Porus 8th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Olympia Gets Puru’s Black To Perform Black Magic On Him

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Puru with Lachi walks into Olympia’s room when soldiers inform him. Laachi is shocked to see weird things and ask what is it. Olympia yells if she cannot pray, Puru gave fake promise that he will respect her privacy. Chanakya walks in. Olympia asks him if he did not inform how she prays her god, Bharati’s are liers who don’t keep their promise. Promise leaves with Laachi and Chanakya. His leg brushes off Olympia’s kept knife and he bleeds. Olympia watches that silently. Once he leaves, she picks a black magic diamond and keeps it on blood, it soaks blood and turns red. Olympia thinks Porus will die soon. Laachi tells Puru that Olympia is weird. Puru says he will return soon and leaves.

Alexander waits –for Dasyus near river bank. Hepastian says Dasyus will come for sure. After sometime, Cletius returns and says Dasyus have come with whole army. Mahanandini and Dasyu raj walk in front with whole army. Alexander says they have to build bridge to Pourav rastra.

Puru meets someone and takes him along to his team. Bamni, Chanakya and Lachi are shocked to see Ambhi kumar. Chanakya asks Ambhi kumar how to trust him. Ambhi kumar says he could not help Puru, now he has come to help him seeing Alexander’s cruelty after he killed Hasti, Alexander can go to any extent for power. He continues as soon as he got Puru’s spy’s message, he came to meet Puru. He tells about Alexander meeting Dasyus and taking their help to build bridge. Puru says it will take long time to build bridge, so they will meet Barsine and her family and Farsi soldiers, free them from Macedonian soldiers, and seek their help against Puru. Chanakya and everyone present like his idea.

Mahanandini says she has her conditions before they help Alexander. Alexander says he knows her demands and says first Dasyus will not fight against Pourav rastra, next Alexander will hadn over Anusuya once he wins Pourav rastra, third he will not involve Dasyus in anything. Mahanandini and her husband are shocked. Alexander gives them signed letter and says all their demands are accepted, but they have 10 days to build bridge with their army and Taksahila citizens’ help, and if they fail, they will face dire conquences..

Precap: Hephastian tells Porus must not be even sensing that Dasyus are building bridge. Puru addresses his soldiers that they will fight for their motherland till they have last drop of blood in their body.

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  1. If Ambi Kumar tells truth infront of dasyu then they will believe
    Precap puru speech is good .
    Alexander thinking also even fast ..he succeed in getting help from dasyus

  2. entertaining.

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