Porus 25th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ambhi Destroy Hasti’s Brought Grocery; Alexander Celebrates

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Puru asks Chanakya and Bamni situation of ill soldiers. Bamni says out of 2000 soldiers, 500 have and 1500 are severely ill. Puru says how royal family is safe then. Chanakya shows a box and says he prepared these for royal family and make them consume these ingredients in their food each day. Puru asks what are these ingredients. Chanaya says turmeric, neem, and tulsi; these 3 incredients have have high place in ayurveda. Puru asks how much stock is available. Chanakya says around 3 months’ worth. Puru ask if they distribute among citizens, howmany days they will last. Chanakya says 3 days. Puru asks to distribute among citizens then, they will what they can do after 3 days. Chanakya says king has to be strong for their citizen. Puru says king is because of citizens and if they are

strong, king is also strong. Chanakya smiles and says he was expecting same reply from him, but did not want to tell. Puru says Hasti would reach soon with grocery soon. Ambhi’s mother tells him that these people are failing their plans. Ambhi says he has already completed his task and sent a message to Alexander about Hasti bringing grocery.

Messenger delivers Ambhi’s message to Alexander. Alexander orders Cletius to destroy whole grocery and not let it reach Pourav rastra, he will break Puru’s backbone and make him kneel down helplessly.

Puru collects further grocery from citizens and burns them. He addresses them that he is proud to have them as his citizens, he respects their sacrifice and promises that he soon will give them food. Bamni says Hasti should have reached with grocery by now. Hasti with soldiers takes grocery carts via valley when Alexander’s soldiers attack them and throw away groceries from cliff. Hasti reaches Puru and describes whole incident. Chanakya says Alexander can stoop to any extent to win. Ambhi reminisces how he ordered his soldiers to throw groceries down the cliff silently. Bamni tells Puru that situation is out of control, citizen will support the king who can feed and protect them.

Alexander enjoys feast with Olympia, Cletius and Hepastian. Olympia cheers for Puru’s hungry citizen. Alexander orders to feast soldiers and not let their tables empty. He says Puru would have shattered seeing his citizen hungry and will bend in front of him soon.

Precap: Alexander says he wants to see enemy writhing than dying at once. Puru picks soil and says Alexander wants to rule this soil, they will show what they can do for this soil.

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