Porus 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Olympia Thinks of Using Bharathi’s Emotional Weakness to Destroy Them

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Laachi walks to Puru angrily. Puru asks why she is so angry. She asks how can he take decision for her without her consent, they promised to stay together for rest of life, then how did he decide to send her to Dasyu lok. Puru givs her a cloth bag and asks to open it first. She opens it and sees toys. Puru says these are Sumer’s items and reminds how much Sumer loved them in childhood, says she will be having Sumer’s memories via these, but what about parents who lost their son just now, only she has bring smile on their face. Laachi says her parent’s demands are illegal, she cannot stay away from Puru. Puru says she cannot lose her parents, he has felt the pain of staying away from his parents so long, it is better for both families of she stays with her parents and consoles them. She asks what about him. He says he will stay here waiting for her, he is sure she will set things right and return to him, things will normalize like before. She emotionally hugs him.

Laachi’s parents get ready to lave. Laachi addresses them that she was in a big dilemma, but is very fortunate to have a life partner like Puru who explained her duty and asked her to go with her parents. Anusuya pleads Mahanandini and Dasyu raj to not be so tough towards their daughter and not make her life tough. Mahanandini says sometimes they have to be tough for children’s betterment. Laachi pleads her parents. Dasyu raj says they will wait for her outside and walk away. Laachi touches Bamni and Anusuya’s feet and take permission. Chanakya says before she leaves, he has to show her something, sometimes, they have to capture the bark instead of roots, so he captured Olympia and brought her here. Puru is shocked and asks him to take them to Olympia soon. Chanakya takes them to Olympia. Olympia says at least his team informed him about her, he cannot capture her for long, soon her son will come and free her and destroy whole Pourav rastra. Puru says he can see his fear in her eyes, but she need not worry, Bharati’s respect women like mothers, so she and his mother are equally respectable, she will get all the benefits she deserves, but should also not cross her limits. He leaves with Chanakya and Laachi.

Puru tells Chanakya that he does not want to use anyone’s benefit for his benefit and says last time when he brought Alexander here, he had some motto, what is his motto to bring Olympia here. Olympia walks in and says she will tell him, Chanakya is afraid of losing battle against her son Alexander, so does Puru is, Puru is coward and is afraid, so he had kept sword on her son’s neck and ran away in fear, even in Takshashila he had to blast bridge and act as dead to escape from her son. Puru says there is difference between respect and fear, she has seen fear in opponents and not respect till now, so she is confused, he himself will drop her to her son when she wants to go. Olympia picks fire in her hand and says she is fire, so does her son, he will burn Puru into ashes. She continues that she will provoke Dasyus against him, let her see what he will do. Puru says he has lived between Dasyus since childhood and knows them well, when they don’t trust him, why will they trust an enemy, she should go and rest now. Olympia leaves fuming. Chanakya tells puru that he would have realized by now why he brought Olympia here, she and her son think they can conquer Bharath easily by fearing us, they don’t know we Bharat’s can kill or even die for their country’s pride, they have to develop fear in enemy’s mind that enemy should be afraid of losing. Puru says he is right, they should develop fear in enemy’s mind, so let Olympia stay here, but just like our spies are around Alexander, his spies are around us and we cannot hide Olympia for long, he is sure Alexander must be trying his best to cross Jhelum and attaack us, but he must have failed repeatedly. In Takshahila, Alexander watches his soldiers dragging chariot on bridge over Jhelum river. Bridge breaks and soldiers fall into water.

Laachi walks to her parents and says Puru is fighting for united Bharath aand she cannot leave him midway alone, they may be thinking she is taking Puru’s side, but she is taking truth’s side, even her dream of united Bharath, so she will not leave her husband alone, they should forgive her as she is not accompanying them. Dasyu raj says he was proud of her as a daughter, but not any more, she is not their daughter now and is just a Pourav rani. Mahanandini says she lost her son and now her daughter, she sacrificed her daughter now. Dasyu raj says they break all ties with her and she is cannot enter Dasyu lok. Laachi stands crying while her parents leave.

Olympia watches drama from her room and thinks Bharatis are so emotional fools, they broke her prayers for god Zeus, she will pray again for Porus’ destroyal, she will use Bharati’s emotional weakness to destroy them. Porus will face same end which her stepson had for trying to harm Alexander, Porus will die many times before he finally dies.

Precap: Alexander extends friendship hand towards Dasyu raj and promises to handover Anusuya to him.

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