POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone crying and seeing Sartaj’s state. Sartaj cries and says I came back and could not do anything for you all. Imaan says I admit I did mistake. Salim says I did mistake, you don’t need to apologize to me, many things changed in 17 years, my life can’t start from where you left, I request you, be out of my personal life. His mom asks Imaan to leave Salim alone for some time, I will explain him later. Imaan leaves. He sees a guy around.

Salim is upset. His mom asks Salim can you stay away from her life. She calls Nazneen and tells about Imaan. Imaan comes home. Nazneen says mum called and said about you and Salim. Imaan says Salim wants to be away from me. She says it does not mean he is making you leave from his life forever, think of it, you were away for 17 years, so much has happened, everyone has emotions, pressures, everyone wants space. Shaira hears them. He asks do you want space. Nazneen asks how can you say this. He says sorry, I can just see what I went through, you all suffered. I wanted to steal those missed moments back, I have just thought of you all, nothing else. She cries and says even we thought of you. She hugs him and says Salim did not let us forget you. Shaira cries.

Its morning, Harleen cries. Arjun comes and says I don’t like Sartaj, since he came, you are just crying, you used to be happy before. She says everything will be fine with time, and hugs him. She asks him to hug Sartaj too. Satpal comes. Harleen asks him not to apologize. He says let me apologize. She says forget it, just be with Sartaj, don’t leave him alone. He cries and goes.

Payal comes to Nazneen. She asks all okay, did you talk to Salim. Nazneen signs no. Payal asks her to come. Shaira meets Salim at the college. He asks you here. She says you never asked us, is it necessary to get away from us. He says I don’t need your counselling. She says even mum says this. He says she says right. She asks does it not matter what Ayaan and I want. He says it matters, but we have to accept some painful decisions. She says it means you decided to stay away from us. She goes and tells Imaan that Salim was in class and she could not talk. The guy clicks Imaan’s pics. Imaan sees the guy.

Ayaan talks to Naina. Shaira comes home. They joke on Shaira. Shaira is upset. Naina sees her and says I will call her mum. Ayaan asks what happened. Shaira says Salim will be away from us. He says thats impossible. She says I met him, he wants to be away from mom and Imaan. He says its serious issue. She says I will do what I find right. She goes.

The guy meets Vikram and shows the pics. Imaan gets in their car and takes the camera. Imaan says you should have sent secret agent, who would not get caught, do your work, stay away from my family. Vikram asks him to tell secret then. Imaan says I know what we have to do, you do your work. He goes.

Vikram scolds the guy. The guy says I was careful, don’t know how did he know. Vikram says Imaan is airforce officer, not a civilian, Imaan and Sartaj are hiding something for sure, I can see in their eyes. The man says Imaan is officer, why don’t we target Sartaj. Vikram says no, I know what to do of Sartaj. Satpal tells Harleen that Sartaj is nowhere. Harleen asks what do you mean, I m coming. They go to look after Sartaj. Harleen tells Veera on call that they did not get Sartaj. Satpal sees Bunty and stops car. He asks Bunty did you see Sartaj. Bunty says yes, he went to village. Harleen and Bunty leave. They find Sartaj. Harleen goes to Sartaj. She pacifies Sartaj and convinces him to come home. Satpal calls Bau ji and says we got Sartaj. He sees Satish and calls out to Sartaj. Sartaj runs and beats up Satish. Harleen asks Sartaj what is he doing. Satish runs. Sartaj runs after him.

Salim asks Nazneen where is Shaira. Nazneen says don’t know. Maybe with a friend. Shaira is dancing at a pub with a guy. Sartaj beats up Satish. Police comes and arrests Sartaj. Sartaj sits in lockup.

Update Credit to: Amena

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