Post Leap look of actors in Tujhse hai Raabta Revealed

Zee TV popular show ‘Tujhse Hai Raabta’ which stars Sehban Azim and Reem Shaikh in the lead roles was winning hearts before the lockdown happened and brought a halt to all the stories. Now after the show has been back on TV, the viewership has reduced and the makers, in an attempt to regain all the love, have decided to bring in a leap.

It is being reported in the media that the show will take a leap of 5 years. The promo has been already released by the makers. As we can see there are some shocking turn of events as Malhar will be seen pulling the trigger on Kalyani on 12th August. Post this, the show will undergo a leap.

It is reported that after the leap, Malhar will be seen wasting himself and will be deeply dejected. Kalyani will also return and has now turned into an IAS officer. Purva Gokhale who portrays the role of Anupriya will be assuming that Kalyani is dead and hence will lose all hope.

Want to see their looks post leap? Well, here it is..


  1. The series has not lost its audience. It is the CVs that we made and decided on this aspect for the follow-up of the series .. We fans what we want is to stop separation for kalma .. It is true that the confinement was a devastating element for all series. Because the cut was long and the script was quite disappointing .. Not too much logic and we turned something such as pillu’s disease into such a big drama with this kaliyani pregnancy trail .. Anyway .. This n it is not by taking the leap that things will get better because the fans want kalma together to fight crime. It is more because of the confinement that the decision makers do not end the series because the channel needs to entertain its public .. But humble opinion they should have finished it with kalma together and the handsome Azaan as the final .. Because we will no longer have the opportunity to take advantage of the little one with his 2 actors whom he adores.

  2. Sidrina

    BAKWASSSSSSSS SHOW…….Zee Tv can never maintain a show’s concept in the purpose of getting more episodes and dragging it in the name of high trp.

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