Porus 27th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Tries To Depict Sumer’s Murder Incident

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Porus 27th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Alexander asks Hepastian to take out scholar Chanakya’s body. Hephastian follows his orders. Alexander then asks vaidya/doctor to check if scholar is alive. Vaidya checks and says Chanakya is no more. Alexander orders to keep scholar’s body in the middle of town as a lesson to every traitor.

Puru says he heard both his wife and mother’s points and before giving judgment, he wants to do one thing. He removes king’s turban and says this turban is given to him by king Bamni during coronation ceremony, it signifies justice and a king cannot do injustice, he will keep this aside for sometime. He keeps turban on chair and says everyone knows that nobody can kill anyone until king’s order. Bamni takes dias and says as far as he knows Anusuya, she always took justice and

truth’s side and she cannot do anything wrong. Dasyu raj gets angry. Laachi tries to stop him, but he confronts Bamni that his son himself is a big traitor, so he cannot speak about law, everyone knows Kanishk is a biggest triator who with Alexander’s help tried to kill king Puru and earlier tried to kill his parents. He continues insulting Bamni. Hasti gets angrily, pulls his sword and attacks Dasyu Raj. Laachi counter attaacks him and stops his attack. Puru holds Laachi’s sword and asks Laachi if she took his permission before attacking Hasti. Laachi says she did not as she did not have time, else Hasti would have killed her father. Puru says his mother did not take permission in the same scenario, else Sumer would have killed him by then.

Chanakya’s body is kept in the middle of city. Alexander removes clothes from Chanakya’s face and address Takshahila people that this will be traitor’s future, anyone who betrays will be burnt alive, soon Puru will face similar end. He tells Olympia that frightening Takshaila people was necessary to kerb their courage. He orders Hephastian to transport Chanakya’s body to Puru and make sure it reaches intact to Puru and let Puru know this is destiny.

Puru tells Laachi that he is not taking his mother’s side, he is just trying to prove truth. He then address people that law is above all and he tried to depict what would have happened that day, now queen Laachi will pronounce justice…

Precap: Hepastian informs Alexander that Chanakya’s body disappeared on the way to Pourav rastra. Laachi announces she will give 7 days to Anusuya to show evidence, if she cannot in 7 days, she will be punished in Sumer’s murder case.

Update Credit to: MA

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  2. Osama Jalaluddin

    Why is the director of serial porus not showing of any existence of Chandragupta Maurya. If the director will also show about Chandragupta maurya then it will be more interested than now.

    1. Chandragupta Maurya was a kid during the regime of Porus. Chanakya was not a kid.

  3. look who’s back lol

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