Porus 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Wins Gladiator Fight’s First Match

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Porus 23rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In Pourav rastra, guard takes Malay to Shivdutt.. Shivdutt asks what about servant. Guard says he killed servant. Anusuya searches Malay. Kanishk asks Shivdutt what they should do with this kid. Shivdutt says he will handle this kid, Kanishk can go and get ready for coronation as crown prince. Shivdutt frightens Malay.

Puru is taken to fight venue and his chains are removed. Alexander walks with Olympia reminiscing Oracle’s warning to not go to Bharath as his fate is linked there. He walks to Puru and then moves ahead. Olympia also looks at him and moves ahead. Barsin and her family also walks looking at Puru. Puru signals Barsin to be courageous. They all take main stage. Alexander addresses citizens that a common Bharath citizen is standing in front of them who wants to dare fight with Macedonian warriors, but he wil not seen tonight’s sunset. This Bharathi will either win and get life or die. Let us see if Bharathi’s blood can withstand Macedonian gladiators. He announces to start fight. A monster warrior walks in shouting and throws soldiers in air. Ephastian asks Olympia to relax as this warrior has never tasted defeat. Alexander comments let us see if Bharati can face Macedonian warrior. Puru says Alexander did a big mistake, we Bharathis are calm, but if someone provokes their motherland, they smash them. Monster walks in front of Puru. Barsin’s mother asks how will this boy fight with monster without weapon. Barsin reminisces Puru smashing much bigger monsters, he can smash many monsters without weapon.

Monster attacks Puru with weapon, but Puru escapes it. Monster attacks again. Puru holds weapon and looking at Alexander breaks it and punches monster. Monster falls down and attacks Puru again. Puru buries monster’s face into ground and defeats him. Hasti says Puruw is right, Bharath’s soil is powerful. Laachi says it is time to complete their task, let Puru finish his task and they will finish their task. Olympia asks Ephastian he told this warrior will kill Bharati, but it is other way around. Ephastian asks to get out this warrior and call other warriors. Alexander says let him stay here, let us see what this Bharati will do. Puru walks towards monster warrior with weapon. Monster pleads to spare him. Alexander says in war, everyone is thirsty of blood. Puru throws weapon away and helps warrior get up and says Bharati’s forgive even enemies and asks to take wariorr away. He then addresses Alexander that we forgive even our enemies and don’t claim their win, they spare enemy and respect enemy’s bravery, they expect same dignity from enemy. Alexander angrily thinks his tongue is too big, let us see what is in his fate.

Precap: Malay escapes from Shivdutt’s aide and hides behind Anusuya. Aide informs Shivdutt who warns Anusuya to leave this boy if she wants her life. Anusuya says this boy will inform truth to king Bamni.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. So Anusuya will be killed?

    1. No i don’t think so… King Banano will rescue her??

  2. Laksh and Rohirare perfect. I love these two.

    1. * Laksh and Rohit are perfect.

  3. I really think Puru’s costume is not that good. He had better fight scenes than today.. … I hope Anusiya will succeed in mission..

  4. Liked Puru’s words yesterday… Felt being an Indian??? Well as Dus ka Dum will be aired at 8:30 so lotus’s timings will be changed from 4th June. Any of you, if you get to know the new timing please tell me.??

  5. Ye porus alaxender ki power and weakness ko smajne aaya h faras ya fir apni power dekhane àaya h usse……

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