Possesive us about her ..Our family ( Kabir, Sanchi and Deep )

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Kabir:How dare you move out of the room when you’re not feeling well ?

Sanchi : Oh Kabir ! Let it be

Kabir: Shut up Sanchi

Sanchi could not control her tears, witj Kabir’s such rude behaviour early in the morning that too when her health was not good.

Deep who was till now waiting for his turn to shout at his mother for neglecting her health could not control his anger when two big tears roll down from Sanchi’s eyes

Deep : Dad ! How dare you shout at mom like that and make her cry early in the morning ?. Don’t forget her son is still alive.

Everyone who had  gathered in the hall due to their dear Chote’s shouting were surprised when they heard their chote’s chote saying. One thing they knew was it was going to be fun watching them fighting and also they should be away from their fighting zone if they wanted to be safe

Kabir who was busy shouting at Sanchi was little guilty when his son’s words provided some sense in his heated brain and he looked at his wife’s beautiful eyes which were full of tears but his son’s next statement made him forget his guilt and could not stop him from  starting argument with his son.

Kabir: (a bit raising his voice) WhAT YOU MEAN TO SAY BY THAT ?

Deep : I mean to say that no one means , NO ONE can make my mom cry. And if they do so then they have to face DEEP KABIR KAPOOR ( telling his name in the loudest voice he can make.)

Kabir: ( surprised to listen his son answer and was happy that there will be someone to look after his angel if something happens to him but being ” The Khadoos ” he can’t show this and should win the argument at any cost so what if the argument was with his son)

You chit of boy will go against great ” The Khadoos”

Deep : Dad if you also started making your own angel cry then what can I do? (completely changing the topic knowing that he will not be able to win in front of his dad and he knew that his mom will not be happy if he continue this argument as she has already emotionally blackmailed him)

Sanchi who was surprised by his son’s sudden outburst was happy when he did not continue his argument and for the first time gave in front of his dad

Kabir: (once again feeling guilt) sorry Sanchi ! ( kneeling in front of Khusi and making really sad face) you know how much I’m tensed for your health ?

Sanchi: Mujhe pata hai Kabir ,par mein to sirt pani pine ayi thi .

Deep : ( who was waiting to say something could not stop himself from saying something against his dad) Look dad you should stop your this habit of shouting at others with out knowing the real matter…

Kabir: Look who is saying,  the one who forgets with whom he is talking when he gets angry

Before Deep could say anything

Sanchi: Obviously Khadoos Baap ka Khadoos Beta .App dono sant hojaiye. Mere sar me dard ho raha he

Both at same time: Mom/ Kabir are u alright.

Kabir : I was about to call Pragya last night but you did not allow and I’m not listening to anyone calling doctor as Pragya is out of station .

After some time in Kanchi’s room

Doctor: Congratulations! Mrs Kapoor, you are one month pregnant .

Sanchi : Thank you, doctor ! Please don’t tell anyone about this.

Doctor : Don’t worry I understand I will not tell anything( little smiling and patting her head)

Everyone were standing outside waiting for doctor to come out of room and inform about what is wrong with Sanchi that she was frequently developing nausea.

Doctor: Mrs Kapoor is completely fine. ( before doctor could say anything more both the Kapoor boys if you are thinking who then obviously big Kapoor n small Kapoor)

Isha : Doctor good news hai na ? All excited to know they are soon welcoming new member in there family.

Seeing doctor smiling they could not help congratulating each other .

Kusum was over the moon knowing she would be Dadi once again.

Where everyone were happy and excited inside the room our Sanchi was in deep thought . She was really worried about the reaction she would get from the father and son duo. She was really very happy to know that she was going to be mother but could not stop worrying about their reaction. She very well knew how much they love her. And what they have done when she was down with fever.


Catching her either of hand on each side of bed and looking at her like lost puppy , both father and son were looking really cute when she woke up late  in the evening.

They could not move an inch from there as there angel was down with fever and in so much pain and they could not do anything. So holding her hand they were waiting for her to wake up. And finally seeing her opening her eyes and smiling at them they could finally breath in relief

Father and son both did not leave her side even for a second . Kabir did not go to hospital for whole week which was really big surprise for other member of family.

Even Deep bunked school for whole week not listening to anyone. From that day she knew how much possessive they were about her.


She was thinking what will she do if Deep plans to be with her for whole one year.

She was brought back to present when father son entered the room in jet speed.

Kabir: Are u alright? What did doctor said.?

Sanchi : ( making her mind to tell them every thing ) wo Kabir, a new member is soon coming to live with us.(a bit shyly)

Before Kabir could ask anything

Deep : Are some relatives coming Mom ?

Kabir: Khusi you should not be worried for this we will take care of them and you just take rest.

Sanchi: What the  hell ? Mera matlab hai ek chota meheman ane Walla hai

Kabir:Aagar chota hai to he/she should live with parent what will he/she do here

Deep: exactly mom

Sanchi : (geting really pissed up ) I mean to say I’m pregnant (abit loudly)

Both at the same time ” Oh pregnant WHAAAT ??”

Sanchi : mujhe pata tha app log khush nai honge (starting to cry)

Kabir : Sanchi, who said I would not be happy? I’m the happiest person in the whole world. I will get another little angel in my life.

Deep : And if you want my answer then I’m happier than dad I would get my little sister who will play with me whom I can protect from this world amd stupid boys who will trouble her. And if u think that I will feel insecure then do not worry I know you both will love me no matter what (putting his head in Sanchi’s lap)

Sanchi : My baccha !! I love u so much

Deep: I love u too mom.

Kabir : No one loves me

Both at same time ” We love you too )

Every member who were listening to there conversation could not stop their happy tears and give blessing to this small and cutest family

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