Porus 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Dhananand Jealous Of Puru

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Dhananand with his army reaches Pourav rastra. Puru greets him and orders to start celebrations. Artists portray their art, dancing and singing around. Mahamartya asks Dhananand what plan he has. Dhananand says plan won’t be a plan if it is revealed. Puru asks if he is enjoying. Dhananand says very much. Other dynasty kings enter. Laachi greets them by performing their aarti. Puru asks them to enjoy performances by artists. They gets angry seeing Dhananand and say they would like to rest. Puru says let us have food first then. They say they are not hungry. Dhananand confronts and says Khatriyas can’t dare to tell in front of him that they don’t want to be near napit nand. Kings say they really don’t want to and it is their insult. Dhananand provokes them for fight. They attack each other, but Puru shields their attack and says now they are not napit nand or khatriyas, but sons of bharath maa and have to be united to fight against Alexander. Kings praise Puru’s thinking and says there is no brave king in the world than Puru and his thinking his noble. Dhananand fumes in jealousy remembering Alexander’s warning that Puru will garner all the praises and Dhananand will be left as his aide. All kings agree to fight against Alexander united.

After foot, Puru meets them again and explains his plan. Dhananand thinks he will takeover with trick and will garner praises. Other kings praise Puru that nobody in the world can plan better than him, he is a rising son. Dhananand continues fuming.

In Taksshila, Roxanne informs Olympia that messenger informed Puru has united Dhananand and other kings to fight against Alexander and is conspiring big to defeat Alexander. She collapses on bed while informing. Olympia gets worried for her. Alexander on the other side tells Selukus that he already created a doubt in Dhananand’s mind, he will not support Puru and will betray, let us wait and watch till then. Selukus says they have to make backup plans along.

Precap: Alexander heads his army towards pourav rastra with his army thinking Puru does not know what is in store for him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I really really enjoy every episode of this show including this episode.

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