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Laachi dances and sings and entertains hungry citizens. Citizens also join her and sing Bharath Jaytu… Puru thanks her for her novel idea, but they have to find out a solution as only entertainment cannot keep hungry citizens calm. Laachi says someone told there is always a solution, they just need to find it, pointing at Puru. Puru takes Laachi to burnt field and says he told there is a solution always for all the problems. He digs ground and takes out roots and says mother can never see children hungry, they should take out all the roots and feed citizens.

On the other side, Alexander continues to drink. Olympia asks him to stop. He says even he is a human and warns her to be in her limits and not forget he is a king. He shouts at Hephastian also to go, else he will kill him. Hephastian says he can smilingly sacrifice his life for Alexander. Olympia asks Roxanne to control Alexander, else he will be defeated by Porus for sure. Barsine serves wine to Alexander and says when he has decided to suicide, let her help him and starts luring him. She says she needs him now and even he needs her, touching him sensuously. He hrows wine glass. She makes him sleep on bed. He murmurs he will defeat Porus and falls asleep. Roxannne thinks all this is because of Porus, she has to do something. Once she leaves, Barsine enters and picks knife to kill Alexander when Hephastian enters and asks what is she doing here. She says she came to check Alexander. He asks how come she is so worried about Alexander suddenly, sees her hiding something behind and asks what is she hiding. She tries to stab him angrily. He holds her hand, shouts she tried to assassinate king and drags her away.

Puru distributes food to citizens and says they did not lose hope, so mother earth gave them food. He feeds children and say they need energy to win. Children feed him back Bamni also feeds him. He feeds Laachi. He then stands holding his family’s hands. People chant maharaj Purshottam ki jai.

Precap: Chanakya says they got a temporary relief with Puru’s idea, they should find out permanent relief. Puru says they should seek a powerful kingdom’s help, Magadh kingdom.

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  1. so super.

  2. Song with pourav praja kai sath nice

  3. Srini Samaranayake

    Super episode. Beautiful song. The episode was like rain drops in a hot summer….I prefer the earlier Hepasthian. His appearance itself suited the character. The new one is too calm, girlish.

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