My possessive wife (part-1)

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Hi…..its Jaan here. I know I made you all wait for too long. Sorry for that.
Happy (belated) sankranthi to all my lovely readers.
Thank you all sooooo much for your support and I hope you all will keep supporting.

The seen opens at a college campus with many youngsters busy in their own world. Some are studious students, who are studying and discussing about syllabus. Some are gossiping and enjoying with their friends and some who are teasing and ragging others. But why do we have to worry about them? We are no where connected to these people or the location. Right? But, but, but, we are connected. How? Ok then lets see
Boy: why the hell are you not understanding?
Girl: plz try and understand my feelings sanky.
Yes its our sanskar. But who is the girl? And what is sanskar doing with her? Ok lets see
San: exactly!! Try and understand my feelings Anitha. You are ONLY my friend.
Ani: so now from ani I became anitha? Ha?
San: whatever.

Ani: plz sanky I love you.
San: but the feeling is not mutual ani.
Ani: plz sanky. My marriage is fixed. I don’t want to marry anybody other than you. Lets get married and I am sure that after marriage you will accept me.
San:what the heck ani. You know very well that I don’t believe in such craps. Marriage without love is not less than any hell.
Ani: but we together can turn that hell to heaven.
San: just stop it here.
Ani: sanskar…..

San : (bycutting her in middle) its sanky. Only my mom and dad can call me sanskar.
Ani: but……
San: this is it ani. I just cant make you understand you anymore. You are hell bent to end our friendship, so I cant help it. I behave in a friendly way with all. And as you were my best friend, I was very close but you misunderstood it all. Now I am done with it. From now on we are nothing but strangers. Good bye.
San: but what was my fault in it? Diya, she was just my friend. But I love you.
Me: Oh..!! this was a flash back…..
Diya: exactly sanky!! Whats my fault in this? You are just my friend and I don’t love you.
San: why are you doing this?
Diya: do you know who is Anitha Malhotra? She is my sister. And because of you the great sanskar maheshwari, sanky she is not with me today.
San: (confised) what????
Diya: yes mr maheshwari, anitha is dead. You behaved closely with her and made her fall for you. When she proposed you just rejected her and cut off all ties with her. She was a fool to love you so madly. And she gave her life for a blo*dy idiot like you.
San: so all you did was for revenge?
Diya: do you still have any doubts? Its tit for tat.
San: you did this purposefully. You made me fall for you. But I never did any such things with ani. Plz understand me diya. I love you truly.
Diya: did you ever try to understand my sister’s feelings sanky? No. so now you will understand it. You go through the same hell which my sister went through. You will die every second.

Sanskar held her hand and pulled her closer
San: don’t even think of it diya. I will never let you go away from me. Mark my words
With this he let her go and went from there.
Diya: he is too dangerous. I should execute my next plan.
@ night
Sanky came to girls hostel to meet diya . he stood near her window.
Diya: (to herself) may be sanky is correct. I should give him chance. He did not do anything purposely. I think I am at fault. I should talk to sanky and clear this matter.
Sanky was very much happy to hear this and he went from there.
Diya: what you thought sanky? Only you know to play. I am not less than you. So that now you have heard me, you will think that I would give you a chance. But by the time you know the truth, I will go very far from you. I will be married and you can never get me. My revenge is completed mr. Sanskar maheshwari

Next day
Diya was at railway station. Sanky came there running
San: diya plz don’t do this. I really love you
Diya: sanky, I am getting late. We will talk this later.
San: where are you going?
Diya: wo…wo to …ha to my sister’s marriage.
San: but you said ani is dead.
Diya: to my cousin sister’s marriage.
San: you will come back right?
Diya: hmmmm
San: don’t even think of cheating me. I’m not the one who sacrifice love for others happiness. You know me right.
Diya: hmmm. Good bye.
By this diya went from there. Days and weeks and months passed but diya never came back.
Sanskar was done waiting for her. so he went to her home town in search of her, only to get to know that she got married to her childhood friend raj dexit, who was an orphan. Diya raj along with their only family, diya’s mom left that town and shifted to some other place.
Sanskar went mad hearing this. He vowed to get her back in his life again. But for that he must be settled first, fulfill his parents dream. He must make his own identity and then search diya, bring back to his life.
Sanskar went to London. Completed his studies and came back to india. He entered into his family business and was successful in it. Now he is a very successful business man and young business tycoon, the great sanskar maheshwari. But still he is mad at diya.
Sanskar’s pov
Sanskar was recalling what all happened to him three years back(don’t be confused, what and all I told above that was all what sanskar was recalling)
its been three years diya, but still I am searching for you. I don’t know weather I feel the same for you now, what I felt 3 yrs back. But I will bring you back in my life.
Today I have every thing. Every damn thing except you. The revenge game which you started, I will end it.
End of pov
This was all listened by two people, but unfortunately sanskar dint notiece this. And they were none other than sanskar’s parents. Who vere hell worried for him. For his change of behavior. But finally they found out the reason.
Rp: I dint know that my son was suffering this much.
Suji: ha ram. He never shared anything with us.
Rp: may be he was worried for us
Suji: but we hav to stop him. Whatever happened Is happened and we cant change it. But we have to secure his future.
Rp: hmmm
Suji: we cant let him ruin somebody’s life.
Rp: right. Even though what she did was wrong. Its past. sanskar should move on from his past. I will talk to him tomorrow
Suji: and you think you can convince him? If he wanted to tell us he would have told us. But he don’t want us to know anything. Let him think we don’t know anything. It will be helpful for us.
Rp: suji what are you up to
Suji: sanskar’s marriage.
Rp: have you lost it suji? Why do you want of spoiling sombody’s life?
Suji: no ram. This marriage will not spoil anybody’s life. But it will secure four lives. My sanskar’s, his wife’s, diya’s and her husband’s. since he don’t know that we know his past, he will have to accept his wife atleast for us and later he will change his mind for sure.
Rp: but suji, he don’t believe in marriage
Suji: she will make him believe.
Rp: who is she?
Suji: my sanskar’s wife
Rp: who?
Suji: I will find such a girl who believes in marriage and who make my sanskar believe in marriage. Who love my sanskar and make him love her back.
Rp: where will you find such girl?
Suij: god has created her specially for my sanskar. And I will find her.
So will suji be able to find her before its too late? Or will sanskar succeed in his revenge?

Precap: ragini’s entry. Sanskar to find about diya.

How is it? Both positive and negative comments are welcomed. But plz do comment.
Hope I did not disappoint you all. And for ragini’s entry wait till next part. Till then bless me and miss me. Bye and TC

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