Porus 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Plans To Visit Faras

Porus 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bamni asks Puru if he will take army to Faras. Puru says he wants to go to know Alexander’s war tactics and his strength. Bamni says he is Pourav rastra’s crown prince now and not a Dasyu. Puru says that is why he wants to go alone and find out Alexander’s weakness to defeat him. He does not want to go as his fate his linked with Alexander, but to know who is daring to eye his country. Bamni says this is war and not a game, Alexander will be in Faras with whole army, he cannot risk crown prince’s life and can send spy there. Puru says what if his country is in danger. Bamni says he will not go anywhere and it is Pourav raj’s order.

Alexander builds war tactics alone. Ephastian and Cletus walk in. Alexander orders them to get army ready as Farsi will become more powerful over time. Ephastian says army is unhappy and wants to leave. Alexander asks reason. Cletus says soldieries don’t want to fight along Farsi commanders whom they were fighting against earlier. Alexander says their motto is to win all the countries that come in between till their final journey of conquering Bharath.

Darius returns to Faras and is shocked to see Farsi soldier’s deadbodies floating in sea and water red. Barsin gets nauseated seeing dead bodies. Mauses informs that Alexandre has killed most of their soldiers. Darius fumes that Alexander is a kid and now with his commanders, he will defeat Alexander. Alexander reaches city’s main door. Ephastian says Farsi army is on the other side of door. Mauses informs Darius that Alexander with his army is waiting to attack us. Barsin thinks Puru promised her to help whenever she needs it, she did not think that time would come so early.

Puru asks Laachi why father/Bamni is not letting him go to Faras. Laachi says he is worried for his son. He asks Anusuya to request Bamni for permission. Anusuya says Bamni is worried for him as a father. Puru says he will go tto Bamni and convince him.

Alexander tells his team that earlier a queen was ruling Faras, her brother threw her out of power and himself became king, they have to find her out as she is the weakest link of Darius.

Puru goes to Bamni and asks why he does not want him to go to Faras, earlier baba used to not send him though he was capable of the tasks fearing for his life, now he is seeing same fatherly love and fear in Bamni’s eyes. Darius says he is right, he cannot lose him. Puru says he wants to protect his country and a father should understand. Their discussing continues. Puru finally convinces Bamni, an Bamni agrees.

Precap Puru announces all his supporting country chiefs will go to Faras with Puru. Alexander defeats Darius’s sister and says he knows his brother kicked her out, now he will help her regain her throne.

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  1. Loved the way Bamini said to Puru “you are going no where”.
    I was happy to see Darius face.. this is what happens if a king leaves his kingdom and tries to create problems in a different country ???????.Hope Puru won’t put himself in trouble for Barsine.
    Today Bamini’s acting was superb as a dad. I felt something was missing in Puru’s acting today. Dad-son hug was ?
    The guy acting as Alexander is doing a great job. I think he is living as Alexander.

  2. Baesin was the queen of Aleksandr……..

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