Porus 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Tricks Alexander

Porus 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Puru explains his plan of rescuing Farsi’s and taking their help to attack Alexander and his army. Hasti says Alexander will come to know soon and will attack them mid way before they could rescue Farsis. Puru says he has a plan for that and asks Ambhi Raj to return back to Takshashila before Alexander realizes that he is helping us. He continues that he knows Alexander’s thinking and knows what he can do. Ambhi Kumar leaves. Puru tells Laachi let us go to river shore and practice what we learnt as Dasyus.

Alexander watches Dasyus building bride on river. Hepastian says Puru does not know that his Dasyu family is building bridge against him, once bridge is built, they will attack Puru and kill him. Alexander says Puru’s thinking is different, he has to think like Puru and defeat him.

Olympia does black magic on Puru’s doll and thinks Bharatis are so dumb, Puru is trying to prove that they are not deterred by her presence. She hears sound outside and peeps from window, sees soldiers loading groceries in cart and thinks where Puru must be. Puru with Laachi and Hasti head into water and lay a fish net to trap Alexander when he tries to barge in.

Ambhi Kumar returns to Takshashila. Alexander orders soldiers to arrest Ambhi Kumar and throw him in jail. Ambhi Kumar says Porus is going to attack Farsi batallion. Alexander says he is trying to misguide, Porus will attack bridge and try to destroy it. Ambhi stands shocked. Alexander asks what happened to him now, he already saw him meeting Puru’s spy, he expects only loyalty from his team, Ambi’s loyalty was with Porus earlier and now should be with him.

Puru gets ready for war. He tells Laachi that he is happy that she is always with him. She says he means she cannot accompany him. He says yes. She says she feels she should accompany him. He asks to trust him. They joke a bit. Hasti informs soldiers are ready. Puru then addresses soldiers that they will fight for their motherland till the last drop of blood in their body. Olympia watches from her room’s balcony.

Precap: Alexander orders Hepastian to inform their army to be alert as Porus may attack tonight. Olympia thinks whatever rituals Porus does, nothing can save him.

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  1. overwhelming.

  2. Today episode is very interesting ..wait to see whose idea will win Alexander or porus.

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