cheated you Lala, give me once chance, I will kill them and Vikram too. Lala says till I order you, you won’t do anything. Yusuf goes. Lala says Yusuf was becoming commander, and his marriage was fixed with Afreen, now he does not have Afreen and commander post, so he is annoyed. Siddhant says what does he want to prove by making fun of my old relations, what proof shall I give him of loyalty. Lala says by taking revenge from Imaan, Sartaj and Vikram, they are part of your past, whom you rejected. Siddhant asks what will we get by killing them. Lala says your loyalty proof, not just to Yusuf, but to everyone who feels you are not theirs, now its your decision, to have relation with past or fulfill present motive.

Imaan says I got a job. Nazneen hugs him. Vikram asks Shobha to think well to keep Imaan in her NGO. Sartaj tries to win Harleen’s heart. Rohan gets injured. Yusuf beats some man and taunts Siddhant.

Update Credit to: Amena

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