Porus 4th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Lets Alexander Go Following Bharatiya Culture

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Puru raises sword to kill Alexander, but stops and says he will not kill Alexander. Chanakya says he took oath to kill enemy when he finds enemy next time. Puru says he has not forgotten his oath and he does not leave any task incomplete, he had taken oath if Alexander steps on his land with bad intention, he will kill enemy, but Alexander came here as friend, so he will not break raj dharam and bharat’s sanskruti/culture. Chanakya provokes him repeatedly to finish his enemy. Puru says he would have killed Alexander long ago from Faras to Bharath, but he spared him as Bharathi’s don’t attack enemies from behind. Chanakya says it is his acharya’s order. Puru says he is bound as a king and Bharati culture, whose sons attack enemy like a tiger and not like a wolf, they spread love

among people and teach peace and don’t learn betrayal. He chants sanskrit verses. Chanakya says he did so much tricks/kautilya to bring enemy here, if he does not kill enemy, he will repent. Puru says he is confused if he is same guru who shed tears seeing Takshashila’s betrayal and said today is black mark in Bharath’s history or if he is the one now who is talking about tricking and backstabbing enemy. He picks Chanakya’s written scripture and reads that citizens behave like king and if king plays tricks, his country will be destroyed. If he tricks now, his citizens will also trick each other and his dream of united Bharath will die right away.

Puru continues his moral gyaan. Chanakya gets more infuriated. Puru says if the mother who gave him birth thinks he is wrong, she can kill him right away and if the father who made him king thinks he is wrong, he can take back his crown. If the citizens think he is wrong, they can disown him. Anusuya walks to Puru and says she is proud of him. Bamni also says same and says he nominated a best king for Pourav rastra. Lachi chants maharaj Puru ki jai.. Everyone chant same. Alexander silently watches while Chanakya continues fuming.

Alexander says he was not believing his mother that his fate is linked to a Bharati king, now he saw it himself, now what Puru will he treat him. Puru says same that one king treats another and says orders soldiers to let their guest go with due respect. Alexander says they have same ritual in Bharath and Macedonia, they don’t go to meet someone without gift and hands over Puru’s ring. Puru says even they don’t get guest go empty handed and handing him ring back says he is gifting it to a guest and will snatch it from his enemy. Alexander says he is doing a mistake by letting his go, he will burn Bharath into ashes. Puru says if he has fire, they have Jhelum river to set off fire. Alexander says he is king of whole Asia. Puru says there will be only 1 tiger in a jungle and he is tiger of this jungle. He orders soldiers to let guest go now. Bamni chants Maharaj Purshottam Ki Jai. Everyone chant same. Alexander leaves fuming.

Precap: Puru takes oath he will not let Alexander take even a strand of sand from his country. Alexander takes oath that he Puru is proud of Jhelum river, he will use its water against Puru.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Today’s episode was not good…. As it insult Chanakya.. Who was d real person behind “aakhand bharat” in Indian history….

  2. amazing.

  3. all same comments as before by me no 1 fan of this amazing show porus .

  4. super amazing excited and extraordinary.


    I didn’t feel good Chanakya being insulted by puru he will again be insulted by dhananand

  6. Yes Chankya was insulted… But maybe I personally feel that Puru was right…

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