Porus 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander Tricks and Injures Puru with Arrows

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Porus 24th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Puru defeats Macedonian monster warrior. Ephastian announces next competition and boasts that Puru will be smashed by two horse riding warriors. Puru looks at warriors on horse. Alexander says this Bharati warrior is unique, his mental power is more powerful that his muscle power, he easily escaped from our guards and reached Barsin, he would have escaped with Barsin from here, but he stayed to know about Darius, now he is thinking how to defeat these warriors. Warriors attack Puru. Puru fights bravely and defeats them. He lifts weapon to kill warriors, but they plead to spare them. Puru spares them and asks Alexander if he has any other plan, his plan failed again. Ephastian shouts he won by mistake, don’t forget he is addressing Sikandar the great/Alexander, he will face real fire now. Puru says they don’t know what will happen in the future. Laachi and her team kill soldiers and spread oil all around weapon house and port.

In Pourav rastra, Kanishk is given royal bath before his coronation as yuvraj. Kadhika gets happy while Bamni reminisces Puru’s coronation. Kanishk is dorn royal cothes and jewelry. Bamni imagines Puru. Rajguru asks Kanishk to add oil in yagna. Bamni sees Anusuya missing and thinks where she must be. Anusuya walks in corridor reminiscing guard telling Malay is cook Mohan’s son and Mohan telling he is not yet married. She sees blood on wall and imagines Malay must have done it. Shivdutt’s puppet guard heats knife to kill Malay and walks towards him. Malay reminisces Puru’s words that he should fight whatever difficulties he may face. He bites guard and runs from there. Guards run behind her. Anusuya hears sound and walks carrying sword. Shivdutt looks at door repeatedly and asks guard where is queen Anusuya. Guard says when ceremony started she was here, don’t know where she went now, goes to search her. Kanishk also gets tensed seeing Anusuya not on her seat. Malay hides while puppet guards continue searching him. Malay comes out and says he obeyed Puru and faced situation. Guard informs Shivdutt that Malay escaped from prison. Shivdutt says if that boy comes here and informs Bamni that Puru is alive, their plan will fail, so if guards want to be alive, he has to kill boy. Bamni senses something is wrong and asks Shivdutt why he looks tensed, where is queen Anusuya, if everything is alright. Shivdutt says everything is fine, he was asking guards about Anusuya, nobody knows where she is. Bamni says he himself will go and find her. Rajguru says muhurath is passing on, so he should be present here. Shivdutt says he will go and search queen Anusuya. He leaves and orders other guards to kill Malay and not let him reach Bamni. Malay falls down while running. Guard raises sword to kill him, but Anusuya reaches and cuts his hand and asks Malay who is attacking him. She hears guards searching Malaya and hides.

Bamni sits in havan and thinks something is wrong, where is Anusya, tries to leave, but Kadika stops her ad says he has to follow king and father’s duties and needs to be present here. When Puru was coronated, she was preent, but Anusuya is not present and it is her wish. Malay informs Anusuya that Shivdutt is behind his life, he is very bad. Anusuya asks where are his parents, who brought him here. Malay says his parents are not alive, their boat sank, so Puru bhaiya sent him here. Anusuya gets emotional hearing Puru is alive. Malay says Puru saved his life, Laachi, Hasti, Vishuddhi, and Ambhi kumar. He sent him here and told he cannot accompany him, if she knows Puru. Anusuya says she is Puru’s mother. Malay asks if Shivdutt will kill him. Anusuya lifts word and says Shivdutt will be harmed instead.

Back in Faras, 4 armed warriors attack Puru. Barsin tries to leave, but stops seeing Alexander looking at her.
Puru escapes their attacks and trashes them royally defeating them all. He then shouts in rage. Olympia picks sword, but Alexander stops her. Olympia says he cannot sit and enjoy like this, only 4 warriors are left now. Alexander says war is fought with brain more than muscle power, Alexander thinks much ahead and looks at his archers. Archers shoot Puru. Arrows pierces Puru’s body and he collapses. Olympia and Ephastian smirk while Bawsin and her family looks sadly.

Precap: Shivdutt warns Anusuya to leave Malay to him if she wants to be alive. Anusuya says boy will inform truth to king Bamni. Shivdutt attacks her, but she kills Shivdutt’s puppets, injuries him and rushes to royal hall. Bamni is about to hand over crown prince’s sword to Kanishk when Anusya with Malay enters and stops him.

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  1. Please provide Porus 25 may written episode s

  2. Srini Samaranayake

    Very interesting episode. Thanks for your written updates.

  3. Poor Porus 🙁 I can’t wait when Olympia and Alex will see how much strong Porus is. He will be their biggest nightmare. He will be perfect enemy for strong Alexander.

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