Porus 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Rescues Ambhi Raj

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Alexander sees bridge shaking and panics. Puru shoots arrow on oil barrel and burns bridge followed by archers showering fire arrows into river. River catches fire due to oil on its surface. Puru thins fire on surface and Jhelum’s water in bottom, where will Alexander go now. Alexander’s soldiers shout burning in fire. Puru says he told if Alexander is fire, he is Jhelum’s water, he will set off whatever fire tries to burn his country, chants Bharath Jayatu. Alexander is seen burning in water. Puru with his team watches Alexander’s soldiers succumbing unable to tolerate fire. Hasti says Puru’s plan was successful, Alexander’s army is running away seeing their king death. Puru says Alexander has ended, but not his evil thinking, he would have caged Dasyu raj and Mahanandini in Takshashila, I will go and bring them here. Hasti says he promised Bamni to protect Puru, so he will not let him go. Puru says this time his shield will protect him staying here on shore and soldiers to find Alexander’s dead body. Hasti orders soldiers to head towards Takshashila and hugging Puru says he does not want to let him go, but he trusts his brother. Puru says he also trusts his brother and asks him to go and inform Laachi that Alexander is dead and Dasyus are not traitors. Puru leaves. Hasti orders soldiers to send message to Laachi and Anusuya.

Laachi gets message and hapily informs Anusuya that Puru defeated Alexander and kicked intruders out of Bharath. Anusuya hugs Laachi emotionally. She then asks Chanakya’s student Bhairav who brought message if bridge is completely destroyed. Bhairav says yes and Dasyu’s broke it exactly when Alexander and his army was in the middle of bridge. Laachi thanks god that her parents are not traitor and will sacrifice their lives for their motherland. Anusuyaa asks Bhairav to get info about Dasyus. Laachi says she is feeling weird and feels she should be with Puru at this time. Anusuya says by the time, she will reach, war would have finished and Puru would have brought her prarents here, so she should stay here and wait for trhem.

Puru heads his boats towards Takshahila and seeing injured Dasyu pulls him on boat and asks where are other Dasyus and king/queen. Dasyu informs Alexander has captured and hostaged them on the north side of his tent, dies. Puru orders soldiers to head boat towards Alexander’s tent. He orders soldiers to attack and kill Macedonian soldiers, jumps and on ground and starts killing them. Dasyu tells Dasyu raj looks like someone has attacked. Dasyu raj says it must be Puru. Puru continues killing Macedonian soldiers.

Adivasis on the other side attack Ambhi raj. Ambhi raj orders soldiers to create a trap and not let any enemy go alive. He starts killing them and finishes them all. His messenger enters and says Puru destroyed bridge and king Alexander is killed in battlefield. Ambhi raj says his planning is working, now Puru will walk till his death alone.

Puru continues killing soldiers and enters Dasyu raj’s tent and frees him and other dasyus. Dasyu raj tries to speak. Puru says no need to speak, he knew Dasyus will not betray motherlaand, he came to take them back, where is Maharani Mahanandini. Dasyu raj describes whole incident, how Hephastian killed Mahanandini by trick and Alexander’s betrayal and hostaging them. Puru gets worried for Laachi. Laachi in palace nervously walks in her room and tells Anusuya her parents should be safe. Anusuya consoles her. Dasyu raj tells Mahanandini breathed last in his arms and he could not even perform her last rights. Puru says they will perform, where is her dead body. Dasyu raj says it is nearby under Cletus’ protection with a few soldiers as Alexander with his whole army has gone on war. Puru realizes Alexander played same game with him and is alive now, where is he then.

Alexander is seen on boat with his soldiers and reminisces telling Ambhi raj and Hepastian that they should use mind game against enemy, Ambhi raj will head via road and attack Pourav rastra from behind while he make Porus believe that he is attacking via bridge. Hephastian asks how will they fool Porus. Alexader says they will attack Porus via bridge and wait till Porus attacks, then he will get his doppelganger and escape on boat silently, if something happens his doppelganger will die. Out of flashback, Hephastian says Porus will go to save Dasyus and will fall into trap. Alexanders says he will get his mother back safely by then. He reaches Pourav rastra and warns Hasti that last time he escaped, not this time.

Puru tells Dasyu raj they should go and take Maahanandini’s body and head towards Pourav rastra soon. Burning arrows hit tent and burns it. Puru says they should leave this tent soon. In Pourav rastra, Chanakya continues performing havan trying to revive Olympias.

Precap: Ambhi raj kills Anusuya. Puru returns and seeing Anusuya’s dead body fumes in anger.

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