Porus 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander Physically Harrasses Barsinne

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Barsine is given milk and perfume bath as per Alexander’s order and get readied with royal clothes and jewelry. Her sister gives her poison and asks to consume it before Alexander kills her. Barsine says let her see what Alexander is up to.

Puru examines his army arrangements and training and instructs his army general what to do and says he himself will train army. Ambhi standing behind him thinks Puru should also look at his back enemy also instead of just focusing no enemy in front. In palace, Laachi tells Ambhi’s mother Alka that she lost her both mothers who could teach her what to do during pregnancy, but she is happy that Alka is with her and asks what precautions to take. Alka says she should be very careful during first few months of pregnancy and eat healthy food. Laachi

asks what she should eat. Alka reminisces showing herb to Ambhi and tells Olympia showed her this herb used for youth and if pregnant woman consumes it, she will abort baby. Ambhi says this looks like pudia/mint. Out of flashback, Alka shows herb to Laachi and says this herb is very good for her baby.

Roxanne creates havoc in Takshashila market between businessmen, diverts their attention and runs out of Takshashila’s main door. On the other side, Alexander walks into Barsine’s room and says she must be confused why he made her get ready like a Macedonian queen, he will do whatever his father did with his mother. Barsine asks what did he do. He says his father gave a child to his mother and forced her to be loyal to him whole. Barsine warns he can dare touch her. He asks to consume poison hidden in her palm then. She opens her palm and looks at poison bottle. He forces himself on her and rapes her. She shouts in pain. He finishes his heinous act and walks away holding wine. Barsine sits senseless in shock.

Roxanne reaches Takshashia shore and thinks soon she will meet Puru and end Alexander’s trouble at once. She creates fire and burns jungle. Pourav rastra’s spy watches her move and shoots arrow. Arrow hits her and she collapses. Soldier informs Puru that border spy found a suspicious woman from Takshashila walking into Pourav rastra. Puru orders to bring her. Ambhi think who came from Takshahila and is shocked seeing Roxanne, thinks good if she dies, Alexander will kill Puru. Puru walks towards Roxanne and looks shocked.

Precap: Alka gives poisonous herb to Laachi.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Today I am kinda hurt because of what Alexander did to Barsine. How can he do the same thing because of which her dearest mother suffered 30 or so years back. I always knew that he is the ‘villain’ but I always thought that it’s only his dream of conquering the world which is responsible for his actions. But after his heinous crime today I feel very sad.

    1. Relax this is far from reality.
      Please dont get emotional. This is just a fictional period drama.

  2. very right superp.

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