Porus 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru learns about Alexander

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Porus 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Alexander army cruel attack on Farsi army. While fighting with Farsi chief, Alexander falls on the ground. Farsi chief raises sword to kill Alexander when Cleitus comes and cuts off his hand. Alexander cuts off Farsi chief’s head and takes his revenge. Alexander orders his army to throw dead bodies in river. Ephastian asks what’s point of throwing bodies in river. Alexander says he wants to spread fear among other farsis. War may be won in battle field, but it’s won by planning it smartly.

Later, Cleitus orders army to kill survivors. Alexander stops him. Cleitus says they always do this, kill survivors after victory. They used to do same under Philip. Alexander says he is not Philip. He says these Farsis manage to survive, so they must be brave. They will join his army and fight for him from now. Farsis agree with him.

Rajguru asks Puru to choose 6 letters randomly. That will give them hint about their enemy. Puru chooses Alexander’s letters, but they are confused what kind of name is that. Oracle’s aide comes and briefs them about Alexander and his cruelty. She tells them how he killed Oracle when he found out truth from her that he didn’t like. Alexander and Puru are destined to be together. One is fire, so other is water. She tells how Alexander wants to rule whole world and Puru is destined to come on his way of ruling Bharat. She breaks down and tells Puru to kill Alexander when he faces him. He deserves death. She also warns them to be prepared well.

Later all key people gather to discuss the matter. Shivdutt and Ambe Raj say they can’t trust any foreigner after what Darius did. Puru says they can’t trust Oracle’s aide, but what about Rajguru? Bamni agrees with him. Ambe Raj’s son also agrees with Puru and his father doesn’t like that. Ambe Raj says first let them see whether he is able to win in Faras or no. Puru says they will have to gather and prepare from now only. Bamni again agrees. Puru further says first he will need to know Alexander personally, his strength, his weakness. (For that I believe he said he will go to Faras. I can’t remember too well, seen this episode on Friday but writing now).

That’s all. Hope covered all major points.

Update Credit to: Phoenix

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