Porus 26th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander Lures Pourav Citizens With Food

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Alexander scolds Cletius for failing in his duty. Cletius says he got stuck between Hasti and his soldiers. Alexander scolds that Ambhi come on time and handled sitution, if Cletius does not like his ways, he should speak directly. Cletius says he is loyal to him and can do anything on his order. Alexander orders Hephastian to take over Cletius responsibilities until Cletius does not have problems with his ways. Cletius sadly leaves. Olympia says he did wrong by insulting Cletius who is very loyal to him. Alexander says loyalty is like sword and it should be sharpened repeatedly, Cletius will try to prove his loyalty again.

Puru orders soldier to gather soldiers. Bamni asks what he is up to. Puru says he was right, people want protection and food and may leave him. People gather. Puru

picks soil says Alexander wants to break their unity and is behind their soil, they will show him how united they are and can face any problem united, they all will stay together and frighten Alexander.

Hepastian passes by Barsine. Barsine taunts him this is what he got for his loyalty for Alexander. He says she should not talk about loyalty as she betrayed Puru and married his biggest enemy. She says forget about her, he is just a means for Alexander and Alexander does not care about his loyalty, he will use and throw him like others, time will show him the truth.

Alexander watches Puru and his citizens on the other side of river shore and tell Hephastian that let Puru stay with his citizen till he wants, soon his determination will fail and he will be forced to kneel down. Jhelum comments with time, Pourav citizens fell weak and started dying, disease even did not spare royal family. Citien are seen dying and some couhing up blood. Hasti also feels drowsy. Puru holds him. Soldiers brings grocery cart and says they found it near shore. Children get happy seeing food. Soldier says there is a letter with food. Puru reads Alexander’s letter that he cannot see citizens hungry, so he is sending food to them, they can come on his side and send Puru to him. Puru says citizens decision is up to them A kid runs and picks fruit. Her brother snatches food. She says let her eat food, else she will die. He gives her soil and asks her to close her eyes and imagine this soil as fruit. Girl is about to taste soil when Puru stops her and says he has decided to fulfill Alexander’s demand.

Precap: Hasti tells Puru that he has to walk over his deadbody to reach Alexander. Citizens also same. Barsine lifts knife to kill sleeping Alexander.

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