Porus 7th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Doubts Vishuddhi/Alexander’s Return Gift for Darius

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Porus 7th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Puru writes letter to his family. Vishkanya gets snakes out of her body and sends them to attack Puru. Snakes crawl towards Puru while Vishkanya watches from window. Puru senses snake and slowly taking out knife kills it. He sees another snake in front of him and kills even it. Vishkanya gets afraid and hides. Puru thinks snakes did not come just like that, someone came here for sure. He searches boat. Vishkanya thinks she has to escape from here. Laachi comes and asks what happened. Puru asks her to accompany him and continues searching suspect. He sees Ambhi kumar and asks what is he doing here, when did he come. Ambhi kumar says some time ago as he needed fresh air. Puru asks if he saw someone here. Ambhi Kumar says no. Laachi asks what happened. He says nothing, let us see where Hasti is. He sees Hasti outside bathroom who asks why he is looking tensed, asks Laachi if everything is fine. Puru asks where is Vishuddhi/Vishkanya. Hasti says she is bathing. Puru asks how does he know. Hasti says he saw her outside his room and she was searching bathroom, so he showed her bathroom, even now she is bathing. Puru says let us see. Hasti stops him and says he cannot watch a woman bathing. Puru says he just wants to see if she is here or not. Puru walks towards bathroom and opens curtains. They see Vishuddi already present and apologizes her, says it is late night, everyone go and sleep now.

Darius tells Mauses that Alexandser thinks he is genius like Porus, both kids think they know everything, they are fools. He says he is waiting for a moment will Alexander will receive his gift. Alexander tells his team let us check Darius’ preparation. Faroos asks Farsi soldiers to get mingled with Alexander’s soldiers. He gets tensed seeing Alexander coming. Alexandre passes without noticing him. Faroos thinks when Alexander will return, king Darius’ gift will be waiting for him. Mauses informs Darius that Alexander’s gift is ready. Darius says Alexander will see a first enemy ho is sending gift to him before war, tonight is very auspicious for us. Alexander horse riding says he did not hear horse foot sound, looks like ground is wet. Cletus says there are on river bank and Darius’ army is on opposite side. Alexander remembers seeing Farsi soldier’s feet and says those soldiers have reached on the opposite side. He rides horse towards his army camp and sees them all dead, reads Darius’ letter that he did not spare the hands which would point against him, hope he liked gift.

Puru looks at Vishuddhi feeling her fake brother. Laachi notices that. Vishuddhi pleads her brother to have some food, else he will fall sick. Boy eats afraidly. Laachi asks Puru what happened last night and why he was searching Vishuddhi. Puru says something unusual is happening, look at this child, he lost his family and looks sad. Let us bring smile on his face.

Faroos returns to Darius. Darius praises him for delivering gift on time and walks out with him. He is shocked to see his injured and subconscious soldiers and finds Alexander’s letter that he did the same Darius did.

Precap: Puru befriends boy to know Vishuddhi’s secret. Vishuddhi angrily looks at her poisoned nails and walks towards Puru. Boy sees her and alerts Puru.

Update Credit to: MA

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