Porus 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Barsine Confesses Alexander That She Tried to Assassinate Him

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Olympia stands in front of Alexander till he wakes up. He opens eyes and asks if she did not go away or came just now. She says maybe he is a king and things himself of superior than all and can order to kill anyone, but someone brainwashed him and made him kill his trusted confidante Cletius. Alexander says he killed Cletius from his hands as he went against him. Olympia says Barsine brainwashed Cletius and made him go against Alexander, so she made Alexander kill Cletius. Alexander is shocked to hear that and asks where is his beautiful queen Barsine. Olympia takes him to tent where she kept Barsine captured. Barsine confronts him and says if she had gotten some more time, she would have killed Alexander. He considers himself as god, but he had to trick and capture her and forced her to support him

with her army to fight against Puru, what kind of a weak god he is. She continues. He asks her to relax and says she must be tired, so she should rest, he does not want his queen to strain herself. He orders Olympia to order maids to give Barsine rose and perfume bath and make her wear previous royal clothes and jewelry.

Puru spends quality time with Laachi and says he has to go now and check his batalion arrangements. She acts as falling ill. Puru gets worried. She laughs and says father should have more capabilities than a king, unfortunately he is still a king and not father. Ambhi with his mother walks in. Laachi asks Ambhi to teach Puru a father’s duties. Ambhi’s mother says Ambhi is not a father yet. Puru says she is a mother though and gav good moral values to Ambhi, so she should take care of Laachi like a mother till he returns. Ambhi’s mother reminisces Ambhi warning him that she is his mother and has to abort Laachi’s baby for his sake.

Alexander searches Roxanne and does not find her. Roxanne stands in que as a common citizen to get out of Takshashia to meet Puru. Hephastian informs Alexander that Roxanne was going somewhere and told she is going Alexander and her sake. Alexander walks till city’s main door and walks toward Roxanne hidden in shawl when Olympia enters and says Roxanne has gone to some place near Bactria to pray for him as she loves him immensely..

Preccap: Ambhi’s mother shows poisonous herb to Ambhi and says Laachi will abort baby after consuming this herb and feeds it to Laachi. Laachi falls ill and calls Puru.

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