Porus 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Rescues Anusuya

Porus 26th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Puru burns in anger hearing Shivdutt’s heinous crimes and throwing Anusuya into brothel and determines to kill Shivdutt. Chanakya suggests him not to go in front Shivdutt right now as Shivdutt is eager to catch him, he should save his mother first. Laachi says Acharyaji is right, Shivdutt with his army would be waiting to catch Puru, he should first save Anusuya before soldiers reach and try to harm her. Puru agrees and leaves with Laachi. Shivdutt sees Chanakya and pointing sword on him and asks who is he and whom he was talking to. Chanakya says he is a scholar and collects king’s biopgraphy, is here for same. Shivdutt warns to tell truth, else he is ready to make a sin of killing a scholar. Soldiers inform they saw someone heading towards brothel. Shivdutt leaves angrily looking at Chanakya.

Anusuya performs havan and encourages pr*stitutes to fight for their rights and take revenge from Shivdutt. They ask how will they. On the other side, Bamni reaches disguised Pourav rastra with Hasti and asks his confidante about Anusuya and Puru. Confidante says Puru and his team are not seen and Anusuya is in brothel. Bamni gets disheartened and takes Anusuya’s name. Anusuya feels his presence and looks via window. pr*stitutes ask what she is looking at. She says nothing, her son will come and save them all.

In Takshahila, Alexander warns Ambhi Raj if he does not find Puru’s dead body by evening, he will turn whole Takshashila into burial ground.

Puru and Laachi reach brothel killing all guards around. Anusuya hears sound and asks what is happening. Puru enters with Laachi and gets emotional seeing Anusuya. He drops swords and walks to her. She asks how is Bamni. Puru says how could he disobey her order, baba is fine and in Pourav rastra now. He gets more emotional and apologizes for not saving her on time, he will kill Shivdutt and punish him for his sins. Anusuya says he may killl Shivdutt easily, but she wants to punish Shivdutt for insulting womanhood and get justice to all these woman.

Precap: Puru says now Amartya Shivdutt will see woman power. Alexander steps on deadbody thinking it as Puru’s and says soon his step will be on Puru’s bharat’s chest.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. awesome as always huge salute to the maker sidharth sir and all the great actors puru Alexander and all heads off god bless to all I enjoyed the whole episode every episodes of this great show porus.

  2. I am happy that I didn’t need to see Roxanne today. Happy to see Acharya Chanakya keeping a check on Puru’s impulsive behavior. Anusuya and Puru’s scenes are always flawless. Anusuya did a great job. She brought tears ? today. Liked Anusuya’s intuition. Pourav Rastra’s Security is not the best ??.
    Puru was amazing today. Laachi is expression queen. She does not need to say a thing. Her face says it all.

  3. Nice episode it was… Actually Anusuya’s words, Puru’s temperament and Karachi’s contentment was perfect…

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