Porus 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Laachi Seek Justice From Puru

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Porus 25th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Laachi tells Puru that he had warned anything can happen during their wedding and she had told she is ready to face anything, she lost her brother. Puru says if it was in his hands, he would have returned back to past and set things right as he cannot see her in pain. He is happy that she returned to him and they both will face any problems on the way and defeat their problems. Laachi says she is sure Puru will always do justice, she not only loves him but also respect him as he always took path of truth, but she returned here with some other motto. Her brother’s ashes are not immersed in Jhelum river yet and until she get justice for her brother, her brother will not get peace and Dasy lok will be burning in anger. Puru asks what she wants to say. She reminds of oaths during pheras and says they promised

to follow dharm, she followed her patni dharma and he should follow his dram as king and do justice. She takes him near law scale and reminds what oath he took. Puru says he took oath that whoever comes seeking justice will get justice for sure. Laachi asks to do justice then, a sister is seeking justice for her brother’s murder. Puru says he had given punishment to Kanishk and Shivdutts as their crime waas proven, but this accident’s proof is ambiguous. Laachi says even she does not want him to take her side blindly, if it is proved Sumer is wrong, she will be on her side against Dasyu lok and if he was right, then he has to forget relationships and do justice. Laachi leaves.

Puru stands reminiscing Anusya telling people forget relationships in greedm, when her brother betrayed her and tried to kill her husband, Laachi’s brother can also betray. He then reminisces Laachi’s words to give justice to Sumer and if he is wrong, she will support him, if he is right, Puru has to do justice forgetting relationships. Anusuya comes and touches his shoulder. She says Laachi’s demand is not illegal, she wants royal court start in the morning and he do justice, he should pronounce justice selflessly and prove Pourav rastra’s justice is same for all.

Next morning, royal court start. Bamni tells Puru it is time for judgement. Puru sits on king’s chair and orders to start court. Mahanandini and Dasyu raj walk in holding Sumer’s ashes and request for justice for their son. Anusuya tells and the incidents she saw where she found “Sumer suspicious. Puru asks if she has any proof. She says no.

Precap: Alexander stuffs Chanakya in a steel bull and burns fire under it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Chanakya is very intelligent …he himself applied mud so that he can save himself from fire …gud

  2. great episode.

  3. Nice episode… Waiting to watch what will Puru do now…

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