Porus 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru with His Team Escapes From Faras And Hopes Alexander Will Attack Bharath Soon

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Porus 29th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bamni stands shocked when Kanishk points sword on his neck and shatters. Shivdutt takes over again and announces Kanishk’s coronation ceremony right now and orders Rajguru to make arrangements for coronation ceremony.

Puru and his team kill Alexander’s soldiers and escape on their horses. Hasti asks how will they escape from Faras now. Puru says Barsin has informed her of a secret way out and takes them a route in between 2 narrow mountains and says only 1 person can walk out of it. They all walk out. Puru says Alexander’s army will not cross this narrow route. Laachi says she will stay here to stop army, they all can go. Vishuddhi says she will stay here to stop army, they can go, she has made sins till now and wants to repent. Alexander with his army comes on horses. Vishuddhi cuts her hand and smearing her blood on knife throws it on Alexander which hits his shoulder. Alexander removes knife from his shoulder and walking to Vishuddhi says he is god, Zeus’ son, and has more poison than she thinks, let him see if she can tolerate his poison. He slits her throat, and she dies. Puru and his team reach sea shore. Hasti says he cannot believe they escaped from Alexander and his army. Laachi says Vishuddhi had to lose her life to save their lives. Puru says Vishuddhi sacrificed her life for her motherland. Hasti says now Alexander will dare not to eye on Bharath. Puru says he will attack Bharath for sure, else his fate would not be linked to me, they will show him what Bharati’s are.

Alexander then says now it is Barsine’s turn. He walks to Barsine and pointing sword on her asks if she loves Porus. Olympia asks to kill her and her family. Barsine says he can kill her, but spare her family. Alexander says death will be small punishment for her, he will make her suffer each second. First, he will take her family to Bactria and kill traitor Darius in front of them. He tells Ephastian that once after killing Darius and winning Bactria, he will head towards Bharath and show Puru what he is capable of.

In Pourav rastra, Shivdutt orders to start Kanishk’s coronation ceremony. Kadika does Kanishk’s aarti while Bamni and Anusuya look sadly. Rajguru says coronation ceremony is complete, now Kanishk is Pourav rastra’s king. Shivdutt says not yet finished and orders to take out Bamni’s crown. Bamni says he lost his dignity when his son pointed sword on him. He removes his crown. Shivdutt fixes it on Kanishk’s head and gives him king’s sword. Kanishk walks to king’s chair and sits on it. Bamni and Anusuya sadly watch the drama.

Precap: Alexander tells Barsine that they have reached Bactria, be ready to see her traitor father’s death, then will attack Porus in his own motherland. Shivdutt throws Bamni behind bars.
Anusuya gets worried. Shivdutt points sword on her. Puru senses his mother is in danger and says his mother needs him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Mellu

    Big drama is going on in the paurav rasthr, eager to c how puru will react to this matter
    And finally they reached back India, felt sad for vishuthi will miss her

  2. Banani is looking soo cute in open hair???????

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