Porus 28th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivdutt and Kanishk Betray Bamni For Crown

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Alexander challenges Puru to submit himself as he cannot escape. Puru says Bharatis make their own way. Laachi and her team blast port and venue making people panic and diverting Alexander’s attention. Puru then escapes. Alexander follows them. They trick and run far away into jungle. Vishuddhi says now they are far away from Alexander and his army and misled them. Puru says they Alexander came here trying to reach Bharath, he cannot be mislead. Alexander and his army reach there and surround them.

Anusuya informs Bamni that Shivdutt was trying to kill her and Malay. Bamni gets furious and says Shivdutt will not stop betraying and scheming and orders soldiers to put Shivdutt in jail. Soldiers don’t obey him. Shivdutt says Bamni’s rule is over now and he is no more Pourav rastra’s king. He orders soldiers to capture ex-king and queen. Soldiers rush towards Bamni and Anusuya.

Bamni pulls his sword and warns Shivdutt that he is a warrior before a king, he will not submit himself so easily. Anusuya says even she will fight till her last breath and Shivdutt knows her skills. Bamni and Anusuya fight with soldiers and kill them. Shivdutt attacks Bamni. Bamni overpowers and defeats him and point sword on his neck says truth always wins over evil no matter how much evil is powerful. Anusuya gets happy seeing this. Shivdutt’s sword falls in front of Kanishk. Kanishk picks sword and walks towards them and points sword on Bamnni’s neck. Bamni is shocked seeing this and shatters…

Precap: Shivdutt orders to take out crown from Bamni and fix it on present king Kanishk. Kanishk wearing crown sits on king’s chair. Shivdutt drags Bamni to jail and pushes him in saying his brother threw him here for years, now it is his turn. Anusuya gets worried for Bamni. Shivdutt points sword on herr.

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