Porus 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander Brainwashes Dhananand

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Puru performs Alka’s last rights while Laachi performs her father Dasyu Raj’s last right. Mahamartya enters with a few Magadh soldier battalion. Puru greets him and asks where is king Dhananand. Mahamartya says here is where he should be, on a hunting excursion and will reach here after that. On the other side, Dhananand with his soldiers reaches Takshashila shore on palanquin and orders soldiers to speed up as he may also be waiting eagerly to meet him. He meets Alexander who greets him. Dhananand gets down palanquin and walks on soldier’s protective shields and reaches Alexander. He looks at short Alexander and laughs that he thought Alexander the great who won almost the whole world would be huge about 7-8 feet with 7-8 arms, but he sees a small fragile man. Alexander says warn is won with courage and bravery and not by huge body.

Puru gets an info that Dhananand has gone to meet Alexander. Chanakya says Dhananand sent here a few soldiers and went to meet Alexander, Puru should stop hoping of Dhananand’s help and should try to seek help from other dynasties. Puru says he has already started tying to seek support and is just worrie that Alexander will brainwash Dhananand and takes his support to win at any cost.

Dhananand warns Alexander to dare not to cross Takshashila and reaches Pourav rastra and return back, else he will find Porus and me against him, he must have won most of the world, but should forget Pourav rastra. Alexander says Dhananand is not a raising sun,but a shadow, Porus is the real sun who is using Dhananand to win and his name will be praised and not Dhananand. Dhananand stands fuming. Alexander says he finished his point and leaves smirking.

Precap: Alexander tells Selukus that they way he brainwashed Dhananand, he will not stay with Porus for long. Dhananand provokes Porus for a fight.

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