POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Salim seeing Imaan and Nazneen. Everyone clap for the shot. Imaan sees Salim and asks him to come and hug. Imaan says you knew I m here with Nazneen. Payal says I have sent voice message, we have to cancel lunch, but I can take short break. Imaan asks were you guys going on lunch. Salim says sure. Imaan says Shaira told me in morning. Nazneen says Salim is getting late, he should go. Salim says I should leave. He goes.

Vikram is with the lady. She asks him to solve the maths paper. He says you have half part, how to solve it. She says correct, how will I decode the transcripts if you give me half part. He asks what. She says its incomplete, I want video footage. I know you will get two envelopes for me, for my work and other to make me quiet. He smiles.

Veera goes to Sartaj and gives pillow and blanket. Veera says Harleen always sleeps on bed’s left side. Sartaj says I did not understand. Veera says her wedding night… you went on posting, Harleen asked Bebe which side of bed is yours, Bebe said right side, and till now Harleen left right side of bed vacant for you, its regretting that right side of bed is still vacant, don’t feel bad, but your younger brother is foolish, he does same mistake again and again, I get angry and feel bad, but if he gets away from my eyes, I lose my life, you were not infront of eyes for 17 years, think of Harleen’s state, if I did any mistake, I accept punishment. He recalls Harleen. Harleen sees their pic and cries in room.

Sartaj comes to room. She gets surprised seeing him occupying the bed. She goes to sleep. He asks did party pic come. She says yes. He says so soon. She says Sarpal got market and got it printed. He asks can we frame it. She says yes. She cries. He says I was thinking to do some work, it will be good right. She says yes. He says its much time, if I could… She says trust yourself, you can do anything. He says its not easy, if I lose. She says one who does not try loses. He says I will go and meet regiment. She says fine, will parathas be good for breakfast. He says yes.

Its morning, Imaan cooks breakfast and surprises Shaira and Ayaan. Shaira calls out Nazneen. Imaan says I m teaching cooking to Nazneen. He asks Ayaan to teach him internet. Ayaan says sure. Imaan asks is it Naina. Ayaan smiles. Nazneen asks Ayaan to focus on exams. Imaan says love enemy, let Ayaan live, call Naina on lunch, and even Payal, Salim and Payal were going on date, were you saying about her. Shaira says no, Salim had a girlfriend before Payal, he loved her a lot. Nazneen gets tensed. Shaira says then don’t know what happened, who broke whose heart, I will tell you when I know. Nazneen asks Ayaan to check message. Ayaan says its private. Nazneen says I know, some things should be private, else relations break before forming, enough talks, come.

Sartaj comes to regiment office and gives his papers. The man says your application is accepted, start work. He asks them to seal the post envelopes, will you be able to do this. Sartaj says sure. Sartaj seals the envelopes and looks around. He could not do well well. He sees too many envelopes and tries again. A man asks Sartaj to come for lunch. Sartaj says its fine, you have it. He sits alone in alone working. Man informs Sartaj about his lunch. Sartaj goes and meets Harleen. He tells about his mistake. She says its fine, you are human. He eats food. He says I m soldier. She gives buttermilk. He says don’t want. She drinks and burps saying Bau ji asks to do so. Sartaj smiles and drinks it, then burps. She smiles.

Imaan asks Ayaan about flower shop. Ayaan says I will order online, I was seeing videos on internet. Imaan says cricket matches…. Ayaan says everything is there. Imaan asks specifically. Ayaan shows the match. Imaan sees it and recalls tortures. He asks what else can we do on computer. Ayaan shows by searching Imaan’s name. Imaan sees his and Nazneen’s cookery show video. Ayaan gets Naina’s message and goes. Imaan checks about some person Lala. Ayaan asks shall we order flowers on net. Imaan says yes, come.

Sartaj and Harleen bond. Bau ji asks Sarpal not to look at them. Sartaj says job is going good. Sarpal asks Sartaj to do petrol pump work instead job. Harleen says Sartaj can do this. Veera scolds Sarpal. Sarpal says listen to me. Sartaj takes his side. They all smile.

The lady tries to decode and says its mix of languages. Vikram waits. She says they are very clever. Vikram asks what did they talk. She says room is closed, and about you also. He says good joke, anything serious, whats this word. She says a name, Lala. Vikram says Lala….

Imaan sees Nazneen sleeping and goes to computer. Vikram says its common name. Imaan checks about Lala. Vikram says a friend named Lala, who can it be. Imaan recalls the tortures done by Lala.

Sartaj does not get permission for petrol pump. A man asks for commission. Imaan tells Sartaj that he got to know about Lala. Vikram says which Lala are they talking about.

Update Credit to: Amena

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