Porus 30th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Feels Anusuya’s Pain

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Porus 30th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Olympia rides chariot with Alexander reminiscing Porus pointing sword on Alexander and warning dare not to eye on his Bharath, else he will change his fate. She also reminisces Oracle’s warning not to send Alexander to Bharath. Alexander senses her worries and asks what is she thinking. Olympia asks her not to thinking of invading Bharath as they saw how Porus easily pointed sword on his neck when nobody dared to even touch him till now. Alexander says he does not believe in all fate as it is man made to safeguard himself, he believes in self and destroying his enemies. He tells Barsine that they have reached Bactria and be ready to see her traitor father being killed. Once he kills Darius, he will head towards Bharath to teach Porus a lesson.

A masked lady informs Darius that Alexander has reached Bactria. Darius provokes Batria’s king to help his friend and guest by sending his army to attack Alexander’s army. Bactria’s king says Alexander’s army is very large and powerful, Bactria’s army will be destroyed easily. Darius continues trying to brainwash king reminding him of their friendship. Lady removes her veil and reveals she is Bactria’s princess Ruksana. Darius shouts at her to shut up, else. Ruksana asks else what.. he does not have right to shout as he is not a king now and is trying to verbally abuse Bactria’s princess. She tells her father they cannot fight with Alexander’s army, so it is better they befriend Alexander. Father says how will they, Alexander does not compromise with their enemy. Ruksana says they should submit traitor Darius to Alexander. Mauses angrily pulls sword. Ruksana throws knife swiftly into his chest and kills him. She says she asks to send gift to Alexander.

In Pourav rastra, Bamni and Anusuya are taken to jail. Bamni reminisces Kanishk taking power from him forcefully and telling he is a right king for Pourav rastra, Shivdutt’s betrayal, etc. Soldiers push him Bamni. Anusuya gets worried. Shivdutt says it is time for ex-king to be thrown in jail and reminds Bamni how he threw him in jail and shows how he was suffering in jail, eating in earthen pot in a stinking room, etc. He throws Bamni in jail and says his brother just ordered to throw him in jail but never came to see him once. Anusuya gets worried for Bamni. Shivdutt points knife on her. Anusuya confronts the motherland and loyalty does not look good from his mouth, he is a snake who bit his own brother and country for his greed. She continues that Pourav rastra and Takshashila were never enemies, he made them fight for his benefit, now she will stay wherever he life partner is. Shivdutt pulls her hair and locks Bamni’s cell and shouts she called him a snake, now she will feel his venom. Puru was protecting her till now, now he will see who will protect her. He will torture her each moment and give her wounds each moment. Bamni warns Shivdutt to not cross his limits. Shivdutt drags Anusuya more.

Puru feels Anusuya’s pain and stops calling maa. Bamni pleads Shivdutt that he can punish him but spare Anusuya. Shivdutt signals guard who hits Bamni. Shivdutt says Anusuya is a main culprit but is alleging he is culprit, now she will see how he punishes her. He throws her on floor. Puru continues feeling pain. Laachi asks what happened. Puru says he did not feel like this before, as if his soul is being tortured and he cannot understand why he is feeling pain and cannot see the wound. Shivdutt drags Anusuya pulling her hair. Anusuya tries to pull guard’s sword, but Shivdutt hits her hand. Puru says looks like river Jhelum is also crying.

Precap: Ruksana meets Alexander as king Pesus’ messenger. Alexander insists to see her face and she removes veil. Puru says they should reach Pourav rastra as soon as possible. Anusuya cuts her hand and takes oath that she will kill Shivdutt from her hands.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Felt like crying when I saw Bamani ???… Btw, he was looking toooo cute in open hair????????

  2. Yvonne Codner

    Wow, Darius, I have to laugh, now three persons have made you shiver in your cowardly shoes, Puru, Alexander and now a woman Princess Roxana. You see what a woman for whom you have no respect can do, one throw and Maseus your trusted subject is no more!! Hell, Shivdutt your days are numbered because you have messed with the wrong person. Bamini, I am sorry, but you sat there and let Shivdutt and your son dethrone you as easy as taking candy from a baby. It was so easy for them and not a whimper from you…Queen Anasuya has more fight in her than you.

  3. Finally!!! I was waiting for roxana in the show

  4. Finally!! I was waiting for roxana in the show I’m sooo happy??

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