My possessive wife (part-4)

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Hi guys Jaan is back with next part. Plz forgive me for my typos.

Part: 4
Next morning
Ragini is sitting on the chair near dressing table. She is drying her hairs. Just then Sanskar enters his room, he gets mesmerized to see her. she was dressed in green colored silk sari in south indian style. She was wearing golden jumkas and green bangles matching her sari. Kamarband and golden payal. He unknowingly walk towards her. she saw him approaching her and she stands up facing the mirror. He came to her made her turn and face. He kissed her forehead sending shivers down her spines. It was her first ever kiss. She held her pallu tightly. He smiled at her, turned towards the table took a pinch of kumkum and filled her maang. She looked into his jet black orbs and locked her dark brown orbs with him. Just then they herd suji’s voice, calling ragini.

Suji: ragu, beta wake up.
(Yes guys it was her dream. I told you in beginning only, she is a dreamy head. Every time living in her own dreamland. Just like me. LOL)

Ragini lazily opens her eyes. She looked around and realized it was her dream. Reality hits her hard. Last night’s event played in her mind. And her tears had no control.
Suji: ragu!! What happened? Why are you crying?
Rag: ma, he doesn’t like me ma. He does not like me.
Suji: beta tell me clearly. Did Sanskar said anything?

Ragini told what happened last night and broke down in suji’s arms.
Suji: plz forgive me beta. I am the sole reason for all this.
Rag: no ma. Plz don’t blame yourself. If he does not like me, then how can you be at fault, its all mu fate. May I expected too much.
Suji: no I should have listened to ram. I thought may be after marriage, he would give a chance to you and himself. I thought seeing your innocent face he will forget everything and start afresh. Ha I did not expect him to accept you at once. But I never thought that he will do something like this.
Rag: ma what are you saying .you knew all this? But still you dint told me?
Suji: ha beta plz forgive me.

She explained everything. How was Sanskar before, how he changed, how arrogant and ruthless he became, once he came back from London. How she and ram were worried about him. How they got to know everything and they decided to get him married and made him accept the marriage. Everything. Every single thing she told to Ragini.

Suji: I am sorry Ragini but I was selfish. I was selfish to get my son back. Now only you can bring him back. He only believes in me and ram. Other than us he don’t care for anything. I was worried that what would happen to him after us? Who will look after him. Whom will he live for? So we decided to bring you in his life. We thought time will heal everything and everything will fall back to its place. I will get my son back. But in this process I never thought we are hurting an innocent soul. I never thought, you will have to suffer until he accept you and what if he never accept you at all? I messed up everything. I am sorry Ragini. I am……..
She cried her heart out. Even ragini was crying, she dint know what to do. How to console her.
Suji thinks of something and wipes her tears and said with determined voice.
Suji: no I can’t let him do this, I will tell him everything and make him understand. Ha, he will have to accept you.
She was about to go, but Ragini held her hands.
Rag: no ma don’t do this. Plz don’t let him know anything. I will take up this responsibility. Whatever you did shows how much you love your son and what you were going to do now shows your concern towards me. That’s is enough for me. Ma I am his wife now, I will make him understand. I will bring your son back. I will bring old Sanskar back. I will promise you this.
Suji: but beta…..

Rag: no ma plz let me do it. I believe my shiv ji. Everything happens for a reason, maybe my shivji wanted this to happen. But he can never let anything wrong happen to me. One or the other day I will get my happiness. And ma Sanskar loves you so much that coz of you he married me, if he gets to know all this he will be hurt. He will breakdown ma. I don’t want that plz. I have you and papa to support me, then what is there to worry. You will help me na ma?
Suji: is this even a question to ask, obviously I will help you. we are really lucky to have you in our life. You are angle of our life. Thank you so much.
Rag: ok leave all this and tell me why did you came here and where is Sanskar?
Suji: oh! I forgot, today is your first rasoi so get ready fast and come down. And Sanskar has gone to office.
Rag: office. That to today?

Suji: ha, actually he dint go to office for many days coz marriage. So he went. But don’t worry by the timr you prepare everything, he will be back. He has promised me.
Rag: ok ma. I will get freshen up and come down.
Suji: ok. I will be waiting.
Suji: goes out. Ragini close the door and breakdown into tears once again
Ragini’s POV
How much I have dreamt of him, of my married life. But I never expected this. She thinks about her suhag rath.

I was waiting for him. In his room, our room. I had many dreams. Many emotions. I was scared, nervous, anxious, excited, and what not. Ha I was married to him. Out marriage happened after one week to our engagement. And we dint get much time to talk. In fact we never met each other till our marriage after our engagement. Though I was mentally prepared to be his wife, but this physical relation I never thought of it like this. I needed some time for it. How can I let it happen. God I was too scared. What will I tell him. How will I tell him. Will he understand me or will he force himself on me. God where am I struck. All these things were running in my mind. Then I herd a door locking sound. He came. I was so confused what to do and how to behave, I was twisting the edge of my gunghat in nervousness.

He came and lifted my gunghat and kept it aside. But I dint have the courage to look at his face. I was staring at my feet. He called my name ‘Ragini’. Wow I just cant express what I felt when I herd my name from him. It was the first time he called my name and it sounded soooooo good. I I could say was ‘ji’. Then he said “arey why are you behaving as if you saw a monster”. He called himself a monster but he is my prince charming. I felt butterflies in my stomach when he called me beauty “beauty with her beast”. I could not help but giggle. Whatever he said my answer was ‘ji’. I thing it irritated him. So he said “arey yaar say something other than ji…ji..” I panicked and went to change my clothes, after that was arranging my jewel on dressing table. He came to me and said he wanted to talk something. I dint know what to say so I said “ji Sanskar ji”. Again that irritated him, so he said me to call him sanky but that sounded weird to me. And what he said next made my world to collapse the next second.
“I cant accept you as my wife”.

Precap: continuation of Ragini’s POV…..till then miss me.

Sorry to say guys but I am disappointed a lot. I was expecting something and you people gave me something. When I gave the promo, by the comments I got I thought that I have so many readers and that is the reason why I continued the story. But day by day I am getting very low response. And that’s really affecting me. Sometimes I think to discontinue or better to end this story, but there are some regular readers coz of whom I am continuing. If I get such responses, sorry to say I will end this ff soon.
And thank you all for those who are reading and commenting regularly. And I am ending my other ff Pyaar the feeling of love in 2-3 parts….again coz of low response.
Somewhere I think, I am responsible for such response. Maybe my writing is not up to your expectations. If so then I am sorry for that.

Sorry if I sounded rude. But nobody in my family or friends know that I am writing ffs and I am anemic so I will be falling sick every now and then. Still I manage to get some time without anybody’s knowledge and write this stories. And these kind of responses are really disappointing.

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