My Possessive Lover (RagSan) episode-8

Episode 7

In car…sanskar was staring ragini..she signs him to see road..but sanskar ignores..swara who is seeing all this says devar ji concentrate on road orelse we will go hospital instead of temple..
Sanskar:bhabi ji..first u concentrate in ur husband..nowadays bhai always in phone only..i think he was trying for another bhabi for me
Swara(looks st adarsh who was bsy in phone):let him get..then i will get rid of u two brothers..
Adarsh(cuts d call nd heard last sentence):what was going on
Sanskar:see bhai…bhabi doubting on u..she said u r trying for somegirl
Swara glares at sanskar..
Adarsh:i knw her..u should only make her doubting on me..she knw how much i loves her..(HE side hugs swara)

Swara winks at sanskar nd hugs adarsh
Sanskar:waaw..kya understanding couple..
Ragini smiles at their cute bonding…
sanskar looks at ragini..ragini stops smiling nd turns window side…sanskar holds her wrist nd puls her..ragini widened her eyes..sanskar says dont turn that side im not able to see ur face…if u would turn again..i will make u sit in my lap..ragini opened her mouth in O shape…sanskar smiles..

They reached temple…ragini hurriedly gets down frm car nd runs to parth who was waiting for ragini…
Parth(sees ragini):kya yaar..y u asked me to come here this mid nyt(sleepy tone)
Ragini:mid night???oye duffer its! morning 5am
Parth:for me its night sleepy yaar
Ragini:i knw how to fly ur sleep..saying she pointing towards sanskar..parth sees him nd reminds last night phone convo..he gulped..ragini giggles seeing his expression..
Ragini:r u still sleepy
Parth:y u havent told that he is coming…im gone tdy..
Saying he drags ragini nd runs to shek janki..sanskar sees parth holding ragini hand he irked…all gets inside temple…shek janki parth nd ragini stands oneside..nd maheswaries standa opposite them..parth still holds ragini hand..sanskar glared at parth..parth hides ragini behind..covering himself with ragini pallu…
Ragini:oye duffer what r u doing

Parth:see that khadoos how he was looking at me..
Ragini:what is d need to talk like that last night
Parth:i thought it was u..i dont knw what he will do
Ragini:u dont wry..he cant do anything..seeing their talk san gets more jealous…after a while puja starts…all closed their eyes nd praying except parth(he was not interested in all..he came for rag sake )..parth looks at ragini nd whispered in her ear what r u praying…ragini opened her eyes nd glares at parth..nd again prays…but parth disturbs her..ragini stamps his foot nd asks him to stop…all opened their eyes hearing his shout…
Janki:kya hua parth..r u k..
Parth:fine aunty..sorry aunty u all carry on..
He glares at ragini..ragini goggles..sanskar observed them..he cant able to tolarate..he goes angrily…puja completed..all sits for sometime..

Sheker nd parth sits near stairs..ragini came..
Ragini:what r u both doing here..eyeing on girls ha…
Parth:ha..see that girl(pointed towards one girl) how is she..
Shekhar:see that girl(shows someone)
Parth:she is not a girl..she is a lady
Shekhar:but she is a beautiful
Ragini:papa see beside her..
Parth:omg her husband
Ragini:ha if he hears u both..he will punches u both..

Shekhar ,parth kept annoying(fake) face..
Ragini:duffer i will search one good girl for u
Shekhar:then for me
Voice:i will search
Trio turns nd sees janki who was glares at them..
Shekhar:jaanu only im talking about u….
Janki:dnt lie..u r eyeing on girls na

Parth:no sweet heart.. aunties
Shekhar(glares at parth):ha jaanu but no one looks beautiful than u..
Janki blushes..shekher winks at parth..parth signs him like u r super…
Ragini smiles..
Janki:ragu ap ji calling u..go nd talk with her..they r with pandit ji..
Ragini nodded nd going but someone holds her hand nd drags backside of temple…it was sanskar..
Ragini:what r u doing
Sanskar:i want to spend sometime with u
Ragini:but i dont want..leave me i have to go to ap aunty

Sanskar(smiles):no need..i only told to ur mom like that..
Ragini:u..whats ur pblm ha..
Sanskar:u r looking beautiful in this half saree
Ragini closed eyes with frustration..
Sanskar:y parth always with u
Ragini:its non of ur businesses
Sanskar:i dont like that ur closeness with him
Ragini:y its t(before she complted)

Sanskar(simply said):i love u
Sanskar:i love u

Ragini was numb
Sanskar:say something
Ragini dont knw what to do..she pushes him nd runs followed by sanskar…
Ragini comes where all present..she says mom i nd parth should go..we r getting late for clg..janki nodded..parth rag leaves on parth bike..sanskar came ns asks to swara about ragini .she said parth nd she left..sanskar irked…
Parth(sees ragino lost):again u lost was irritating me rags..
Ragini:he said i love u
Ragini:he proposed me

Parth:i told u na..he loves u..what u said
Ragini:i didnt said anything..
Parth:he will not leave u till get his answer..y dont u agree for his proposal
Parth:he looks dashing..he is a great business man..nd his family also good…he is khadoo also but its k..
Ragini:but we dont knw anything about him..what if he is a big Casanova…
Parth:i have an idea

Parth:we should knw about him first

Parth:spying on him..
Ragini lifted her eyebrow..parth says we will start our mission sanskar tomorrow onwards..ragini nodded

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