POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 24th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nazneen recalling Shaira’s words. She gets Harleen’s call. Harleen cries. Nazneen asks are you fine, you called this time. Harleen says I had a request. Nazneen asks her to say. Nazneen and Imaan come to meet Sartaj and Harleen. Imaan smiles and hugs Sartaj. Bau ji and everyone dine together. Bau ji says you did good to come. Imaan says we did not say and come. Bau ji says loved one come without saying. Harleen serves food to them. Nazneen makes her sit with Sartaj.

Imaan says the aloo paratha, butter milk, you remember anything Sartaj. Sartaj recalls how they were given bad food, but Sartaj assumes it to be good and eats it. He tells Imaan that its really good food, aloo paratha, pickles, butter milk, its great. Imaan smiles. Sartaj says our feast is done. They cry.

Imaan asks Sartaj did you think this dream will get true some day, now we don’t have to see those dreams, our happiness is with us, this is what all we wanted. Satpal burps. They laugh. Ayaan talks to Naina on phone. She is stressed about the exams. He gets busy. She says you don’t care about me, I can’t fail in exams, my parents will not let me go out of home, I can’t meet you, I think you don’t care, bye. She ends call. His friend asks what does she want, to cancel exam, college is ours, girls I tell you….

Imaan asks Sartaj to change home, my children will see your pind life. Bau ji asks him to get his children here. Imaan asks Bau ji to call him son. He hugs Imaan. Nazneen likes the snacks and thanks Harleen. Harleen thanks Nazneen for coming, as Sartaj got smile because of Imaan. Nazneen says even Imaan needed this smile. Imaan and Sartaj say we will just come, and leave.

Vikram and his assistant reach the photo studio. Vikram gets news that Imaan’s phone is located in Sartaj’s village. Vikram says it means, he has gone to meet Sartaj, be careful, our team member can’t be caught. The man says photo studio is shut since 2 days. Duggal calls Vikram and helps him, and says there was call to college about bomb news, college was shut. Vikram sees the news on tv. The college gets vacated by the hoax call, there was no bomb, the call was made by Imaan’s house, Imaan’s son Ayaan made the call. Vikram says I will handle this case myself and smiles.

Imaan and Sartaj talk. Sartaj asks did Harleen call you here, I knew it. Imaan asks what did you know, that your wife loves you a lot, she worries for you. Sartaj says I can’t see this, everyone says Harleen loves me and worries for me, don’t know I can’t see her goodness, I feel a burden, Harleen could have moved on, she stopped and managed family in my absence, she managed everything, when I m back, she is still doing her duties, I feel bad, she did many favors on me and keeping on doing favors, I m burdened by her favors. Imaan says what could you do, you were in prison for 17 years, thank her, give her happiness.

Sartaj says I tried, I went on work, I tried to get petrol pump, I failed and now I m scared that the animal inside me hurt Harleen and break her heart. Harleen and Nazneen talk. Harleen tells about her relation. Nazneen says don’t lose. Sartaj says I lost, anger, hatred and bitterness of 17 years in inside me and I think it will get out on Harleen, as she is better than me in every sense, don’t know what to do. Imaan says love her, just love can end this anger, Harleen’s hand is your biggest support. Sartaj says how I hold her hand, I can’t even touch her, I feel I m ruining her life, like I m animal and she is a nice girl, I wish she moved on.

Harleen says moving on is not wrong, I thought to wait and see who wins, I did not lose. Nazneen says if love ends while waiting. Harleen says then love again. Nazneen cries. Harleen says when its tough to take a decision, live for family’s happiness, you will see right path. Imaan explains Sartaj that you are the string, and Harleen is the kite, you have to go ahead together, she will not leave you. Sartaj recalls Harleen. He says if she knows our truth then. Imaan asks how will it be, who will say, none will know, Vikram can’t do anything.

Ayaan tells Naina what he did. She says no one did this for me. He asks her not to tell anyone. She says I won’t. She leaves. Vikram’s men stop Ayaan and asks him to come along, they are from cyber cell. Ayaan worries and asks what happened. Ayaan is taken to Vikram.

Vikram says there is one way to save you. Ayaan says tell me, I m ready to do anything. Sartaj, Imaan dance and everyone celebrate. Harleen and Nazneen smile.

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